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Uncrowded pumping waves guaranteed!

Surfing is an iconic Australian pastime. It’s in our DNA. But surfing is limited to coasts and daylight hours, and for a truly ‘good surf’ to take place, a whole host of factors need to line up. And pretty much all of those factors are out of our control.... 

"Until now"

URBNSURF has revolutionised surfing in Australia and the world by developing and operating world-class surf parks that will make the joys of surfing accessible, safe and convenient for more people than ever before.
Harnessing Wavegarden’s patented wave-generating technology, URBNSURF parks will be capable of kicking up 1,000 high-quality, ocean-like waves every hour. With URBNSURF Melbourne opening this Summer, and with URBNSURF Sydney commencing construction in 2020, URBNSURF is hoping to develop ten world-class surf parks in Australia over the next decade and World Surfaris aims to help make your wavepool adventure a memorable one.


Australia’s first surf park located in Melbourne is designed to help you surf more waves, more often.

Typically you needed an ocean, and the elements to align (swell, tide, winds, daylight) to score good waves. And if you want to learn, or are chasing surf, you have to commit time to driving to a coast, checking multiple spots, and be willing to battle crowds and popular breaks. There’s also the risk of marine hazards, including rips, the cold, and hungry monsters of the deep. So what’s the solution?

URBNSURF parks, providing perfect, ocean-like waves in an authentic, safe and controlled environment, catering to all ages and abilities. Starting with URBNSURF Melbourne in Tullamarine, and URBNSURF Sydney at Sydney Olympic Park coming next. URBNSURF has a goal to develop world-class urban surfing locations around Australia, to help everyone to surfmore.

URBNSURF is a proud Australian company and World Surfaris are stoked to be working closely with the team, ensuring our mutual customer can enjoy this truly unique surf adventure. 

The Waves

The Point (Advanced wave)

URBNSURF's biggest, longest and most challenging wave with variety of high-octane turns and barrel sections on offer. Some of the features include:

  • 3-6ft face waves (head high waves)
  • 12-16 second ride length
  • 10-12 waves per surfer, per hour
  • Maximum of 18 surfers on each side of The Point
  • Suitable for advanced surfers who have mastered the fundamentals (surf etiquette, paddling, duckdiving, take-off, generate speed, performance turns and barrel riding ability)

The Point (Intermediate wave)

Offering playful “Malibu”-style waves through to mid-range turn waves at The Point. Choose from surfing the right or left. Perfect for having fun and improving your surfing! Some of the features include:

  • 3-4ft face waves
  • 12-16 second ride length
  • 10-12 waves per surfer, per hour
  • Maximum of 18 surfers on each side of The Point
  • Suitable for intermediate surfers who have learned the basics, understand surfing etiquette, and can comfortably surf unassisted. You should be able to paddle, take-off, trim along the wave face, and safely dismount.

The Bays (Beginner waves AND Learn to Surf)

The Bays offer safe, gentle, rolling whitewater, perfect for beginners.. Some of the features include:

  • 1-3ft face waves 
  • 8-10 second ride length
  • 10-12 waves per surfer, per hour
  • Maximum of 24 surfers on each side of wavepool
  • Qualified surf coaches in all surf lessons
  • Suitable for Beginners of all ages wanting to have fun, and practice their skills after taking a surf lesson. Surfboards and wetsuits if required are provided as part of surf lessons

The Experience

Surf All Day & All Night in complete comfort!

It's clear from arrival to the URBNSURF complex that you are going to experience something special.

A diagonally shaped pool with peeling lefts on one side and perfectly symmetrical peeling rights on the other. After racing to get your gear in check, you hit the pool and catch more waves in a 1 hour session than you would at your local break in 3 hours! 

All surf sessions at URBNSURF Melbourne are different with their modular wave generator allowing you to surf up to 18 different wave types including short steep barrels to open faced walls for cutbacks and trimming. 

You also don't have to ever worry about fading light. The complex is fitted with stadium grade sports lighting that enables surfers to exit the water as late as 10pm (weekends only).

The park is also complete with hot tubs, hot showers, change rooms, landscaped surrounds and free lockers for your valuables. There is also an on-site surf shop stocking essentials, boards and wetsuit hire.

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URBNSURF is revolutionising surfing in Australia by developing and operating the first high performance, world-class surf park that will ...



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