Telo Island Lodge – It’s all smiles


In classic surf trip timing, our guests have arrived to uncrowded, head high and super easy going waves that will prepare them for the 6ft swell looming in the forecast at a quality 19 second period. Our breaks Max’s Right, Kindies and The Rock have proved the perfect training grounds for what will hopefully be some even better surf!

With everyone already stoked on the sessions we’ve had, we ventured into the Indonesian mangroves to cast some poppers to the awaiting trevally and trout. No doubt, more fishing adventures will be had this trip while we wait for the building surf. Until then, we gaze at the island dotted Sumatran horizon, whilst sipping cold beers after a fun day of waves and fishing.
Alex Pundyk 

A piece of paradise.

Backhand is loaded with an island backdrop in Telo Islands

Beautiful bottom turn.

Driving off the bottom.

Another session to finish off the day at our home break, Max’s Right, at Telo Island Lodge.

Sometimes it’s just and point and go, here in the Telos.

8 – Surfers Maximum, 2 – Western Guides, 2 – Speed Boats,
20 – Uncrowded Waves, 1 – Unmatched Surfing Experience

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