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Hosting guests since 1998, WavePark Mentawai is the original full service land-based surfing resort in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia.  The all-inclusive price includes mainland transfers, guided surfing and fishing speedboat service, 3 meals a day, drinks, snacks, and villa accommodation on the island. With a maximum capacity of 12 surfers, the WavePark guests have the entire island for their exclusive use.

WavePark is a World Surfaris Premier surf resort located in northern Mentawai near the Playgrounds islands, WavePark offers 26 different waves to choose from... some suitable for beginners as well as the intermediate to advanced surfers.  The WavePark crew have extensive knowledge of secret Mentawai waves as well as Mentawai weather conditions, built up after many years of experience hunting waves in the WavePark area. The WavePark has the best speedboat transfers in the Mentawais. They own, service and maintain their very own mainland speed boat crossings, saving you the hassle of waiting on others and transferring to a 2nd boat in Tua Pejat. They also use this boat for surf transfers so you will not only get better surf, more often, with less crowds but you will do it in the comfort and style of WavePark's very own premier speed boat called Sampan Baru. WavePark is also the only resort to regularly travel inter-island to look for waves. With their speedboat service, you'll be able to reach Telescopes, Scarecrows, Icelands and other nooks and crannies on the north coast of Sipora, over 20 nautical miles away, ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED IN YOUR DAILY SURF PACKAGE!

This tropical island resort is built in the local style with sago palm thatched roofing and hard wood floors.  Officially opened and approved by the Governor of West Sumatra, WavePark resort is government licensed to operate as an exclusive resort in the Mentawai islands until 2023, one of only three resorts in the world with this distinction.

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USD$3,350 package, per person - 10 Night Twin/Double Package Twin Share 10 days 9 nights Book Now


One of the most important goals at WavePark is creating a Mentawai resort accommodation experience for guests that exceeds their expectations. The photographs of the resort accommodation don't do justice to the location; the sounds of waves lapping on the shoreline 20m away, palm fronds swaying in the breeze, or the sounds of birds in the jungle treetops. All of the buildings are made to feel like tropical resort accommodation, instead of feeling like a hotel anywhere else in the world. 

WavePark is a locally designed, built and constructed Mentawai resort.  All of the materials used in building the resort are from the Mentawai islands except the screws, bolts, nails and concrete used for the foundations and joining.  The island is 66 acres in total, 9 of which have been cleared and landscaped using plants from the surrounding islands. 

The 6 Bungalows:  are designed to accommodate 2 guests at a time, or a family of 4 (two in a private bedroom and two in a shared living room space).  Maximum 5 per bungalow upon request.

The bungalows have an indoor/outdoor bathroom, complete with a double vanity, a couple's shower with hot/cold water and a western style toilet.  Each bed and sofa has its own 220v fan.  Amenities also include electricity 24/7, room safe, in room sound-system, wardrobes, outdoor day beds and mosquito nets for all beds. The bungalows are perfect for couples or families.

The bungalows are a stone's throw from the water's edge, and each is complete with twin reclining chaise lounge chairs for sitting on the beach in comfort. Hideaways is visible from each verandah and most of the beds in the bungalows.


WavePark Bar has a dedicated bar tender ready to serve you cold beverages as you watch the sunset over this beautiful bay. Once it is dark, enjoy reliving the day's action on the big screen with photos taken by WavePark's full-time photographer, showing everybody's triumphs and tragedies almost life size in the lounge of the bar.  Bring your own duty free if you wish, you only need to pay for corkage and mixers to get your personal cocktail made.

The restaurant looks out over the gardens, the bay, and from the front steps you can see the homebreak breaking at the end of the bay. The binoculars provided will get you even closer to the spectacular waves, not 10 minutes walk from where you're sitting.

With 3 meals a day served up hot in the dining room, guests usually eat together, with either plated or home-style service from the kitchen staff.  Special dietary needs can be catered for including vegan, vegetarian and allergy-conscious choices.

WavePark Restaurant especially gears their menu towards healthy choices.  They understand what it takes to keep a body on high energy and hydrated throughout the day.  Cold water, ice tea, ginger/lemongrass homebrew, and fruit/herbal teas are always on offer.  Young coconuts are also available upon request. 

The menu is a set 10 or 11 day resort menu, which varies according to local supplies of fish, crab, shrimp and other delicacies. The menu consists of about 1/2 Western dishes, and 1/2 Asian dishes. 

Surf WavePark Mentawai

The wave park contains 26 named Mentawai waves around the resort catering to all surfing abilities. WavePark is also the only resort to include in your price, regular travel inter-island to look for waves and fish. With their speedboat service, you'll be able to reach Telescopes, Scarecrows, Icelands as well as other spots on the north coast of Sipora.

WavePark Resort is special within the Mentawais for these reasons:

  • The highest density of good waves in the Mentawai Islands. Every wave is within a 30min speedboat ride from the resort.
  • Every wind is offshore somewhere. This means that you will always be surfing clean waves if you want to.
  • The swell window is huge, from 240 SW through to 165 SE.  This area rakes in the swell from the Southern Indian Ocean.
  • The waves are the closest Mentawai waves to mainland Sumatra, which means less travel time for you. 
  • There are waves that cater to beginners and professional surfers.  Guest capacity is limited to 12 surfers.
  • Every difficult wave has an alternate and easier wave nearby.  Groups can be split up for different surfing abilities.

You won't believe the swell refraction around the islands of the WavePark until you've been there. In some places you can surf waves where the swell is breaking 180 degrees from where it came from. Basically the swell is doing a huge U-turn and ending up groomed on a reef for your enjoyment.  This is handy especially when there is a south swell running with a south wind.  WavePark will always find you offshore and clean waves.


Non-Surf Activities

Fishing:  Included in your exclusive resort booking are guided Mentawai fishing tours.

Snorkelling:  WavePark Mentawai Resort has all the gear necessary to get you in the water and enjoy the beautiful reefs and fish surrounding the island.

Trekking:  WavePark organize Mentawai trekking and hiking adventures for cultural sharing and family fun.

SUP:  Stand up paddleboards are available for the use of guests.

Kayaking:  Explore the Mentawai lagoons and oceans by kayak.

Island Music Studio:  Bring your favorite instrument or band and record here on the island in CD quality. Perfect for live bands playing together, or individual tracks to be engineered at a later date.

SPA:  A full time masseuse will keep you fit and relaxed on your Mentawai holiday.


for WavePark Mentawai

Awesome trip, Shit hot waves, Beautiful location, excellent food, Super friendly people and staff, surfed out and still want more. The dream surf trip.
Next time will need a longer stop over in Bali, 2 hours wasn't enough time to get through customs, boards came out last of the luggage,...

Adam Arthur Martin

At World Surfaris - All staff was very helpful and accommodating. The whole booking process was seamless. All representative between transfers was very nice and good.
At Wavepark Resort - Christy and Alison was very welcoming and did not hesitate to

Martin Nilsson

The Wavepark resort and staff are set up to make guest experiences the best one of their lives. They do all the little things naturally that you often have to ask for in other places. We had the swell of the season and they found waves for all the various levels in our group from the chargers to...

Beau Salter

G'day Greig, Nanita, Gill and Whits (WavePark),
Thanks guys for such a great trip. Best ever in 20 odd years of the group getting away on surf trips. Topped expectations by a long shot!!!  

As you heard from each of us on the last night, you all made us feel so welcome...

Dave Williams

Emma it was stunning.  Reality has buggerred me completely though...

  1. I had to get me own breakfast today. Forgotten how to do that.
  2. I had to drive to get to a bar last night…and I didn’t have someone to bring my drink to me while sitting in a beanbag
  3. ...
Sam Bowden

From the moment they meet you at the airport until they drop you back there, you are looked after so well. Forget the ferry to the island... you are driven in their personal speedboat and get there in 3 1/2 hrs ready for the surf in the afternoon. They even drive you around Padang to have a meal...

Debbie Mayes