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URBNSURF is revolutionising surfing in Australia by developing and operating the first high performance, world-class surf park that will make the joys of surfing accessible, safe and convenient for more people than ever before. 

URBNSURF's patented technology is capable of kicking up over 1,000 waves every hour! Giving you and up to 30 of your newest or oldest surfing buddies a minimum of 10-12 waves per one hour session. 

World Surfaris & URBNSURF have joined forces and we are stoked to be offering you this amazing surf experience! 


Although accommodation is not compulsory with your URBNSURF Experience, World Surfaris has access to many great hotels in close proximity to the Surf Park OR a bit closer to Melbourne's fabled CBD. 

For those who want a quick trip to the wave pool and a comfortable place to stay for a night or two, then you can't go wrong with the Mantra Hotel. Located just 500 metres from the Wavepool complex, you can literally touch down in Melbourne Tullamarine airport and be waxing up your board within the hour!

For something a little closer to the city, QT Melbourne is the place to stay with their trendy hotel vibes, spacious rooms and amazing award winning roof top bar! 

For information on both these hotels and more, please speak to one of our team members.


Made famous by Byron Bay's 'The Farm'. Three Blue Ducks line up an extravagant and high quality food menu during your time at URBNSURF. 

The team of passionate chefs and avid surfers will prepare 'real food' perfect for starving and energetic surfers. The Ducks passion for surfing, food and sustainability makes them a perfect fit for URBNSURF.

In the restaurant, you can expect plenty of smokey flavours with fresh, locally sourced produce and as well as a state of the art kitchen, the restaurant also includes a pizza oven, rotisserie and charcoal pit. The restaurant and bar will be open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 



Imagine the drawings you spent hours perfecting in a boring math's lecture coming to life before your eyes! URBNSURF and the waves it produces is nothing short of amazing and what was once a fairytale has come true for surfers all over the world. Forget the  challenges of everyday surfing like crowds, swell, tides, current, water temp and wave consistency. Instead, focus your energy on the important things, like perfecting your turns and refining your barrel riding technique.

There are 3 distinct sections of the wavepool lagoon:


1. The Point (Advanced wave)

URBNSURF's biggest, longest and most challenging wave with variety of high-octane turns and barrel sections on offer. Some of the features include:

  • 3-6ft face waves (head high waves)
  • 12-16 second ride length
  • 10-12 waves per surfer, per hour
  • Maximum of 18 surfers on each side of The Point
  • Suitable for advanced surfers who have mastered the fundamentals (surf etiquette, paddling, duckdiving, take-off, generate speed, performance turns and barrel riding ability)


2. The Point (Intermediate wave)

Offering playful “Malibu”-style waves through to mid-range turn waves at The Point. Choose from surfing the right or left. Perfect for having fun and improving your surfing! Some of the features include:

  • 3-4ft face waves
  • 12-16 second ride length
  • 10-12 waves per surfer, per hour
  • Maximum of 18 surfers on each side of The Point
  • Suitable for intermediate surfers who have learned the basics, understand surfing etiquette, and can comfortably surf unassisted. You should be able to paddle, take-off, trim along the wave face, and safely dismount.


3. The Bays (Beginner waves AND Learn to Surf)

The Bays offer safe, gentle, rolling whitewater, perfect for beginners.. Some of the features include:

  • 1-3ft face waves 
  • 8-10 second ride length
  • 10-12 waves per surfer, per hour
  • Maximum of 24 surfers on each side of wavepool
  • Qualified surf coaches in all surf lessons
  • Suitable for Beginners of all ages wanting to have fun, and practice their skills after taking a surf lesson. Surfboards and wetsuits if required are provided as part of surf lessons

Surf Guides

During your surf sessions in the wavepool you can expect to see a handful of lucky buggers with the job of keeping the lineup order peaceful and in check. They are also there to assist you with any technique tips in case you keep falling or stuffing up a specific turn. 

All surf guides are qualified lifeguards and are there to also ensure your safety and those around you, at all times. 

Learn To Surf

The URBNSURF Wavepool is the perfect platform to learn to surf and catch a lot of waves! 

The surf school s perfect for people wanting to learn to surf in a controlled environment with the goal of one day being able to surf out the back with the advanced guys OR better yet, enjoy an overseas surf trip with your peers. 

Learn to surf packages are available as follows:

  • Group Lessons: takes small groups of up to 8 people per lesson. Group lessons run for 1 hour & 45 minutes and include board, wetsuit and expert coaching. 
  • Private Lessons: Give yourself an extra edge and progress faster with either 1 or 2 participants. Great for couples wanting to learn together or the kids from a young age. 
  • Advanced Lessons: Private advanced lessons are a great way to refine your technique, land your first aerial, or assit in competitive training for an upcoming event. It's also a great place to hone your skills before an overseas surf trip to places like Indonesia, The Maldives or somewhere in the Pacific. Suitable for 1 - 2 participants but can also be arranged for small groups of 6-8.

Professional Photography is also available, starting from just $20 per person

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