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UTMT - Underneath The Mango Tree!  To be honest calling it "Underneath The Coconut Tree" would have been more suitable. Surrounded by 273 coconut trees, Sri Lanka's most southern Beach & Spa Hotel in Tangalle features 22 unique rooms and villas. 

When you are not taking a Tuk Tuk to the surrounding surf beaches (even though UTMT fronts directly onto the beach, there is no surf break within walking distance), there is a plethora of activities and relaxation opportunities right on your doorstep.  Take one of the many South Coast Sri Lanka Day Tours; Play tennis, boccia, billiards, or relax in the Tea Salon, the Yoga Hut, by the beach or in the swimming pool.  And if that all sounds too hectic, book yourself into the inhouse Ayurveda Day Spa, have a massage and then head to the inhouse cinema!


Underneath The Mango Tree offers a multitude of fabulous accommodation options.  Choose your preference and ask your World Surfaris' consultant to check our 'live' availability.

Double Room (2 adults) with Garden View and Balcony 
Max Persons: 2 + 1 child under 7yrs.

Double Room (2 adults) with Ocean View 
Max Persons: 2 + 1 child under 7yrs.

Double Room (2 adults) with Pool, Ocean View, Roof Garden
Max Persons: 2 + 1 child under 7yrs.

Double Room (2 persons) with Pool, Roof Garden, Garden View
Max Persons: 2 + 1 child under 7yrs.

One Bedroom Villa (2 adults) with Ocean View 
Max Persons: 2 + 1 child under 7yrs.

One Bedroom Villa (2 persons) with Garden View, Pool, Terrace 
Max Persons: 2 + 1 child under 7yrs.

Two Bedroom Villa (4 persons) with A/C, Garden View, Pool, Terrace 
Max Persons: 2 + 2 extra persons, and babycot.

Two Bedroom Suite (4 persons) with A/C, Ocean View, Terrace, Large Living and Kitchen Area. 
Max Persons: 4 + 1 extra person, and babycot.

Grand Villa (6 persons)  Three Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 Toilets,  Ocean View, Terrace, Private Pool, Garden and Full Kitchen.  
Max Persons: 6 + 1 extra person, and babycot.


The UTMT Hotel Restaurant features not only an incredible view of the Indian Ocean but also culinary highlights from Sri Lanka's thrilling and spicy cuisine.

Long communal tables under an open structure or intimate tables for two on the terrace will await you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The UTMT foodies travel a lot throughout the country, try and taste, visit local farmers and question neighbours. They pick and choose the best produce that Sri Lanka has to offer.  Be it Nalin's fish, Ravi's papaya, Roshan's buffalo milk or Dinesh's vegetables - they know their suppliers personally.

In addition to the focus on Sri Lanka's world of spices, there is also a European and Austrian background influence to the food from the UTMT kitchen.  Currently, they are making their own brezels, baking their own bread and Austrian pastries and producing their own jams from a selection of Sri Lankan fruits. 

Cooking Classes are run by UTMT Singhalese chefs and offer a unique opportunity to experience the Sri Lankan cuisine.  Classes include a refreshing homemade lemonade, an UTMT apron, self-made curry powder, curry recipes and a perfect self-made curry lunch. Treat yourself.



Even though Underneath The Mango Tree fronts directly onto the beach, there is no surf break within walking distance.  It is an easy Tuk Tuk ride to explore the surrounding surf beaches.

For experienced surfers, we can organise a surf guide and transport to take you surfing.  Or learn to surf lessons.  

Surf Guides

We can arrange experienced surf guides who will take you to the best waves available. Just ask.

Learn To Surf

The beach at UTMT is not suitable for any form of surfboard riding.

With regard to "Learn to Surf", in recent years in Sri Lanka, there has been an explosion of learn to surf schools along the South Coast. Without putting too fine a point on it, some of these local "instructors" are likely to be more adept at making a dollar than providing thorough, competent, appropriate and safe surfing tuition. If you really want to learn to surf in Sri Lanka, ask us about it. We will ensure you receive proper instruction by a well qualified and accredited surf coach.

Non Surf Activities

Underneath The Mango Tree provides free sports equipment on site (tennis rackets, body boards, bicycles, boccia etc.)  Alternatively, relax with a cuppa and cake in the Tea Salon - tea tasting and cake is served daily between 4pm & 5pm; play billiards in the Club House; or take a class at the Yoga Hut.

UTMT Inhouse Cinema is available free of charge and screens up to 3 scheduled movies every day.

Ayurveda Day Spa - Ayus (life) and Veda (knowledge)
Ayurveda is a method which focuses on the human being as a whole, not the disease in particular. The UTMT wellness hotel offers facilities for professional guidance in terms of traditional Ayurvedic holiday & therapy. The treatments are individually tailored by the hotel's professional practitioners (Ayurvedic and Western medicine).

Key elements of Ayurveda are Ayurvedic massage, nutrition, spiritual practice, yoga and herbal medicine. In addition to several treatment rooms, the spa also offers relaxation areas and a 25 metre swimming pool.

Sri Lankan Touring

National Parks
Our recommendations: Yala West National Park, Udawalawe National Park, Bundala National Park and Rekawa at Tangalla.  You can book Yala and Udawalawe National Parks as Half Day Tours daily from UTMT.

No animal is as closely associated with Sri Lanka as the elephant. Nowadays, the island counts more than 7,000 of them. Most live in national parks and can be observed in their natural environment. Do not be surprised though, when you suddenly meet one on the road.

Whale & Dolphin Watching
The south coast of Sri Lanka is one of the best locations in the world for watching mighty blue whales, pot whales and dolphins. Boat trips are available during the season from December to April, when the sea is calm. During this time, large herds of dolphins, sometimes by the hundreds, can be spotted just a few kilometres from the coast. During December to April, Full Day boat trips and Half Day Tours are available.

Tea Plantations
Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea exporters in the world. The plants thrive best in the highlands, including around the town of Nuwara Eliya. Even the trip with the old railway up the mountains is an experience in itself. When you arrive at the plantations, you can try out yourself as a tea picker and drink one of the most famous teas in the world where it is produced. You can visit the White Tea Plantation daily as a Half Day Tour, or together with Galle Historic Fort, as a Full Day Tour. 

Wewurukannala Vihara
Just a few kilometres from the UTMT, there is a special Buddhist temple. The Wewurukannala Vihara is a 50m high Buddha statue which can be climbed and offers a breathtaking view over the tops of the palm trees.  

Even from the distance, you can glimpse the Lion Rock Sigiriya immediately. It rises massively from nowhere out of the lowlands. King Kassapa escaped to the Lion Rock out of fear of his stepbrother, whose father he had killed to come to power. Kassapa built his luxurious palace on the 185m high rock. The ruins seen today only provide a glimpse of the extent of the outstanding beauty of the palace in its glory days. Do not forget to take a look at the famous "Cloud Girls" during the ascent.

Adam's Peak
The former Arab sailors saw in Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) the highest mountain in the world. Today, the 2243m high Sri Pada is known as one of the most famous sacred mountains in the world. Revered since ancient times, it is visited by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians as a place of pilgrimage. The reason for this is a footprint in the stone at the top of the mountain, which is revered as Buddha's, Shiva's or Adam's footprint - depending on who you follow. A climb over the 5,000-11,000 stairs can be done during December and April and for the uber-adventurous, should be started at night to experience the breath taking spectacle of sunrise over Sri Lanka.

Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve
Sinharaja is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The reserve is only 21km from east to west and just 7km from north to south, but it is a treasure trove of endemic species, including trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Located in south-west Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is the country's last viable area of primary tropical rainforest. More than 60% of the trees only grow within the area and many of them are considered rare. There is much wildlife, especially birds, but the reserve is also home to over 50% of Sri Lanka's endemic species of mammals and butterflies, as well as many kinds of insects, reptiles and rare amphibians.  A visit to this Rainforest is a special adventure for the whole family.

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