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Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the breathtaking Telo Islands. Surfing Village gives guests a unique experience at an affordable price, the ultimate surf destination to catch some of the best waves of your life.

The Telo Islands, comprising of 101 small islands, are situated between Nias and the Mentawai Islands. These secluded islands in North Sumatra are renowned for their consistent waves and beautiful scenery.

Mario and Paulo have been in the Telos for more than 10 years and have been perfecting Surfing Village for seven. They are serious about their surfing and their local knowledge of the Southern Telos is second to none. They’ll help you hunt down the best waves and ensure your Telo Islands surf trip is relaxing and stress free. All you have to worry about is what board to ride next!

A Telo Islands Surf Trip to Remember

Get ready for an unforgettable surf adventure at Surfing village, a retreat built by surfers, for surfers. Leave the crowds behind and access a variety of waves within a short boat ride, from mellow peelers to hard-core barrels; all with a maximum of 12 guests at one time!

The Telo Islands have an incredible array of surf breaks, with both lefts and rights that work on all different wind and tide conditions. It’s one of the world’s most consistent surf regions, with peak season from April to October.

Close to Surfing Village, you’ll find a variety of epic waves, from deep tube rides to long, mellow peelers. There’s even a world-class beach break!

Surf Resort
April to November
Wellness, Fishing, Beaches, Nature, Family-Friendly, Snorkeling/Diving
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Set amidst the coconut palms and cooled by the sea breeze, Surfing Village has four spacious and comfortable ‘treehouse’ style bungalows, and one main common area building. All bungalows are designed in a way that all the beds have views of the three barreling waves, Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens. 

The Bungalows

All the bungalows have been built with local wood and materials. The first floor is the board room, the ultimate area to chill-out and relax. Then there’s an outside deck and two private rooms with king size beds with mosquito nets and fans. The second floor is open-loft style, with a 360 degree view, with one king size bed beneath a large ceiling fan. 

Each bungalow has western style outside flushing toilets and a separate bathroom with hot and cold running water and showers. Outside each bungalow are hammocks, great for an afternoon rest between surfs. 

The eco-friendly, three storey main building is where guests spend most of their ‘dry’ time. It’s where you can grab an ice cold drink and where you’ll eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s surrounded by lush gardens, and is often referred to as the ‘Sumatran Garden of Eden’! 

In the evenings, kick back with the other guests in the main building and catch the photographers slideshows, reliving the best waves of the day. Photo packages are available for stills, video and even a personalised video clip of your best waves (US$300). 

Play some billiards (friendly, but secretly competitive), watch TV, do some yoga and stretching, listen to some music and get ready for another day of epic waves. 

All resort areas have WiFi (5pm to 9pm – US$10 per hour). Telos Surfing Village also has mobile phone coverage, so you can call home and brag about all your best waves! Turn on your international roaming or use a local Indonesian sim card when you arrive. 


When you’re surfing all day every day, you need to recharge with healthy and filling meals. To keep you energised, three daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your stay at Surfing Village. The restaurant has a ‘farm-style’ table where you’ll eat most of your meals, as well as a Japanese-style table where you’ll eat sushi/sashimi and it also caters for parties. 

For breakfast, you can expect a delicious range of fresh fruit, cereal, and a range of hot options from the kitchen. Lunchtime favourites prepared by the international chef include local Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng, freshly caught fish or local curry. For dinner, you’ll dine on a variety of beautifully prepared Western and Indonesian meals prepared using fresh local produce. 

If you get hungry between meals, the restaurant has an a la carte menu that is available anytime of the day, and a range of icy cold alcoholic beverages, coconuts, soft drinks and fresh juices. (Additional charges apply for alcoholic beverages.) On arrival every guest receives a water bottle they can refill for free during their stay. 


Surf Surfing Village

During your stay at Surfing Village, you’ll have access to almost 20 different waves, enough to satisfy the hungriest of surfers. Three breaks are right on your doorstep, Pasti, Nagadens and Ibua. Then there are 12 waves less than a 20 minute boat ride away, and even more less than an hour away. 

Surfing Village is located in the remote Southern Telos region, almost an hour boat ride away from any other resorts. For this reason, there’s a big chance you’ll be surfing on your own for most of your Telo Island surf trip. Occasionally surf charters pass through, but for the most part, you’ll be on your own!



The Perfect Telos Quiver

The perfect Telos quiver will include a variety of boards, as you navigate your way through a range of mellow right-handers and heavy, barrelling lefts. While the waves in the Telo Islands are known for being more ‘user-friendly’ than those in the neighbouring Mentawais, intermediate surfers will still find world-class waves that challenge their surfing abilities. To surf Telos surf breaks, you’ll need to be an intermediate surfer or above. 

We recommend you take three boards on your surf trip to Surfing Village, your everyday board, a semi-gun for bigger days and a fun board or fish with more volume for smaller conditions. Don’t forget extra leg ropes, fins and wax.


The Breaks


This is a fast and powerful right-hander right out the front of Surfing Village. It has three tube sections and great walls in the right conditions. 


Out the front of Surfing Village, Nagadens is a short and thick barrelling right-hander. If this is pumping, so is Pasti. 


A big, heavy and suicidal right-hander – only for the super experienced who want a rush. 


Kiri is a sinister left-hander that is fast, shallow and hollow. It’s located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay.


This is the island in front of Surfing Village. It’s a long and powerful left-hander with barrel sections and performs well in big swells. 


A long barrelling left with a barrel that connects down the line on the right tide. It’s a mix of Desert Point and G-Land. 


A long, shreddable right-hander that performs on any swell. It’s located just behind Baga Island. 


A right and left Hawaiian style barrelling a-frame. 


If you’re looking for a serious challenge, Bahaia is a hair-raising left-hander, fast and hollow. It’s the Telos equivalent to Teahupoo. Only for the real risk-takers! 


A super-fun left with great back-door barrels. 


A peak wave with long and easy walls to both sides. It’s protected from the bay and is good for learning to surf. 


A left and right breaking in the middle of a bay, in front of a small rock island. Good for longboarders.


A big and powerful right-hander, the first of three rights on the coast of Tantras.


Fast, shallow and hollow, this right-hander is less consistent, but one of the most challenging waves in the area. 


A right-hander with an opening barrel section, then a shreddable wall with another barrel section towards the end. 


Long and shreddable, Jauh is a fast and hollow left-hander with good barrel sections into Paradise Bay.


A very shallow, fast and hollow left-hander with amazing barrels in the right conditions. Only for experienced surfers. 


This is a very heavy right-hander that only stands up in the biggest of swells. 


Non-Surf Activities

If your legs are getting tired from so much surfing, Surfing Village offers various non-surf activities to keep you entertained while you rest. Some of the activities on offer include: 

  • Fishing
  • Snorkelling and freediving
  • Spear fishing (BYO gear)
  • Darts, pool, movies and board games
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Massage and yoga
  • Trips to local beaches
  • A natural rock pool 5-10 minutes from Telos Surfing Village
  • Blow hole access at low tide



for Surfing Village

Second time to the Surfing Village, excellent camp and crew again!

Ben d
Date of Stay: July
Surf Stoke4
World Surfaris Service4
Quality of Trip3

Such a relaxed atmosphere designed for surfers. Simple living at it's best. The guides are always keen to take anyone anywhere at anytime. That includes surfing, spearfishing, fishing and snorkelling. The food is just amazing... Read More >

Kevin H
Date of Stay: May
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5

After several trips to the Mentawais i thought i'd try something different and hopefully find smaller crowds. I did zero research really and thought i'd go there with no expectations but the place was absolutely... Read More >

Adrian E
Date of Stay: 23 May - 05 June 2019
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5

It's clear that the owners have put a lot of effort and resources into the Surfing Village because they love the place and they want their guests to love it too. I have no complaints.... Read More >

Douglas P
Date of Stay: 03-15 May 2019
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4

We had a perfect surfing holiday. Great variety of waves. The hosts, staff, guides and photographers at Surfing Village were exceptional. Can't wait to get back there next year.

Nick R
Date of Stay: 20 Sep - 2 Oct 2018
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5


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