Telos Surfing Village

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Surf the highly sought after Telo Islands region 


Telos Surfing Village in the Telo Islands is an idyllic escape from your local surf frustration. Enjoy a classy right directly out front and stacks of other options within a short boat ride - from mellow peelers to hard-core pits. The owners of Telos Surfing Village have created the ultimate escape from civilization with affordable prices for a lucky dozen surfers!

This unique surf retreat offers a chilled experience at a great price, allowing you to escape your local surf crowds and holiday in a chill out, laid back tropical wonderland. Surrounded by pumping surf and very cool hosts in an extraordinary location, Telos Surfing Village is a ‘must do’ surf adventure this year! Maximum 12 guests.

Located between Nias and the Mentawais, you’ll find 101 small islands, known as the Telo Islands. The Telos are a haven for surfers, offering an impressive array of both lefts and rights without crowds. In recent years, the Telos have been put on the map due to the consistency and incredible array of surf options.

A buffet of barrels

The Telos are famed for their surf breaks, an incredible mix of both lefts and rights that work on all different wind and tide conditions. The swell is extremely consistent in this region offering rideable waves all year round; with peak season falling between April to October. The waves in close proximity of Telos Surfing Village range from full tilt barrels (to please the most hard core charger), to mellower long waves (for the cruisers), plus even a world class beach break!

Great hosts in the know

Mario and Paulo are the motivated men behind Telos Surfing Village. They've been in the Telos for over 10 years now and have been fine tuning their resort for the last 7 years. Mario and Paulo are surf junkies and their knowledge of the surf in the Southern Telos is second to none. They will hunt down waves to suit your needs all day every day! The focus for your hosts (including the very friendly local staff) is to ensure your trip is stress free and you don't have to worry about a thing other than what board to ride next or where to surf. The feedback from past guests including some high profile ones has been glowing and all vow to return again soon.

Surf Resort
Surf Skill: 
Max Surfers: 
Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
USD$2,970 per person - 10 Night package 2023 Special Book Now


Telos is a jungle style retreat purpose built by surfers for surfers. The Surfing Village comprises of four spacious and comfortable 'tree house style' bungalows, each one offering a view of some the surrounding breaks. The spacious bungalows are two storeys with the loft offering 360 views. The main chill out area is straight out of 'Swiss Family Robinson' with one of the coolest bars and restaurants to be found at any surf camp in the world. The grounds are lush with green grass and tropical gardens. This is the Sumatran Garden of Eden!

The bungalows have been planned in such a way that all the beds have a full view of the barrels of Pasti, Lobang and Nagadens, the lefts of Kiri and the swells that hit Bagas and Mibis. A view which can be appreciated even from the toilet. Built with local wood and materials, the bungalows are two floors high. On the first floor is the board room, sheltered hang out area, outside deck and two private bedrooms with king size beds. Each bed has white cotton sheets, special mosquito nets, individual fans and bamboo blinds for privacy. The second floor is an open loft with a 360 degree view, housing one king size bed situated beneath a large ceiling fan. All four bungalows have a private, western style outside toilet with a flush system and a separate bathroom with running tap water as well as a hot and cold water shower. Maximum of 12 guests with all individual travellers getting their own king size bed and plenty of space!

Head Quarters / Main Bungalow

Telos Surfing Village headquarters, is where guests spend most of their “dry” time. With eco-friendly construction, using only local materials and labourers, it has three floors, plus the ground area. The ground area is home to the 9 x 9 foot billiard table and some very competitive but friendly pool championships. The first floor is 14 x 14 meters. The main bungalow is where, early in the morning, everyone meets to have their breakfast, check the swell forecast and the tide charts to find out which waves will be performing the best in the days conditions. It’s also here where guests drink their icy cold Bintangs after their surf, grab some snacks, remember the day’s waves and talk about the barrels whilst waiting for the dinner banquet. The first floor also houses the open plan kitchen, where you can monitor the chef and his crew in action. The restaurant has a “farm” style table, where you’ll have most of your meals, and a Japanese style table, where guests will have the sushi/sashimi meals and most of the parties. 

There are also a few different common areas for socialization, reading, playing games, or just relaxing, including one of the most used and sought after areas in the Surfing Village… the hammock area with audio system (where you can control the music selection, connecting straight to your iPod, Discman, Walkman, laptop, LP, etc).
The second floor has 10 x 10 meter open space, for yoga, stretching and relaxing. The third floor is the TV room. With a spectacular 360 degree view of the Surfing Village and the waves surrounding us it’s where guests relax after lunch, watch a movie or a surf video, all the while keeping one eye on the pumping sets of Pasti and Naga’s. After dinner this is where you can watch the famous daily slide shows, screening all the photos of the day from the professional photographer. As well as a wide collection of movies and surf videos, the resort also has satellite TV with channels such as: CNN, HBO 1, 2 and 3, Cinemax, Discovery, National Geographic, ESPN, MTV…

Extra Services

- Wi-Fi Internet available in all areas, including all rooms from 5pm - 9am (US$10 per hour)
- Laundry Service (extra charges apply)
- Central safe, to keep all your money, credit cards, and documents etc. well protected.
- Free diving gear (masks, snorkels, fins, spear guns)
- Fishing equipment
- Photo Package includes still pics; video raw footage; personalised video clip; all with Surfing shots and Surfing Village life (US$300)


To keep in touch with your family and make your friends really jealous of your last perfect surf session, the Surfing Village offers a mobile phone signal. You only need to have International Roaming, or you can also bring your unblocked Sim Card mobile phone and you can get your Indonesian mobile number there at the Surfing Village. For even more comfort the retreat offers guests a Wi-Fi internet access service, allowing you to check your emails from your own laptop lying on a hammock or even on your king size bed, always watching the barrels (service paid separately, available from 5pm-12am).


A stay at Telos Surfing Village includes 3 daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are very substantial and the menu is designed to satisfy and provide the fuel for epic sessions in the water. The menu is a pleasant mix of western and local Indo dishes, stretching from pizza to nasi goreng and everything in between. All meals are prepared by the retreats’ international chef using the best quality produce and a high hygiene standard. For the munchies, the restaurant also has an a la carte menu that can be ordered at any time of the day; and for the thirsty, you can’t go past the bar!  Icy cold Bintangs, coconuts, soft drinks and natural juices are available along with a selection of alcoholic beverages to celebrate that memorable surf session (extra charges apply).

Breakfast:  Fresh fruit and cereal is available out early. From 6:30am, the girls will cook one or more of the following: home-made toast grilled with cheese/tomato or served with any choice of eggs (toast, scrambled, fried or as an omelette).

Lunch:  Usually local food but western cuisine is featured as well with the likes of Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Fish/Chicken Gule (local curry with crunchy peanuts and thin potato slices), locally caught fresh Fish (grilled, crumbed or bintang-battered), Burritos (chicken or fish with beans, salsa, cheese, etc), Fish Burgers and Chicken Burgers.

Dinner:  Padang’s Beef Rendang features along with western dishes such as: Chicken Parmigiana with salad; Crumbed Chicken with salad and lime chilli aioli; Steak cooked over the fire; and plenty of fresh fish.

Everyone gets a water bottle on the first day and then you can refill it for free from bubblers in each bungalow and at the main restaurant. 

Surf Telos Surfing Village

The Telos and the Perfect Telos Quiver

Telos surf breaks offer mellower and more user friendly waves than their southern counterparts in the Mentawais. Consistently the surf in the Telos is between 3 and 5ft but bigger days are more than probable. World Surfaris recommend watching surf reports and forecasts closer to your leaving date. It’s also important to remember that this is still in Indonesia so, fast, powerful waves breaking over shallow, live reef will be the order of the day. A certain level of experience is required and World Surfaris recommend you be of intermediate skill or above.

World Surfaris recommend you bring 3 boards when staying at Telos Surfing Village: 
1. Your everyday board that you’re familiar with at home.
2. A semi gun for the bigger days. If you’re arriving in time for a big swell you may want to consider taking a ‘gun’.
3. And finally, a fun board with a bit of volume in case of a smaller day.

Chances are when you’re staying at the Surfing Village an opportunity will arise where you’ll get to surf all three so better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Don’t forget mosquito repellent, extra leg ropes, fins and wax.

The Surf

Telos Surfing Village has access to almost 20 different waves making the Surfing Village a never ending buffet that will satisfy any wave glutton. Three of them are located right on the doorstep, 'Pasti', 'Nagadens' and 'Ibua'. There are 12 waves on offer which are less than a 20 minute boat trip away and more which are a little over an hour away but it doesn't stop there! The location of Telos Surfing Village in the Southern Telos is remote and more than 1 hour’s boat ride away from other resorts in the Central and North Telos.  For this reason, your frothing hosts, Mario and Paulo pretty much guarantee you will be surfing on your own for most of your trip.  Occasionally you may encounter a charter boat passing through or another resort boat heading down to Tantras on a small swell.  

Keep reading for a list of the surrounding breaks

Pasti: Fast and powerful right hander, 3 tube sections, with its ripabble days. 
Level: Intermediate – Experienced 

Nagadens: Barrelling right hander. Short and thick. Indicates when Pasti will pump. 
Level: Intermediate – Experienced 

Ibua: Big, heavy and suicidal right hander. 
Level: Experienced – Kamikaze

Kiri: Sinister left hander. FSH. Fast, Shallow and Hollow. Located on the opposite tip of Plankton Bay. 
Level: Experienced – Kamikaze 

Baga: Island in front of the Surfing Village. Ripabble left hander, long and powerful, with barrelling sections. Holds waves as big as the ocean throws. 
Level: Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider 

Mibis: Long barrelling left. On the right tide it is one connecting barrel all the way down the line. A mix of desert Point and G-Land. 
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced.

Bilakan: Long and shreddable right hander that works on any swell. Located behind Baga’s island. 
Level: Intermediate – Experienced 

Lado-Lado: Right and left barrelling A- frame with Hawaiian weight and style.
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider

Bahaia: Hair Raising Left. Fast and hollow. The area’s Teahupoo. 
Level: Experienced - Kamikaze 

Rahasia: Fantastically fun left with amazing back door barrels. 
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced

Cewek’s: Peak wave opening long and easy walls to both sides inside a protected bay. Ideal spot to learn to surf.
Level: Intermediate – Long Board 

Rokok’s: Right and Left breaking in the middle of the neighbouring bay, in front of a small rock island. 
Level: Intermediate – Experienced – Big Rider 

Tangguh: Big and powerful right hander, the first of 3 rights on the coast of Tantras. 
Level: Experienced – Big wave rider 

Tantang: Fast, shallow and hollow right hander, less consistent, but the most challenging. 
Level: Experienced – Tube Rider 

Tantra: Right hander with the first section barrelling, then opening up to a ripabble wall with another barrelling section toward the end. 
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced – Long Board 

Jauh: Long and ripabble left hander, with good barrel sections, set in a paradise bay, fast and hollow. 
Level: Beginners – Intermediate – Experienced 

Facas: Very shallow, fast and hollow left, with amazing barrels. Only for the experienced surfer. 
Level: Experienced – Tube Rider 

Shhhhhh: Very heavy right hander that only works on big swells. 
Level: Experienced

Optimum surf conditions for the Telo Islands

Swell: Sth or SW


Non-Surf Activities

If your still have the energy after epic days of surfing, Telos Surfing Village offers stacks of extra activities for guests to do. Below is a small list of what’s on offer: 

• Fishing 
• Spear Fishing (bring own gear) 
• Darts 
• Pool...lots of pool is played at the retreat with a pool championship each trip.
• Odds and evens championships 
• Treks through the local villages 
• Massage and Yoga
• Movies at the cinema 
• Board games: War, Chess, Backgammon, Cards… 
• Sleeping – trust us you’ll need the strength 
• Reading books in the comfort of your own hammock
• Chilling with your mates or just enjoying the peace of Telos Surfing Village. 
• Beautiful “Caribbean Beach” 5 minute boat trip from the surf retreat.  White sand, clear water and a coral reef running parallel along the beach with great snorkelling.
• Natural rock-pool 5-10 minutes from the retreat.
• Jungle walk (20-30 minutes) to Rahasia beach and caves.
• Blow hole access by low tide 


for Telos Surfing Village

After several trips to the Mentawais i thought i'd try something different and hopefully find smaller crowds. I did zero research really and thought i'd go there with no expectations but the place was absolutely fantastic.
The staff (and owners) were all great company and really good fun...

Adrian Edwards

It's clear that the owners have put a lot of effort and resources into the Surfing Village because they love the place and they want their guests to love it too. I have no complaints. The food was good and plentiful. The crew keeps the facilities clean and in order. There's an attention to...

Douglas Plate

We had a perfect surfing holiday. Great variety of waves.
The hosts, staff, guides and photographers at Surfing Village were exceptional.
Can't wait to get back there next year.

Nick Rhoden

Would love to see a quicker way to arrive and depart the Surf Village. It took over 48 hours from leaving home to arriving on location. There was a lot of waiting around.

David Wiseman

It was my 2nd time at Surfing Village, having been there previously in 2016. Really well run show. Casual, but the focus is always on chasing the waves. Loads of fun, in and out of the water.

Scott Wiseman

Everything went well. The island and the surfing village crew were great. If there were anything I would improve it would be the boat transfer from Padang to the island and back. It is a slow old boat that could be improved to reduce the time taken.

Theodore Kabbout

Good vibe, less crowds, good waves, plenty of food.

Chris Carroll

The owners, surf guides and manager of Telos Surfing Village were fantastic. Friendly, helpful and did all they could to make everyone happy and get the best waves possible. Heaps of wave options. No crowds and stunning location.

Lara Cox

Great surf trip with a few mates. Telos Surf Village is in a prime location with Pasti Point out front which was pretty consistent for our whole trip. Had it to ourselves just about everytime we surfed it. Surf wasn't huge, 3-4ft fun waves and ideal conditions every day. Our Brazilian hosts were...

Lindsay Powell

Hi to the Team at World Surfaris,
Just got back from Telos and we [all 7 of us] had an absolute blast.
Mario, Paulo & Staff are an awesome bunch of Brazil Nuts.
The surf was 3 – 5 ft every day, the food was excellent, and the largie Bintangs quenched our dry throats from...

Kerry Irvine