Telos 101 is a luxurious and intimate surf resort situated on 8 acres of land, fronting the stunning beach within the 101 islands which make up the Telos archipelago. Located centrally within the archipelago, Telos 101 have unrestricted access to all waves both North and South of the region. The surf guides have extensive knowledge of both the North and South regions and are guaranteed to take you to the best wave reflective of the conditions. The resort offers 2 styles of accommodation, whether you're happy with a standard villa, or would like to indulge a little further with a deluxe villa. 

Surf Resort
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Telos 101 offers three east facing standard villas, all situated 15 metres from the waters edge and 100 metres from the restaurant and bar. Each villa has its own large covered 8 x 3 metre balcony overlooking the most beautiful beach in Telos. The villas are perfectly positioned to watch the morning sunrise and boast a breathtaking snorkel spot right at the doorstep.

Each villa contains three separate bedrooms, each with a queen sized mosquito-netted four poster bed with ceiling fans. A large tiled bathroom complete with hot water and western toilet facilities is situated at the rear/side of each villa.  With large glass windows on all sides and each villa being 2.7 metres off the ground, the rooms are light and airy whilst capturing the morning and evening breezes. 

Hammocks are available both upstairs on the deck and at ground level, ensuring the “relax” value is at its maximum.  A board rack is situated underneath to allow you to lay out your quiver for easy early morning selection.



Also situated 2.7 metres off the ground but on the west side of the property, our two deluxe villas face the open ocean and are adjacent to the beachfront infinity pool and bar. The villas have been designed, constructed and styled by architects from Sumba.

With linen and all other accessories imported from Java, these villas take luxury to a new level in the Telos. Both deluxe villas are complete with a heavily insulated roof and ornate elevated ceilings. Once the air conditioning kicks in, a restful sleep is guaranteed after a big day in the surf.  As with the standard villas, both deluxe villas have a large 8 x 3 meter covered balcony. The rooms offer views of the waves breaking on the reef and the opportunity to take in sunsets that have to be seen to be believed. 

Deluxe villa “Mimpi” sleeps four people, configured as a king and two king singles (with a dividing wall between bedrooms). The villa includes an alfresco bathroom containing western toilet facilities, a shower and a large 4 person bath tub. This villa also boasts a separate living area for chilling out. 

The second deluxe villa “Indah” is configured as two separate rooms with an adjoining door, each containing their own covered alfresco bathrooms with western toilet facilities, a shower and bath tub.  Each room has two king single beds in each, which can be configured as a king bed upon request. 


The restaurant is situated centrally on the property and is raised 2.7 metres off the ground. It’s the hang out area for most guests with meals, lounge, bar and kitchen all being situated here.  Being open on three sides, the restaurant area offers elevated views to both eastern and western beaches.

With amazing handcrafted tables, chairs, coffee tables and seating using local driftwood and timbers, those that appreciate fine workmanship will appreciate the art in their construction.

Hosting a slate topped pool table, full bar with seating and comfortable lounge chairs, this is the ultimate spot to sit back and chill after a big day. Whether you want to watch a movie or even get your trip surf footage up on the projector screen, there’s plenty of options to fill your down time here. Having the kitchen attached at the rear enables a quick snack available should you desire.


The chefs Kasih and Lina have worked in the surf tourism industry for many years, and are well in tune with what’s required to keep you fueled for the big days ahead. For breakfast they offer both hot and cold options dependent on the day’s activities. This includes omelettes, pancakes, bacon, eggs, freshly baked bread, fruits, cereals and smoothies to name a few. Toasted sandwiches, noodles, chips, chocolate bars, fries and hamburgers can be ordered as snacks should you ever need a top up. They also do a traditional blend of world famous Sumatran coffee beans which is always on the boil with an assortment of teas to give you your caffeine kick during the day! 

The menu blends Indonesian favorites such as Nasi/Mie Goreng, Padang famous beef Rendang and curries of all sorts with an emphasis on freshly caught fish and seafood. This is coupled with traditional Western meals including roasts, pastas and Mexican to name a few. Telos 101 offer a fully stocked bar, soft drinks and fruit juices for you to purchase. 

Surf Telos 101

Telos 101 perfectly placed in the middle of the Telos region offers two things: solitude and flexibility. The north and south work nearly opposite to each other in regards to preferential wind directions.  The surf guides have extensive knowledge on both regions and are guaranteed to head where they know it will be on, ensuring you get the best that the day has to offer. With too many waves to mention and some we’d rather not, there will be plenty of  opportunity for you to score “that wave” you always imagined.  The surf guides read the needs and abilities of theguests just as well as they do the weather. This, coupled with working to nature’s timeline rather than a resort schedule, makes getting you and your friends into the session of a lifetime highly likely! 


Non-Surf Activities

For those looking to do things other than surf, there are plenty of extra activities to keep you busy.


Telos 101 is the only golf course in the Nias province! A neat 18 hole golf course threading around the property will challenge even the handiest of golfers. Be wary of the sand traps and bring your putting game as the greens can be treacherous to score cards! Of course, no round is complete without a few Bintangs along the way.


The fishing in the Telos is varied.  From game fishing out at sea (there are a few great spots) to casting off the beach, you’ll have the chance to catch anything from GTs, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, dog tooth tuna and yellow fin tuna. Whilst they have heavy game fishing equipment at the resort,  feel free to bring any rods and equipment you desire (best transported in a pvc pipe).


Spear fishing is another activity that some choose to indulge in at the resort.  For beginners, the beach on the lee side of the island offers an amazing spot with plenty of species of all shapes and sizes. Not getting any deeper than 3 metres for the first 500 metres out, it’s a fun and eye catching swim. On the ocean side directly out from the resort , there is a beautiful drop off that commences 50 metres out and fades to 14 m which keeps a lot of table fish angling about.  The drop off runs right for about 250 metres out via a channel to the waves, and is for the more experienced free diver.


Telos 101 has SUP boards available, perfect for those wanting to change it up and catch a couple of waves. For those who would prefer a more leisurely paddle, the recommended track starts on the left side of the resort and travels all the way around the point to arrive on the ocean side at the infinity pool. This should take around 45 minutes - a great way to explore our incredible abundance of fish and sea life.


Telos 101 is situated on Sipika island, and the local village is 1 km away from the resort. It is truly an amazing experience to take a walk via the beach to visit, and with the locals’ permission, have a wander around to see the traditional Nias village. If you’re lucky, school may be in for the 20 or so students - these kids will melt your heart, and you will get a friendly wave from the locals if you cross paths again during your stay! 


Telos 101 are now offering Yoga, Jiu- Jitsu, Muai Thai, Fitness Classes, Surfing Coach, Scuba and Freediving. You will need to request these activities, and these will be charged accordingly. All the professional teachers are based in Indonesia mainly in Bali minimum 10 classes. Teachers are both male and female from all around the world