Telo Island Lodge

An exclusive piece of paradise.

Telo Island Lodge provides a premium surfing experience in the Telo Islands. Getting there is fast and easy from Medan via Fly in – Fly out connections to the resort. Some of the most consistent waves in the Telo region are in the front and back yard of Telo Island Lodge… literally… maximum eight guests … many breaks close by… waves are not too heavy / not too light… VERY LIMITED SPACE!  80% return guests.

Telo Island Lodge is located in a beautiful landscaped coconut grove on the remote island of Sibranun, in the Telo group, Sumatra, Indonesia. Constructed in an open-plan post-and-beam design, the main lodge features large, cool, open lounge and dining areas. The lodge sits on a white sand beach fronting a lagoon that features three small islets and a fantastic right-hand reef / point wave directly in front of it. The area is an aquatic playground and along with great surfing, offers amazing snorkelling and excellent fishing.

Telo Island Lodge aims to provide an intimate, high-end, inclusive service and has operated a fly-in fly-out service utilising a Casa 212. With fully qualified, professionally accredited surf coaches as guides and over 20 years’ experience in the region as a surf travel operator, Telo Islands Lodge is able to provide its guests with a surfing adventure holiday they will not forget.  

Created by the man who invented land based surf resorts in Indonesia, Mark “Maxy” Grant, Telo Island Lodge is an exclusive lodge located in the most wave prolific part of the Telo Islands. There are many different breaks within an hour’s drive of the lodge with 70 percent of them within 20 minutes. THE SURF HERE IS ULTRA-CONSISTENT in the 3-5 foot range, lefts and rights that work in all tides and opposite wind directions, virtually guaranteeing offshore conditions somewhere every day.

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As the name suggests, accommodation is lodge style with a touch of class. Telo Island Lodge is a giant open-plan building right on the lagoon’s edge at Max’s Right. There are clear views of the surf and jungle from every room of the main lodge building and despite being air-conditioned, the rooms are also of open-screen construction giving the feeling of being right in the jungle on the water’s edge.

All rooms have King Size beds, air-conditioning and ensuite facilities, with 24/7 WiFi. Rooms are serviced twice daily, with complimentary laundry service.  The maximum capacity is 8 guests. 

One of the region’s best right hand waves is DIRECTLY in front of the lodge about 80 meters from the front steps. All transfers to the lodge are done via air and are inclusive in the package price. All surf transfer boats are state of the art and Telo Island Lodge features double redundancy (each boat has a back-up boat of equal quality) on all marine equipment. Our guides are experienced in the region and provide a service second to none. Telo Island Lodge has featured in many international surfing magazines and has been the location for several surf movies showcasing the amazing fun waves of this region.

Everyone at Telo Islands Lodge looks forward to your visit to share some great waves and good times in this amazing part of the world.

Please Note: Solo travellers who wish to accommodate their own room are advised to request this at time of booking. If not, Telo Island Lodge will assume you are happy to be booked on a Single, willing to share basis. 


The food at Telo Island Lodge is spectacular. Meals are all-inclusive – with the exception of select alcoholic beverages – and provide fresh, healthy and hearty nourishment to keep you paddling back out for more. 

Your Chef, Restu, has his suite of unique, signature dishes at the ready. He and his staff are also able to provide a menu based on dietary requirements and preferences (please advise your consultant if you have any special requests).

Meals vary between buffet and table service, shared in the company of other guests. Feel free to dine in the dining room or one of the al fresco areas of the resort.

And let’s not get started on dessert!  You have to go see for yourself!

Surf Telo Island Lodge

Our aim is to spend the majority of our trips surfing with just the people staying at the lodge (maximum eight). This is not always possible, but there are plenty of waves in this area and due to our extensive experience we know how to be in the right place at the right time while still avoiding major crowds. Whilst it is inevitable that we will come across other surfers from time to time you can rest assured you will get plenty of waves.  There are many different breaks within an hour’s drive of the lodge and 70% of them are within 20 mins. THE SURF HERE IS ULTRA CONSISTENT in the 3-5-foot range, lefts and rights that work in all tides and opposite wind directions virtually guaranteeing offshores every day. The ones you will see on this page are just a sample of the places we regularly surf. The waves vary but the closest to the lodge are:

Max’s Left/Churches/Mishos – a long, bowling left that will throw up a tube in two separate sections perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer. Located directly behind the lodge.

Max’s Right – a fun, bowling right that offers everything from hittable walls to tube rides. Less than 100 metres from the lodge, the right is our home break.

GT’s – a super-fun, super tubular, right about 20 minutes from the lodge. Named after Aussie legend Grant Thomas who holds the Telo Island lodge bintang record.

Schoolyards – made up of three separate waves all of which work on different swell directions, the “yard” is about 10 minutes from the lodge. All these waves are rights.

Pinnacles – a super-fun right about five minutes from the lodge. Pinnacles is a great longboard wave and also has a great air section in its end bowl. This wave is set in one of the prettiest backdrops in the region.

Le Ba – another pretty right that runs along the edge of a nearby island. Suits beginners to intermediate surfers. 10 minutes from the lodge.

The Bubble – suited to advanced-level surfers, the Bubble is a super-sucky right that does a 180-degree wrap. Ten minutes from the lodge.

The E.R. – made up of two separate reef passes, the E.R. features two lefts and three rights. Best on a very light to medium swell, the E.R. has a wave suited to all levels of experience. Fifteen minutes from the lodge. 

Wegs – an amazing coral point suited to intermediate to advanced surfers, nothing but high-speed tubes. Thirty-Five minutes from the lodge.

Zippers – a super-fast left suited to experienced surfers, Zippers is a racing tube over a shallow reef 15 minutes from the lodge.

Dislocators – a shallow, tubing left suited to intermediate to advanced surfers, 28 minutes from the lodge.

Surf Transfer Boats:

Supervised by Marine Operations Manager, Dave Simons and crewed by our Marine Operations Staff, Agus and Andy, our main transfer boat, 80 Down, is a 7.3M centre-console, targa top, computer-designed plate alloy Kahjaya vessel.

80 Down features full navigation systems and on board electronics that put many large yachts to shame and keep us in communication with the resort at all times. It also features on board music systems that play everything from CD’s to MP3/I-pods. 80 Down is powered by eco-friendly state of the art twin 150 HP 4-stroke outboards, carries 600 litres of fuel and has a top speed of 40 knots. All guest seating is on padded chairs and undercover and we carry a full stock of ice-cold beer, water and soft drinks. 80 Down can get up to 12 people and their surfing equipment to most breaks in our region in total comfort and a matter of minutes. The boat is capable of 26 knots cruise, 33 knots top speed, getting you to most breaks in total comfort and a matter of minutes. 

Our back-up boat, Zero Down, is a 26-foot centre-console, computer-designed-7mm plate alloy, Phil Current model designed and cut in Australia. ZD is powered by a 200 hp Yamaha two-stroke outboard. She carries 200 litres of fuel, giving a full-speed run time of four hours. The boat is fitted with two-way communications, GPS. 

Lagoon/Service Tenders:  In addition to our main surf transfer boats we also have an array of smaller boats that are used for everything from supply transfer to lagoon cruising. The smallest of these is “Bombay Sapphire” a 5-meter flat bottom wood boat and the largest of these is “Marlin 2” a 7-meter cargo boat. These boats are handmade by the local community using local hardwood.

Optimum surf conditions for the Telo Island:

Swell: Sth or SW

Non-Surf Activities

Make the most of the speedboat water activities right out front on the most beautiful beach in the Telos.  Non surf times can be taken up with snorkelling, game fishing, spear fishing, local village visits, island exploring; or simply relaxing at the lodge with ping-pong, DVD’s, CD’s, satellite TV, magazines and books, or a massage.



for Telo Island Lodge

Very good service with knowledgable surf guides and low numbers in the water.  

Philip R
Date of Stay 27 Jul - 6 Aug 2016
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4

Lodge was excellent. Starting to get charter boats coming up from the Mentawis is the only negative.  

Gary D
Date of Stay 7-17 Jun 2016
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Don't change anything. What makes the Lodge magic, is the fact that it is like staying at a mates place who lives in paradise, can cook gourmet food, let's you leave your mess everywhere and... Read More >

Ben H
Date of Stay September 2014
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5

Surf guides were spot on. Trip was brillant, best I have done.  I would definitely like to return.

Jason H
Date of Stay July 2014
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4


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