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To explore everything the Mentawai Islands have to offer, you need a great boat and an even better crew. Switchfoot Surf Charter provides this and more, gaining a reputation as one of the best surf charters in the Mentawais. 

Switchfoot’s owner and operator, Jason Quinn has a burning passion for Indonesian waves, with over 20 years of experience surfing and guiding in Indonesia, mostly in the Mentawai Islands. 

Access a Huge Variety of Waves

Switchfoot Surf Charters is a high-end surf charter that can reach speeds of 12 knots, ensuring you get to the waves fast and have more chances of empty lineups. While on board Switchfoot, you can access a huge variety of waves, depending on conditions, all while enjoying the comfort of this beautiful catamaran. 

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A Spacious Mentawais Surf Charter

There’s plenty of space on board Switchfoot Surf Charters to stretch out, with an air-conditioned saloon/dining area, large deck/bar and large restaurant/dining area. Switchfoot accommodates up to 10 guests in comfortable two bunk cabins. 

Switchfoot Surf Charters is the ultimate wave-hunting machine with an epic crew who will go above and beyond to make it the best surf trip of your life. If you want a surf holiday in style and comfort and epic, pumping waves, booking a surf trip on Switchfoot will be the best decision you’ve ever made. 


Switchfoot Surf Charters comfortably accommodates up to 10 guests, with five, two-bunk cabins. Each bunk has a fan and a reading light and the cabins share two toilets and bathrooms. 

Relax in the large deck/bar area or the restaurant-style eating area, or in the fresh air on one of the covered decks at the front or rear of the boat. The saloon (communal area) features a large TV for playing movies when you’re not out in the surf, as well as a great bluetooth stereo system to play your favourite music while you’re relaxing on board. 



You won’t go hungry on board Switchfoot Surf Charters, with a beautiful variety of Indonesian and Western cuisine served every day. All meals are cooked by Switchfoot’s experienced chef, Erik Wau, using only the freshest ingredients. 

You can expect a range of locally caught fresh fish, chicken, imported steak and curries, plus much more. If you have any specific food requirements, the chef can cater to these too, just notify the team when you book your surf charter.

On board Switchfoot, the crew know surfing is your number one priority, so there are no set times for meals, ensuring you never miss out on food because you’re deep in a Mentawai barrel. Breakfast consists of fresh fruit, cereal, tea, coffee and juices, then there’s a hot breakfast/brunch of bacon, eggs, pancakes, jaffles and more! 

In the afternoon, feel free to relax with a cold beer, with plenty of snacks, sashimi, crackers, cheese, nuts and more. Lunch and dinner will leave you satisfied, with curries, burgers, nasi goreng, fish tacos, fajitas, chicken satay, fish and chips and a range of other healthy choices. 


Surf Switchfoot Surf Charters

Off the coast of Western Sumatra, Indonesia, the Mentawai Islands is a chain of about 70 islands and islets. This region is home to some of the best quality and most consistent waves on the planet, with a huge variety of waves to suit all ability levels. 

There are plenty of waves on offer and the crew on board Switchfoot Surf Charters will always go the extra mile to find empty waves. No matter the wind or swell conditions, there is always somewhere to surf in the Mentawai Islands. 

Switchfoot Surf Charters will travel throughout the Mentawai Islands to ensure guests get to experience the best waves in the region. From mellow, beginner-friendly breaks, to hollow tubes for experienced surfers, there’s something for everyone. 

Some of the most popular waves include Burgerworld, Beng Beng, E-Bay, Pit Stops, Bank Vaults, Nipussi, Hideaways, No Kanduis, Four Bobs, Karangbat Left, Rifles, Icelands, Telescopes, Scarecrows, Bintangs, Lance’s Left, Hollow Trees (HT’s, Lance’s Right), Bat Caves (Gilligan’s Island), Macaronis, Greenbush, Rags Left, Rags Right, Thunders, and The Hole.


Rifles is one of the longest and most perfect right-handers in the world. Some surfers have been known to get six barrels in one ride! A stunning 400 metre ride, Rifles is best surfed during mid to high tide, with big southerly swells and northerly winds.


Goofy footers will love this left-hand reef break set amidst the beautiful chain of Mentawai Islands. This break works best during south-west swell with south-east winds and breaks anywhere from 3 to 10 ft.


Scarecrows isn’t one of the most well-known lefts in the Mentawai Islands, but it offers quality waves with long rides and a fun inside barrel in the right conditions. It picks up plenty of swell and can be surfed on any tide, at any size. Scarecrows is one of the most consistent surf breaks in the Mentawai Islands and a fun wave for surfers of all abilities.

Lances Left & Lances Right

Lances Left is one of the most consistent waves to surf in the Mentawai Islands. Even when there are more surfers, it rarely feels crowded thanks to several different take-off points. 

Lances Right, or as it’s locally known, Hollow Trees (HT’s), is a wave you’re likely to find on the cover of a surf magazine. This mechanical right-hander is consistent and in the right conditions, picture-perfect. 


Adding to the plethora of world-class waves in the Mentawai Islands, Macaronis has been listed as one of the top 10 surf spots in Indonesia. Macaronis has a hollow first section, followed by a long rippable wall that’s perfect for advanced to intermediate surfers. 


Greenbush sits south of Macaronis and is a well-known break in the southern end of the Mentawai Islands. A shallow left-hander, Greenbush offers up tubes for more experienced surfers.


A super-consistent wave, Thunders is a left-hander that produces heavy barrels on bigger days, and more relaxed conditions on a smaller swell. Thunders is a great option when swell isn’t hitting some of the other surf breaks in the Mentawais. 


For experienced surfers, Rags is a fast right-hand tube that only works during a high-tide. With big, thick barrels, in the right conditions this wave is perfect for surfers hunting down churning tube rides.

The Hole

More out of the way than other surf breaks in the Mentawai Islands region, The Hole is a heavy left-hander suitable for advanced surfers. While it only breaks in the right conditions, when it does, surfers may get the best ride of their lives.

Surf Guides

Jason Quinn is an experienced surf guide and Indo junky with over 20 years of experience in the Mentawai Islands. As the owner and operator of Switchfoot Surf Charters, Jason is highly respected for his extensive knowledge of the Mentawai Islands region and is dedicated to finding the best waves for his guests. 

With a passion for barrel riding, Jason always keeps his finger on the pulse to locate the best waves, even those hidden gems away from the crowds. It is because of his expertise and dedication, that Switchfoot Surf Charters has quickly become a popular choice for surfers looking to catch the best waves in the Mentawai Islands.

Switchfoot Surf Charters also provides a professional onboard photographer, Mike Egan, who captures high-quality photos and videos of guests surfing and enjoying their time in and out of the water. 

With over eight years of experience in surf photography and videography, Egan comes equipped with over 30 k’s worth of high-end cameras, water housings, and drones to capture stunning footage from all angles. 

Guests can enjoy fully edited slideshows and clips of the footage captured from previous days’ sessions on the big screen after dinner every second night. By the end of the trip, guests can take home a USB filled with around 100-300 photos and videos. Check out Mike Egan’s work on Switchfoot Surf Charter’s website or his Instagram page, @byronwaves.

Non-Surf Activities

Switchfoot Charters revolves its non-surfing activities around the ocean. The advantage of 2 tender boats means you can go fishing at any time with high quality fishing gear to use. The boat also has SUP boards, spear fishing gear, snorkeling masks & flippers. Switchfoot Charters can also plan special on-island experiences like visiting local villages, beach BBQs or bonfires, and stop ins at some of the local camps and resorts in the area.


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