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Jump on board Star Koat 2 and explore the stunning Banyak Islands, a breathtaking archipelago of 99 islands situated in North Sumatra. With consistent swells and world-class waves, an Indonesian surf trip on board Star Koat 2 will undoubtedly be one to remember.

Despite the popularity of the neighbouring Mentawai and Telo Islands, the Banyaks remain relatively quiet, giving surfers the opportunity to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in this truly magical region. On board Star Koat 2, you’ll get off the beaten track to explore the 100 nautical miles of palm-fringed coastline and hunt down the best waves while enjoying the ultimate surfing experience in comfort and style.

Getting to North Sumatra and the Banyak Islands is easy, with daily flights operating from Medan to either Sibolga or Gunung Stoli (Nias). Once you arrive, Star Koat 2 is the perfect vessel for exploring the region’s hidden gems and discovering the best waves in the Banyaks. Score empty waves and soak up the beauty of this unspoiled surfing destination, while enjoying the comfort and convenience of Star Koat 2.

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February to November
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Star Koat 2 is a fully-equipped Indonesian surf charter perfect for exploring the surf breaks in North Sumatra. This purpose-built boat has six premium twin share cabins with two shared bathrooms. The lounge and dining areas are air-conditioned, perfect for those sweltering hot Indonesian summer days and the ultimate place to relax between surfs.

Star Koat 2 has the engine power to get you up close and personal to world-class surf breaks, with a monster 18 ft, 115 horsepower speedboat to drop you off at one of the amazing surf breaks in the area.

6 x twin share cabins: 2 single bunks.


Refuel and recharge between surfs on board Star Koat 2. The experienced chef cooks up a variety of Western and Indonesian cuisine, using only the freshest local ingredients. Surf until you drop, then come back to the boat to indulge in a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by the talented chef. Whether you’re feeling hungry after a morning surf session, or looking to unwind after a long day in the water, Star Koat 2 will provide delicious meal options throughout your surf trip.


Surf Star Koat 2 – Banyaks

The crew on board Star Koat 2 has one mission; to get you to the most epic waves possible, no matter how far they have to travel to find them. Whether it’s the Banyaks, Nias or the Hinakos, the experienced surf guides on Star Koat 2 will find the best waves in North Sumatra.

There’s a huge range of waves on offer in the Banyaks, whatever your surfing level. From hollow lefts to fun right-handers, there’s something for everyone. This region of Sumatra is a surfer’s paradise, with epic waves set against a lush jungle backdrop. 

You’ll be richly rewarded for venturing off the beaten track, with some of the most pristine and rippable waves imaginable. Some of the epic waves in this area include Treasure Island Rights, Cobras, Joysticks, Toytown lefts and many others. 


Treasure Island Rights

Also known as Bangkaru, Treasure Island is a long right-hander with three tube barrel sections. A fun wave in the right conditions.


Cobras is a swell magnet and where you should head if it’s not big enough for Treasure Island. A gorgeous location with fun, tube sections.


If you’re looking for a fun right-hander, Joysticks is what you’ve been searching for. Situated in the Bay of Plenty, it produces a perfect tube section on takeoff, a long wall, then another tube section inside the bowl. When the swell is up, this wave is great for intermediate surfers. 

Toytown Lefts

Often referred to as a softer version of the well-known Macaronis break in the Mentawai Islands, Toytown left is a fun left-hander in the Bay of Plenty. With lots of great sections and even some barrels on offer, this wave is one to remember. 

Non-Surf Activities

Besides surfing, there are many other things to do in the Banyak Islands. It’s one of the prettiest places on the planet, with palm trees and white sandy beaches; it’s the epitome of a tropical paradise.

You can’t visit the Banyaks in North Sumatra without going on a snorkelling adventure to explore the beautiful coral gardens abundant with tropical marine life. You’ll discover a whole new world beneath the surface of the crystal clear waters where fish of all shapes and sizes pass by.

Fishing is a popular activity in the Banyak Islands, whether you’re an experienced angler or it’s your first time tossing a lure. You never know, you might get lucky and catch some lunch!


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