Ombak Indah Resort

Step back in time and experience the raw beauty of Indonesia’s South Sumatra. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of a traditional Indonesian-style surf camp at Ombak Indah Resort and surf remote left and right-handers until your heart’s content. 

Ombak Indah Resort is located right in front of Ujung Bocur, the longest, most consistent wave in the area. It’s a left-hander that handles most swells and offers something for every surfer.

Ombak Indah Resort Accommodation

Ombak Indah Resort is Australian-owned and operated, offering surfer-style accommodation that is simple, comfortable and suited to the climate. With wide verandahs, large windows and a beautiful beachfront location, the resort captures the ocean breezes to keep you cool on the hottest Indonesian days. 

The incredible staff at Ombak Indah Resort are committed to making your stay memorable, offering a tranquil and easy-going atmosphere where you can surf, relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding area. 

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Surf South Sumatra

Ombak Indah Resort is located directly in front of Ujung Bocur, the longest and most consistent wave in the area. The wave starts beyond the southern boundary and continues way past the northernmost boundary of the property. You can watch the waves peel as you eat your breakfast or lunch! 

Other than Ujung Bocur, there are a variety of left-hand and right-hand breaks in the area, suitable for all levels of surfers. Whether you want mellow fun waves or more challenging hollow barrels, there’s something for everyone. 


Ombak Indah Resort offers accommodation for up to 30 guests in a variety of rooms that offer modern features and ocean or garden views. All rooms have spacious interiors and exteriors and are air-conditioned. 

All rooms have Western-style bathrooms with cool well water (no hot water) and comfortable queen-sized beds. Due to limited local power, the air-conditioning is available at set times each day on generator-supplied power. 

The main building houses a communal lounge and restaurant where you can socialise and enjoy delicious meals overlooking the gardens and reef. The tropical gardens provide a peaceful retreat for reading, getting a massage, or simply enjoying nature.



Enjoy your meals in a common dining area overlooking the gardens and ocean. Three meals per day are included, along with hot drinks during meal times. Breakfast alternates between jaffles, omelettes, fried rice or noodles, toast and spreads, and pancakes, all served with fresh fruit. 

Lunch and dinner are generously sized, with local-style Indonesian beef, chicken or fish dishes, served with vegetables and rice. Spice up your meals with sambal and Kecap Manis served on the side. 

Vegetarians can be catered for, but due to the remote location, this resort would have difficulty satisfying the dietary needs of vegans.

There is also a small shop where you can purchase basic necessities at reasonable prices, including cold bottled water, beer, soft drinks, various snack foods (chips, biscuits, chocolate etc.), soap, toothpaste, mosquito coils and repellent, batteries and so on.

Surf Ombak Indah Resort

The surf in South Sumatra has something for everyone, from beginners to more advanced surfers. You can experience a range of reef breaks and beachies, all easily accessible from Ombak Indah Resort.

Ujung Bocur

The resort faces Ujung Bocur, the area’s longest and best left-hand reef break. This wave ranges from heavy dredging barrels to long carvable down-the-line performance walls with rides over 200 m. Ujung Bocur is extremely consistent and handles large swells. Even with more surfers in the water, the length of the wave stretches out the crowds. 

Way Jambu

Way Jambu is one of the heaviest left-hand barrels in the area, hence its nickname ‘Sumatran Pipeline’. This ruler-edged, spitting beast is truly a world-class wave. Low tide can be a scary take-off with the water sucking off the reef just in front of you. Don’t look, just go and you might just get the barrel of your life. 


About 20 minutes north of the resort is a stretch of open beach called Mandiri, a length of southwest-facing beach breaks. Get there early before the wind is up for fun waves. 

The Peak, Krui Left, Krui Right

The township of Krui has a variety of reef breaks, great when the swell starts to creep up on the point. The main breaks are The Peak, Krui’s Right and Left. All are fun waves when the swell is too big back at the resort. Avoid the right when the creek is open, as the locals use it as a toilet and tip.

Banana Island

There are several other beach breaks further north, but the main stop is Banana Island. This is only accessible by boat, with a quality right-hander on one side and a screaming left on the other. Not many people surf out here and if there’s a nice swell running, and your adventure streak is high, it can reward you with incredible waves. 

Jenny’s Right

Jenny’s right is offshore during the rainy season or if the winds swing onshore at the resort. It’s a fun right-hand reef break running for 100 m, with a couple of barrel and long walling sections that can break on all tides. 

Early morning sessions here offer some beautiful waves. It was named Jenny’s Right after Jenny Sheehan, a well-known Sydney surfer who beat everyone out the back and caught the first known wave to be ridden here.

Honey Smacks - Jimmy’s Right and Left

Honey Smacks is a barrelling left-hander more suited to bodyboarders and a bit further on is Jimmy’s Right and Left. These are pretty serious waves and if you venture out in the right conditions, you’re guaranteed to return happy.

Bali Village

A short, hollow right-hand reef break, best at 4 ft, located 20 minutes from the resort.

Town Left

An excellent backdoor left-hand break that is good with bigger swell, but inconsistent when it’s small. 

Town Right

A fast, fun right-hand reef break that breaks in similar conditions to the left.

Non-Surf Activities

Whether you’d prefer to take a long walk on the beach or a stroll through the coconut plantations and local villages, there’s plenty to do at Ombak Indah Resort. Besides surfing, you can snorkel, swim and fish. There are also local markets, shops and restaurants to explore, as well as a range of day trips available, including: 

Pulau Pisang (Banana Island)

Home of the famous ‘Tapis’ gold leaf and cloth weaving, with a beautiful view back to the mainland. 

Virgin Rainforest

Take a trek through the virgin rainforest, and see tigers, elephants and various other Sumatran jungle species. 

Outrigger Fishing

Fish by outrigger canoe (small outboard engine) with an expert guide and hunt for Sailfish as well as a variety of other gamefish. 

Danau Ranau

The volcanic lake Danau Ranau is an incredible spot known for its natural beauty and soothing hot springs. A great way to soothe those aching muscles after a few days of surfing. 



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