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Seed Resort Rote offers a unique surf experience, perfect for those striving to achieve an ideal balance of luxury and affordability. 

Seed Resort is a perfect home away from home offering 9 exclusive bungalows in a private setting with absolute beachfront location, modern amenities and unique features. 

Rote Island, is one of the Southernmost islands in Indonesia covering an area of 1,200 square kilometers and a population just over 100,000. With limited population and high impact infrastructure, Rote offers an idyllic escape with white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and amazing surf with minimal crowds. 

The shoulder seasons of March-May and Oct-Nov offer user friendly waves suitable for all levels. The winter months of Jun-Sep offer the best surfing conditions with larger swells out of the South West as well as more off shore winds. 

The resort is complete with its own restaurant, infinity swimming pool, day spa, yoga, bicycle hire, Stand up paddle boards and many other services like local surf transfers by boat to the infamous T-Land surf break. 


Seed Resort Rote features 9 exclusive bungalows, each constructed out of reclaimed teak wood, built with traditional craftmanship enabling Indonesian aesthetics, with the twist of modern comfort. 

Each bungalow boats spacious double rooms, air conditioning, private veranda with day bed, small garden with swimming hammocks and an Indonesian style open air bathroom. 

Beachfront Bungalows: Ideal for couples enabling a cosy romantic get away or for surfing mates with direct panoramic views of the surf break T-Land. 

Oceanview Bungalows: Traditional thatched roofing bungalows set amongst banana palms and perfect for guests travelling in pairs. 

Family Bungalows: Are a larger version of the Oceanview Bungalow and can accommodate up to 4 guests, enabling a family to enjoy the Robin Crusoe trip all under the same roof. (2A 2CH)

Garden Bungalows: Cater to guests that are staying at Seed Resort to surf and partake in daily yoga. Boasts large sleeping quarters and can accommodate small groups up to 4 people. (4 Adults)


Kick back, relax and enjoy the fresh sea breeze and expansive ocean views from the comfort of the poolside restaurant at Seed Resort Rote. 

All produce is home grown and sourced from local village markets and families. 

3 meals a day are available from the restaurant with specialty jams, yoghurts, breads, granola and the best home brewed kombutcha. A delicious variety of cuisines are available with regular open BBQs, pizza nights and much more. This is also a great place to enjoy a sunset cocktail or Bintang. 



If you dream of paradise in search of pumping waves, Rote is your destination.

Well away from the crowds found in other Indonesian islands, Rote offers you the renowned quality and comfort that makes the Indonesian archipelago one of the best holiday spots in the world. T-Land is one of the longest waves in Indonesia and offers surfing at different levels thanks to its three sections. It is also one of the most perfect and consistent waves in Indonesia. It breaks at 2ft up to 15ft.

From March to November, dry season and winter in the Southern hemisphere, the wind blows South-Southwest coming from South Africa towards Australia. That is when the Indian Ocean turns into a factory of waves and dreams. The winds are off-shore, East-Southeast trade winds. And unlike in other islands in the archipelago, you will not find distrustful locals protecting their waves from visitors. They are friendly and kind to the scarce surfers in their waters.

T-Land:  T-Land is the main Rote´s wave. It is one of the longest and most perfect waves in Indonesia. It is often compared with G-Land in Java, but more accessible and manoeuvrable. Off-shore wind during dry season. With so many hours of surf, you will fulfil your dream of surfing just with your friends.

The Bommie:  Located in the Nemberala bay this is a shorter and more intense right. It has a fast take-off and brakes on reef ending in a deep water canal. It is at its best at low tide but it can break at high tide with a swell.

Boa:  This right peak is 10 minutes away by motorbike or similar, it can be reached by boat too. This is a powerful wave with a fast take off and a good tube section. It breaks at mid tide. It is best with mild wind, early in the morning and just after the sunset. It's rare to find people riding it...

Suckies:  Suckies also known as Sucky Mamas or Peanuts, it´s 10 minutes by boat, located in Fedok Village. A short, intense and powerful right-wave. Very fun with good tubes, breaking at half and high tide. You´ll hardly find anybody there.

Squillers:  In the same Nemberala beach, you'll find a safe and fun wave, perfect for beginners. A right and left wave breaking at mid and high tide.

Secret Spots:  There are also other world-class waves, both left and rights on Rote Island. Depending on the direction of the swell and the wind you can move along the coast to find the best conditions. Beaches with crystal-clear waters, white-sand islands stranded in the middle of the ocean...

Optimum surf conditions:

Swell:  SSW
Winds: Rote Island thrives with the trade winds coming from the East.  

Note: Tradewinds are strongest in July/August however the waves are still off-shore with good surf in the mornings before the winds pick up.  This is the Kite Surf Season July/August. Our tip is to aim for Jun, September and October for ultimate swell and winds. 

Non Surf Activities

Over the years Rote has developed a strong reputation for being extremely accommodating to couples and families with a number of things to do apart from surfing. 

Seed Resort itself features a day spa with a range of treatments available at very affordable prices. 

You can hire a bicycle or scooter to get around the island and explore the local village markets as well as cafes and bars that are starting to appear more on the main trails around Rote. 

Stand Up paddle boards are a popular activity directly out the front of Seed Resort on high tide also. 

There is also a fully contained yoga studio with daily yoga sessions led by in house yoga instructor at Seed Resort. 


Getting to Seed Resort has become increasingly easier over the years with the introduction of more flights and better transit times. World Surfaris can organise all your internal/domestic travel plans through our Indonesia Office located in Sanur, managed by our Aussie representative, Michael Hill. Michael and his team are available 24/7 and a great asset if flight changes occur or flights are missed for whatever reason. 

Rough Itinerary:

  • Fly from Bali to Kupang (approx 2 hours) *200,000 IDR per surfboard 
  • Kupang to Rote (by plane): Takes about 20 mins flying with Wings Air about 4pm daily. *100,000 per surfboard applies 
    • (by ferry): Takes about 2 hours from Kupang and quite an enjoyable trip. You travel in a numbered cabin with air conditioning *This option means you will need to stay in Kupang overnight as the ferry leaves early in the morning and doesn't match up with the flight from Bali. 
  • Once you arrive in Rote by either air or sea, Seed Resort transfer service will collect you and bring you to the resort. They also assist with your departure dropping you a the airport or harbour depending on your choice of transportation option. 

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