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Saraina is a purpose built surf charter and has been exploring the Mentawai Islands as a fully fledged surf vessel since 2014 when it received a major refit by the previous owner.

Saraina is approximately 20 metres in length and provides a safe and comfortable accommodation for a maximum of 8-9 guests to explore these magical islands and the array of perfect surf breaks. 

Powered by a reliable 360HP turbo diesel engine propelling the vessel at a top speed of 10 knots makes it perfectly suited to the Mentawai region. 


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Flexible Itineraries

Saraina operate a little differently to most surf charters in the Mentawais. Instead of wasting copious amounts of time, fuel and ultimately money...Saraina starts and finishes her trips in the Mentawai Islands. With so many faster options to get to and from Padang these days it makes a lot of sense to skip the dreaded crossing entirely and start fresh as a daisy for the first waves of the trip.

The other benefit of a flexible itinerary is it caters for those who may not have 10+ days to spare and get away from the family or the busy business back home. It also allows you to do a strike mission if you see a swell coming. Saraina charters operate on a minimum of 6 passengers for a minimum of 4 nights/5 days. Flexible schedule.

All Saraina packages include airport & ferry transfers to and from the boat, 3 delicious meals a day, experienced crew and surf guide and use of fishing gear on board.


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USD$2,158 per trip - 10 Nights Saraina Surf Charter Group Special Book Now


Saraina sleeps a maximum of 9 guests across two seperate rooms/cabins. The boat is fully air conditioned throughout for a great night sleep. 

The saloon is a great space to enjoy a meal or sit back in the A/C with a beer to cool down from the harsh tropical sun. There is also a great hang out spot on the front deck that is spacious and relaxing. 


Meals aboard Saraina are what you can typically expect on a charter boat navigating the Mentawais each week. There is a huge selection of fish expertly prepared by Dedi and the rest of the crew. Saraina try to keep the meals Indonesian and source their produce from local villages or the township of Tua Pejat. Because they dont need to worry about the crossing from Padang they can also bypass a lot of the extra costs and buy more food ensuring guests are well and truly fed for their days of surfing perfect waves. 

Surf Saraina Charters

The Mentawai Islands are a true surfing mecca with many different regions on offer that host world famous waves such as: HT’s, Macaronis, Rifles, Greenbush and many more. It takes a good boat and experienced surf guides to discover empty lineups, hidden gems, stunning deserted beaches and awesome fishing spots... Saraina can cover over 400 nautical miles (740km) up and down the Sumatran coast, in search of the best waves and conditions.

The Mentawais perfectly shaped reefs, light winds and consistent long distance swell ensure a variety of locations can provide more surf opportunities. Typically, waves vary in size from 3 to 12 foot with the average wave height being about 6 foot. In some areas, as many as 10 surf spots are located within 1 hour of each other. Areas like the Playgrounds offer a huge variety of world class spots to satisfy surfers of all levels.

For those groups wishing for even more of an adventure, your exclusive Saraina Surf Charter can start the trip further North or South and get involved in some real exploration. There’s still loads of rarely surfed, near perfect uncrowded waves to be found – slightly off the ‘beaten track’. 



Surf Guides

Trent Woodleigh:

Is a qualified vessel master and engineer who hails from Sydney. In Trent's previous life he grew up constantly by the ocean thriving in his roles as a lifeguard and surf coach before the love of marine engines caught his eye. Being a vessel master and engineer in the Mentawais certainly has its advantages. Trent led the rebuild of Saraina in 2014 from start to finish and also operates his own maintenance/service checks meaning you will be travelling with someone who knows what they're doing!


Dedi is Mentawain born and bred. He grew up surfing these breaks and was among the very first local surfers who fell in love with the sport and knew surfing was the future of the Mentawai Islands. Dedi's story is so unique that he remembers very well how he got his first surfboard when he traded in his dugout canoe. He has spent the last 20 years working on most of the charter boats still in operation today. Working on these vessels gave him the experience and knowledge he possesses today. Dedi also founded the first West Sumatran boardriders club.