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'Ratu Motu' offers a once-in-a-lifetime Mentawais luxury adventure. Whether you’re joining this boat charter to surf, dive or simply relax, you'll cruise effortlessly through sparkling azure seas and lose yourself on pristine white sand of rarely visited beaches, in some of the world's most beautiful locations. Every aspect of your journey is designed to be user-friendly and tailored to your specific needs. The possibilities are as limitless as the horizons into which you will sail.

Be captivated by the perfection of the Mentawais on board and in the water

Be delivered to paradise with first class treatment all the way… this luxury live-aboard experience is without equal. Surf the most desirable and consistent waves in the world without compromising on comfort or features. Ratu Motu is without question the most luxuriant escape to the Mentawais and will be the highlight of your surfing career.

Sophistication, style and class

Yes, this charter has it all - sophistication, style and class. You'll find all these things whilst onboard the incomparable Ratu Motu. Formerly operating as the Indies Trader IV, Ratu Motu is the dreamiest and most luxurious surf vessel in operation in Indonesia today and possibly the World.

Awake to a new destination each morning, as large windows frame ever-changing views of a land that time forgot. All cabins are air-conditioned with ensuite facilities and equipped with Plasma/LCD screen televisions, internet connection, DVD players and Apple TV’s. Cabins are serviced twice daily. The Main Deck provides four spacious deluxe double berth Staterooms, each with a queen sized bed, desk, ensuite facilities, TV, surround sound, DVD, Apple TV, satellite phone and email communication.

This is one surf charter without equal. Every aspect has been designed to maximise your experience. From arrival to departure, the Ratu Motu team create a guest experience that is enviable. Surf the Mentawais in complete style whilst surrounded by all the creature comforts of a 5 star resort.


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Luxury Cabins aboard Ratu Motu:

Class A    
o    There are two on the main deck
o    Queen size island bed under three large picture windows
o    Ensuite with Shower and two basins facing large picture windows
o    Flat screen TV and DVD player

Class B    
o    There are two on the main deck
o    Double bed under large picture window
o    Ensuite with shower
o    Flat screen TV and DVD player

Class C    
o    There are four on the lower deck
o    Double bed with pull down bunk bed available
o    Ensuite with shower
o    Flat screen TV and DVD player

Class D    
o    There is one on the lower deck
o    Single Bunk beds
o    Ensuite with shower

Class E    
o    There are two on the lower deck
o    Single Bunk beds
o    Bathroom across the hall


The delicious meals presented on-board Ratu Motu are both healthy and satisfying. The Head Chef and his team are 'on point' from dawn ’til late at night delivering everything from traditional feasts to a quick snack. Fresh fruit such as bananas, watermelon, mandarins, apples or papaya are available for you to help yourself at all times while aboard. As is tea, coffee, fruit juice and bottled water. All you need to do is ask one of the staff.

Breakfast:  Breakfast is typically served in the open air Observation Deck area from 7.00am to 8.00am and includes everything from fresh fruit salad, various cereals, bacon and eggs, French toast, banana pancakes and omelettes. There’s always plenty of fresh toast and all the various spreads.

Lunch:  A sit-down affair served after guests return from the morning surf session and activities. Lunch times vary from 11.00am to 2.00pm and are served in the Main Cabin dining area. The lunch menu changes daily and you will generally not eat the same meal twice during your stay. Some of the lunch offerings may include fresh salads and cold meats, sandwich selections, burgers & fries, pastas, Mexican buffets or a traditional lunch of Indonesian “Nasi Champur”.

Evening Bar Snacks:  It is tradition to serve fresh seafood snacks around sunset drinks, or when guests return from the day's activities. These vary from sashimi, king prawns or calamari, all fresh from the local fishermen. Nothing tastes better than a snack and a cold beer after a day on the ocean.

Dinner:  Dinner is the pride & joy of Chef Andre and you will not be disappointed. Whole grilled fresh reef fish, roasted meats, traditional Indonesian banquets, mud crabs, curries, crumbed or grilled fish, pasta dishes, a variety of fresh salads, exotic fruits, the list goes on.

Dessert:  Usually a hand-prepared dessert... Chef Andre makes everything from ice cream to cakes, pies, and traditional desserts.

Surf Ratu Motu Charters

West Sumatra

Situated almost directly on the equator, our travels in this region take us to various groups of islands, the Mentawai Islands, the Telo Islands, Nias and the Banyaks and the coast line of Banda Aceh, all of which are located off the west coast of Sumatra. The region provides an unmatched water paradise with empty beaches, dive spots, secluded villages and fishing, all available in complete privacy if you wish.

The surf off the West Coast of Sumatra is without a doubt the world’s greatest collection of quality reef breaks. A combination of factors include the longest fetch area in an ocean; a proliferation of quality reefs; thousands of small islands; and light and variable breezes to provide what is known as the “Surfing Disneyland”. Anyone who has picked up a surfing magazine or watched a surfing movie in the last 10 years has dreamed of the surf off the West Coast of Sumatra. Simply put, this region is the ultimate surfer’s destination and Ratu Motu is the ultimate way to access the region. Over the past 20 years we’ve been operating in the region, we’ve had the privilege to “discover” many waves and surf a multitude of others. Whether you’re in search of deep barrels and dry reef or 3-6 foot 'gentleman’s surf' with you and a few mates, we’ll help make your dream a reality. With literally hundreds of waves in the region, the surf in West Sumatra is ultra-consistent with lefts and rights that work on all tides, and opposite wind directions virtually guaranteeing off-shores every day. Best of all, the variety of surf offers many options for all levels of surfers and equipment.

The Mentawai Islands - West Sumatra Indonesia

Since the early 1990's surfers from around the globe have been visiting the Mentawai islands to experience untouched rainforest and superb waves. More than a dozen "world-class" reef breaks exist making it one the most surf infested regions in the world. Most spots host mechanical perfection and vary in intensity for all level of surfer, making it an ideal surf vacation location.

Indonesia is such a great place for surf. It has got the classic waves, the crystal clear warm water and the balmy days. What more could anyone want. The Mentawai islands are a relatively new surfing location, having only been surfed since the early 90's. Although the main island has loads of spots probably the best way to surf the Mentawai islands is by boat.

Our good friend the South Indian Ocean produces the swells that have the islands pumping from March through to November at 6-12ft, and the cyclone swells keep the surf rolling in throughout the remainder of the year. You go to Mentawai, you get surf! The calm winds ensure that the swells that do arrive are always of a high standard.

Top Mentawai waves include Rifles, Telescopes, Lance's Left and Lance's Right, Macaronis, Greenbush, Thunders, Rags and The Hole... just to name a few.  All standard of surfers will be stoked with the variety and the consistency. “This is the real Surfers Paradise." 

Flexible itineraries are devised to maximise surf time and to combat the ‘crowd factor’. On the recommendation of the skipper / surf guide who analyses the prevailing surf conditions in the region, you will be given expert advice on where the best conditions and swell will be located.

Optimal conditions for the Mentawais:

Swell: Sth or SW
Wind: Any type of East 

Surf Guides

Great knowledge means more waves

A good guide can make or break a trip. They can save you incalculable time, money and frustration. Aboard the Ratu Motu, the guiding is taken very seriously and large amounts of time and resources are invested into hiring and developing the best guides in the world. Ratu Motu surf guides are world-class surfers who focus on enhancing guest experiences rather than their own. The guide will assess with you which type of waves you are chasing and will create an itinerary based on your wishes. Ratu Motu’s “safety first” record speaks for itself. All guides are qualified lifesavers and well-trained in emergency procedures. They will look after you. 

Non-Surf Activities

Indonesia is renowned for its incredible marine bio-diversity including an abundance of fish life, warm pristine waters and close encounters with numerous forms of marine life. The ship is one of the most well–equipped sport diving vessels in the world. The scuba tank fill stations with multiple whips and Dual Bauer compressors will maximize your dive time. You can dive directly from the ship’s swim platform or use the tenders to access the most exhilarating dive locations on the globe, many of which you may be the first to experience.  As one of Indonesia’s fastest-cruising live-aboard yachts, the Ratu Motu gives divers access to a wide variety of secluded hot spots, including exciting channel dives with sharks and rays, vibrant thilas, cleaning stations, wrecks, and coral overhangs. 

Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding (SUP)
Whether you’re a dedicated enthusiast, an opportunistic part-timer, or a curious first-timer, you’ll find the friendly, un-crowded waves are ideal for stand-up paddle-boarding. Bring your own equipment or use Ratu Muto’s to catch a few waves or simply gaze down at the reef through gin-clear waters. An outing on an SUP in this part of the world has to be ranked as one of the great marine experiences. 

Kayak Tours
Touring around on one of Ratu Motu's many single or double Kayaks is a fun experience that lets you experience the best "Lounge Chair" ride in West Sumatra. The various Kayaks are sitting tied off to the stern for instant access whenever required. 

Jet Ski and Tenders
Throughout your holiday, three Tenders and one Jet Ski are always available for your use. These crafts are quickly launched and you’ll be embarking on your day’s adventure in no time. Of course it’s just a short ride to the secluded beach of your choice if you are feeling less adventurous.

Health and Treatments
With notice we are able to bring aboard specialists who can provide a menu of massage treatments to soothe the active body and mind. We also offer preventative maintenance to help you take advantage of your full trip, or recover from an injury. Or just relax and enjoy soothing hands in an environment like no other. In addition, multiple decks and empty beaches create perfect opportunities for low-impact exercises such as yoga or light resistance training. If you require one of the traveling exercise kits, please let us know upon booking.

Eco and Cultural Tours
In an area as bio diverse as West Sumatra the opportunity to go ashore and experience the wonder up close and personal is not to be missed. Everything from hikes to the top of a mountain or visits to a secluded village are at your fingertips. In addition (if requested) we can bring aboard some of the world’s foremost authorities on the region to accompany your visit.