Raja Elang Charters

Raja Elang Captain, Tony “Doris” Eltherington has lived and breathed surfing his whole life.  Needless to say his desire for perfect waves has seen him spend most of his life searching around the Indonesian Archepeligo.  There is nobody out there like Doris, matched with the Raja Elang (his pride and joy).  His 12 night charters are more than just your run of the mill Mentawais surf trip. Doris has made an art form of finding the least crowded and best waves for his guests.

Raja Elang is an Aussie built boat, originally from Perth, and can accommodate up to 10 people if there is a couple willing to share the V-birth.  Otherwise 8-9 people is the ultimate number with everyone having their own private air-conditioned room.  The attentive crew have been trained by Doris to cater for your needs and ensure you are comfortable, well fed and hydrated!  The ballast of the boat is well healed with cartons of Bintang (all included in the price).  The Doris stories are also free of charge but completely priceless.

Doris likes to work the Mentawais region and has several spots that are not mentioned on any Mentawais map.  Doris is an expert at dropping the smoke bomb and disappearing with his clients before the other boats even know he is gone.  It is likely you will fall asleep at night and wake up to your own surf break with just your crew.

Book in on the Raja Elang and ensure you are making all the right moves at the right time!

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