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Between the Telo Islands and Simelue, offshore of Nias Island lies Puri Asu Resort. Enjoy the best in comfort and privacy along with easy access to some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. We pride ourselves on guest safety, comfort and quick access to the best surfing. You don’t have to waste precious moments of your holiday walking or paddling out to get your waves.

Puri Asu Resort is a family-friendly resort with accommodation and activity options for couples and young adults. The tropical paradise that surrounds Puri Asu Resort offers more than just amazing surfing. Due to the small size and population, Asu Island is very safe for children and families to explore and relax.


  • Most consistent waves in Indonesia. 
  • All rooms have air conditioning. 
  • Western standard bathrooms. 
  • Family-friendly and suitable for children. 
  • Flexible dining options.  
  • NO extra costs for boat surf transfers to other spots in the area. 
  • Beachfront Yoga gazebo. 
  • Surf view private gazebo. 
  • Fitness and yoga gazebo 
  • Jetski for Tow-in and water safety.


Superior Accommodation

Brand new luxury villas with ocean view. Perfect for couples and absolute beach front.

Each unit features:

  • Ocean Views
  • King Size Beds
  • Air Conditioning
  • Surfboard Rack
  • Sea View Veranda with lounge chairs
  • Fine stone, wood and ceramic throughout


Standard Accommodation

Where it all started, this large wooden house was built by hand in South Sumatra and brought to Asu Island. It is renovated and varnished every season and still looks and feels like brand new.

The House features:

  • 4 Bedrooms 
  • 2 shared bathrooms 
  • 8 Single Beds, 2 per room
  • Ocean view living room

**All rooms are air conditioned

Standard Beach Cottage

A cozy beachfront cottage ideal for families or friends traveling together.

This unit features:

  •  2 King size beds (optional single extra beds)
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • AC
  • 10 Meters from the beach
  • Ideal for families or friends traveling together


Each day the Puri Asu Resort chef prepares a variety of food and as often as possible, uses seafood caught by local fishermen and our guests. 


Breakfast: All guests order individually from a wide selection of breakfast choices. 7:00am  – 10:00am

Lunch: 12:30-13:30

Dinner: 7:30 – 21:00 

Desserts are served after dinner for all guests and they are all homemade. 

Beer and mixed drinks are available for a standard fee. 


Chefs can accommodate any dietary requirements or eating preferences.



The Hinako Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. Its broad exposure towards the southern Indian Ocean provides these islands with consistency and high-quality waves all year long.

When Asu is good the Puri Asu Resort boat will take you from your bed to the peak in 5 minutes any time of day you like.

There are five waves in the area, with a distance of 5 to 50 minutes by speedboat. 


The main surfing season is March – November. Here is what you can expect in each month:

  • March: Small to medium and glassy conditions.
  • April: Small to medium and glassy conditions.
  • May: Medium to Large swells and glassy conditions. 
  • June: Solid swells and generally clean conditions.
  • July and August: Bigger swells and offshore winds. 
  • September: Bigger Swells and offshore winds.
  • October: Consistent medium swells and smooth conditions. 
  • November: Small to medium and glassy conditions.


The Breaks:

  • Asu  Left hand wave that works on all tides, big and small swells, and south wind conditions. From 2-6 feet, it is a perfect and fun wave peeling over coral reef with barrels and variety of conditions. Asu can handle up to 10 foot waves and still maintain good shape.
  • Bawa  Never goes flat. Righthander, lots of variety. Surfable from 2-8 feet. Over 8 feet it is time to break out the jet-ski.
  • Barrel Machine Is a perfect symmetrical high-performance wave. In glassy or off-shore conditions 4 - 6 second barrels are possible from the take off. Needs a big swell to work and stays fun sized when other spots are too big. From 2 – 6 feet and technically doesn’t get any bigger than this; it does become more hollow and round. 
  • Mini Bawa It's a friendly wave up to 6 feet, then it shows it’s power. Deep water and thick lips when it is over 6 feet. 
  • Sirombu Is a sheltered rippable right-hander located near the Sirombu harbour. Its the best for intermediate surfers and works when things are a bit messy. Some barrels, sand and reef bottom.
  • Afulu is located 40-50 minutes from Asu. A dream left-hander on the Nias mainland and offers incredible tube rides with rippable walls. Needs large swell to work.
  • Salonako 45 minutes from Asu. ''Super Perfect'' right-hander and can provide challenging barrel rides. Super fast, with sand and reef bottom. It needs larger ground swell to work. 
  • Bommie - is a deep water slab, very close by but needs a low tide, east wind and solid swell to work.  

Non Surf Activities

The landscape and activities available in Puri Asu Resort area are extraordinary and varied. There are things to keep you totally busy or you can practice the fine art of doing nothing at all. Here is a short list of our most popular activities: Yoga at the specially equipped zone or at beachfront Yoga gazeebo

An assortment of Gym and training equipment

Billiard table in the upstairs lounge

Ping Pong table

Snorkeling ( recommended bringing personal mask and snorkel)

Fishing trips (equipment is provided by the resort)

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