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Fly into Kavieng, in the north eastern archipelago of New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, and transfer straight onto the air-conditioned comfort of the Surf Charter 'PNG Explorer'. This live-aboard boat is a 23m steel-hulled vessel, kitted out with all mod cons and safety gear. Cruising along at a comfortable nine knots, the PNG Explorer and her crew will ensure you have the surf charter experience of a lifetime. Leaving Kavieng behind, your destination will be much further afield to the many islands and reefs still being explored for surf. There are many known breaks that you will visit but there are many more just waiting to be discovered.

Built to survey, the super seaworthy PNG Explorer provides air-conditioned comfort, a 'must have' in the tropical climate of Papua New Guinea. The large shaded deck space allows ample room for outdoor relaxing, dining and board storage. Not forgetting the amazing cuisine, ranging from locally caught shellfish and fish to locally reared beef, accompanied by a selection of Aussie beers and wines and the local favourite – SP! 

Enjoy the flexibility of being on a boat and the knowledge that your experienced skipper / surf guide Andrew Rigby, will always take you to the best possible locations. Surf waves discovered only in the past few years, with no crowds and only your mates to see you get barrelled.  


The PNG Explorer has six spacious cabins set up as four twin berths and two single doubles, all maintained at a perfect temperature with a well thought out ventilation and air conditioning system.  Enjoy a hot shower in one of two separate shower rooms.  Spread out in the ‘house’ sized lounge hosting a large flat screen with DVD player and cranking sound system. Alternatively relax and read from a library of popular books and magazines.  

The huge upper deck on the Explorer is a great spot for lounging on one of the many day beds.  It’s also the main dining area onboard, which is a perfect location for relaxing.  Grab a drink from the well stocked icy cold beer fridge to help you chill near the BBQ.  The lower “surf” deck is perfectly designed and set up for a tropical surfer, consisting of a board preparation table and padded alloy board racks for thirty surfboards.  The large duckboard at water level is accompanied with aluminium dive ladder which boasts an underwater platform so you can easily access the mighty explorer even from the water. 

To ensure fast and safe transfers to the breaks the PNG Explorer runs two tenders.  A 24 foot tender and a 23 foot banana boat. Both tenders have all the necessary safety equipment, alloy board racks and dive ladders for easy water to tender access.


All food is prepared by your western hostess and chef.  Each dish is freshly made, inspired by local cuisine and suitable for Western tastes.  Any special dietary requests/allergies can be catered for... just let us know well in advance of departure.  The catering onboard comes from a modern gallery with the lot!  Enjoy a latte along with your poached eggs for breakfast and later watch the sunset as you prepare to feast on fresh lobster or tender roast lamb.  The delicacies onboard will dazzle the tastebuds of the most discerning gourmet traveller.

Breakfast:  Experience PNG's finest Gorokan coffee or choose from a variety of teas.  Fresh fruit smoothies or fresh fruit.  Toast and/or pancakes and a cooked breakfast of eggs and bacon will be provided on request and during more leisurely mornings.

Lunch:  A range of sandwiches and toasties, salads and omelettes will be available dependent on timings and your preferences.

Dinner:  Catch of the day - fish, lobster or mud crab or a selection of meat and vegetarian dishes.

Snacks:  Fresh fruit – sugar bananas, pineapples and paw paw in abundance. Sweet baked coconut and banana cakes and other popular local delicacies. "Sundowner" snacks of chips, peanuts, fresh sashimi, the skipper’s favourite fish bites … and many more.

Drinks:  Whether in the dory or onboard "PNG Explorer" we will provide bottled drinking water and a ration of soft drinks per person. Similarly, we have an ample beer allowance per person. If exceeded (it's unlikely) more is available to purchase at local prices.  



23 metre steel vessel Built to USL Code 2B for 12 pax plus crew to 200 miles offshore
Current safety and survey certificates
Water capacity – de-salinator plus 9000 litres water storage
Fuel capacity - 40,000 litres
Cruising speed - 9 knots
Main engine - 3412 twin turbo caterpillar
Aux engine- 4 cylinder caterpillar with 100 kva alt, 4 cylinder Hino with 40 kva

Air-conditioned accommodation for 12 guests in four single/double cabins plus two twin cabins
3 hot/cold showers plus duckboard showers
3 toilets
Flat screen TV with DVD & entertainment system with video/camera and IPOD plug in facilities
Email facility - send/receive
Sat phone
Large dive deck/duck board for easier water to tender access
Large lower deck space for board preparation & board storage.
Comfortable upper & lower deck day beds for relaxing
1x 24 foot tender (high speed) with 2 * 50 H.P tohatsu
1x 23 foot tender with 50 H.P tohatsu
2x kayaks
1x stand-up paddle board plus 1 mal
6x Shimano TLD 25 game rigs plus egg beaters
12 mask/snorkel sets.

New improvements for the 2016/17 Season
Next season's focus is on guest comfort...

  1. Sound proofing on the generator
  2. New massive day bed on the foredeck
  3. Ice machine
  4. On-board water UV treatment and purifier... for filling up water bottles and reducing plastic waste. 
  5. New tinny – 21 foot alloy tender, which is super wide and stable with usual awning, stereo, lights etc.  Powered by 130HP 4 stroke for more get up and go.


Written by Captain Andrew Rigby of PNG Surfaris
The surf season for our area of operation in Papua New Guinea is from late October to April.  This is taking advantage of the Northern Hemisphere swells coming from the northwest to northeast directions.  During this period the wind is predominately from the N/NW.  The surf generally ranges from 3-4ft; bigger swells see it at 5-6ft.  Here is a run down of just a few of the hidden gems up here... Jump aboard and we’ll take you there.

Senta Pass:  Extremely fast and hollow left. Goofy footers only, unless you really rip. One tube recorded at 11 seconds, followed by a trip to the Haus Sik (hospital). Get the picture?!!!

Malili:  A long and playful workable wall. It’s a mellower option on the larger days, and good for all abilities.

Vala Vala:  A right-hand reef pass close to shore, with a flat weed-covered reef, and a double bowl section.  Very consistent break – swell magnet for the area.

Korongai (also known as Gas Chambers):  A slab reef located in the entrance to a bay, which breaks best to the right. Extremely hollow in both directions, but only for 25 metres.  Paddle, pull in, grab the rail, then get spat out.  A 4 second ride that is a guaranteed cover-up.

Naikasau (also known as Outer Kiddies):  A fast playful right, breaking off a beautiful point on an island.  Short and shallow, but not too fast, just a lot of fun.

Lovongai Right:  A peeling right-hander, up to a 100-yard ride, with a nice consistent wall, that just keeps pulling up in front of you... a very beautiful location.

Anselim’s Reef:  Not frequently surfed, but sheltered in an easterly wind.  Needs quite a bit of swell before it kicks in.  Outer island location.

Drain Pipe:  Needs solid swell, very hollow crazy right.  Excellent cover-up potential.

Two Trees:  It’s a very reliable, barreling right-hander with a few sections. Good for all abilities.

Surf Guides

Experienced skipper/surf guide Andrew Rigby

The Master V skipper and frothing surfer comes from five generations of Port Phillip Bay seafarers. He was raised surfing 13th Beach before spending his formative years on the water on trawlers, charter boats and his own yacht, sailing up the Australian coastline over two years.  Andrew will always take you to the best possible locations. Surf waves discovered only in the past few years, with no crowds and only your mates to see you get barrelled. 

Professional Photographic Service 

What is a great surf trip without some kind of record of it? 
By choosing to use the Pro Photographic service you will get EXACTLY the same sort of attention that a full-blown surf magazine feature does except it’s you and your mates.  Amazing line-ups, gorgeous sunsets, long blue walls and perfect tubes all set to the exotic backdrop only PNG’s remote islands can provide. This level of professional service is not available at any other surf resort in PNG. 

About PNG Explorer photographer, Chris Peel 
Chris comes to PNG Explorer Charters with experience well beyond his years. A well traveled person at young age. You can expect to find Chris anywhere from remote surfing locations of Indonesia, Nicaragua and PNG to high up in the backcountry of Hokkadio Japan. 

How many images do I get? 

A rough expectation would be around 300-500 images per guest. These images can then be printed out in any format you wish for display in your home or office. You will also be able to display the images on your own computer as a slideshow or screen saver. 

How do I look at the photos or view our movie? 
Simple. Just put the USB into your computer and follow the prompts. 

What about my surfing standard, don’t I need to be a pro to get good shots? 
Sure it helps if you surf like Kelly Slater but we are pretty confident that if you can paddle and stand up you can get a great shot of yourself. The photographic service also covers all the other parts of your escape, the perfect sunsets, the stories around the bar, the big fish you nail, trips to the local village and all the colour of PNG. You basically have a professional photographer on hand for your whole trip. 

How do we book and pay for the service? 
Simply let World Surfaris know you would like this added to your package and they will forward an invoice to you. 

Basic Package: 
1. Best surf session
2. Library of lifestyle and line-up images taken outside surf sessions.
3. All images of individual clients provided on USB as Jpeg files at completion of trip.
4. A slideshow featuring all the members of the trip, excluding anyone who does not commit to the photo package.
5. A slideshow every 3rd night during the duration of the trip.
6. Water, land and boat angles.

What Equipment will you be photographed with? 
Photographer comes equipped with the current top of the line Canon Equipment. 
1* Canon 1DX
2* Canon 7D
3* Canon Fisheye F2.8
4* Canon 50mm F1.4
5* Canon 300mm F2.8
6* Canon 100mm F2
7* Canon Tele converter 1.4x & 2x 
8* 1DX custom-built water housing 
9* 7D custom-built water housing. 
Plus more! 

Andrew Rigby
Chris Peel

Non Surf Activities

Snorkelling:  Explore the reefy shallows and appreciate the diverse coral reef and colourful variety of tropical fish, crustaceans and anemones.

Fishing: Whether trawling as we steam in "PNG Explorer" or from the dory, there are plenty of fishing opportunities.  Our local crew will ensure you are taken to the best spots with a good chance of nailing that night’s dinner!

Culture:  Visit the islands, meet the locals, see where they live, worship and learn.  Be guided around their island, appreciate the tropical vegetation and enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural spring water holes.  Visit a secluded beach, home to many turtles.  Also see amazing cultural dances lit by fire torches.

Reviews for PNG Explorer

Gregory Butler

Date of Stay: 
10-20 Mar 2017
Surf Stoke: 
Quality Of Food: 

Excellent Captain. Great photographer/surf guide/diving instructor. Good food. Low swell for a few days but waves otherwise uncrowded and fun. Read more...

Hartley Sutcliffe

Date of Stay: 
10-20 Mar 2017
Surf Stoke: 
Quality Of Food: 

This trip promised exclusive waves and delivered exactly that.  Plus some fascinating, non-surfing experiences to boot! My only disappointment was that I was hoping to lose some weight while on this trip. No chance of that with the food that was prepared for us three times a day plus canapés Read more...

Barry Mcgrath

Date of Stay: 
03-13 April 2015
Surf Stoke: 
Quality Of Food: 

Good waves every day - no crowds just 7 other guys and me. Charter boat is set up so well. The food was excellent. Always something to do - fishing, snorkelling, surfing. The crew could not be any better. My whole experience was the best time ever.

Michael Woodruff (Woody)

Date of Stay: 
December 2013
Surf Stoke: 
Quality Of Food: 

The food was unreal, plenty of it and the seafood was top class. The crew is always there to take you to the surf anytime. Top Class. Captain Andy and Darty know the region better then the back of their hand. There is always things to do. The snokelling on the coral was great. Fishing was Read more...

Troy Leviston

Date of Stay: 
February 2014
Surf Stoke: 
Quality Of Food: 

The management's surf knowledge is incredible, part of the experience. Best trip, great crew. Andy and Darty are awesome. Beautiful place. Read more...

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