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World Famous Pinnacles surf break
Maximum 8 Surfers
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A Luxurious Surfers Heaven

Located directly onshore from the world famous Pinnacles surf break, Pinnacles On Telo is a luxurious escape from civilisation without compromising on comfort. Pinnacles boasts about only have a maximum of 8 surfers on the breaks at any time, ensuring an uncrowded experience when you decide to head out. The exclusive resort has surf breaks suited to any surfers skill level, and expert surf guides to help find you that amazing wave. 

Found in the Indonesian Telo Islands, off the coast of Sumatra, Pinnacles offers a tropical surfing escape from civilisation without having to sacrifice comfort. A private island surrounded by world class surf breaks, Pinnacles On Telo is a peaceful and naturally astounding experience, one that you won't have to share with the crowds. To get to the secluded yet accessible island you will be met at the Medan international airport and then chartered out to Pinnacles On Telo by aircraft. 

The resort provides a fast, and safe transfer to and from all its surf locations for when you are wanting to try a different wave or explore the Telo Islands.  The Indian Ocean provides consistently great conditions, on all tides and times of day, so finding your break will be no trouble at all.  


When you finish surfing for the day, Pinnacles On Telo bungalows are the ideal place for you to get some rest and relaxation for tomorrows surfing session.  Hosting only 8 bungalows, Pinnacles is an intimate and luxurious destination, ensuring there isn't any crowding and you and your travel companions are always the staffs number one priority. The staff at Pinnacles on Telo cater to all your needs, ensuring a memorable, luxurious experience. 

Each bungalow can comfortably sleep a couple and two children, and has boundless other activities to keep them busy while you are out on the waves. The central lodge contains a restaurant and bar, as well as an infinity pool, all overlooking the Pinnacles right hand break and the majestic Indian Ocean.  


A true Indonesian culinary experience, the meals at Pinnacles On Telo are all inclusive, fresh and healthy.  The Chef and his staff have a range of signature meals and desserts, but can adjust their menu to provide for any dietary requirements. 

Prior to your trip the Pinnacles concierge will contact you to organise your personalised food and beverage needs, ensuring everything is taken care of before you get there.


Home to some of the best waves in the world, the Telo Islands are a definite addition to any surfers bucket list. The waves come from across the Indian Ocean, and provide a super consistent swell between 3 to 5 foot, all without the stress of overcrowding.  Pinnacles On Telo not only looks over the world famous Pinnacles right hand break, but is also only a short boat ride from countless other amazing spots.

Some of those amazing breaks include:

Max's Left - Long Bowling left-hander, perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers

Max's Right - A fun bowling right-hander, a popular choice with guests 

GT's -  A super fun right-hander, named after Aussie legend Grant Thomas

Others - The Bubble, Le Ba, Wegs, Zippers and Dislocators.

The Pinnacles expert surf guide will take you to  the best waves suited to the conditions on the day and/or a wave you feel comfortable with.  


Non Surf Activities

For those who aren't surfing, there is more than enough at Pinnacles On Telo to keep them busy. Pinnacles has stand-up paddle boards, snorkelling on local reefs, an infinity pool to swim in, as well as beach volleyball courts and many other activities. Swimming in the crystal clear water surrounding the island is always a luxurious experience.  And for when you've had a big day out on the waves, come back to a massage waiting for you at the resort.  

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Scott Featherby

Date of Stay 
25 Aug - 5 Sep 2018
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

Lucky to have a great crew, accommodation was amazing, surf fun and uncrowded, staff and guides fantastic Read more...

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