Nusa Island Retreat

$2,355 per person - 7 Night Standard Package Single, Twin, Triple & Quad Share Rooms Available Enquire Now

The environmentally low impact Nusa Island Retreat is within easy reach of Kavieng township (just two minutes by boat). At 2.5 degrees south of the equator, the perfect tropical weather will ensure a superb Melanesian surfing holiday. Nusa Island Retreat is owned and operated by the Keane family (an Australian family) who, between them, have spent more than 30 years in PNG. The Keane brothers (Shaun and Nick) are passionate about surfing and have intimate knowledge of the surf spots in the region, which ensures you are surfing the best waves - all day, every day.

English is widely spoken and understood in PNG. The local people on these islands are peaceful, relaxed and friendly. The Nusa Islanders have their own local island community and appreciate the fact that the camp is helping the local community. Their hospitality will be one of the highlights of your holiday. 

Surf Resort
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$2,355 per person - 7 Night Standard Package Single, Twin, Triple & Quad Share Rooms Available Enquire Now


Accommodation is beachfront or overwater (two triple rooms) and in the form of simple, high-quality, traditional island-style bungalows catering for up to four people each (except the big house which caters for up to six people). Mosquito nets are provided for all beds. 

Nusa Island Retreat's facilities include a central amenities block, a licensed bar and restaurant, games and entertainment areas, barbecue and other relaxation areas. Other general guest utilities include phone and fax, stereo system and laundry service.



Food is innovative and upbeat and specialises in local seafood and vegetables. Being surfers, your hosts realise the importance of fuelling the body for those long surf sessions.  Local and imported beer is available with prices for local beer being similar to what you pay in Australia. Soft drinks and bottled water is readily available.

Surf Nusa Island Retreat

There are several breaks in the immediate to local vicinity. The best breaks are those closest to the camp, and if the swell is lacking, a few small (uninhabited) islands nearby get more swell the further you go out. The swell is usually a consistent 3-5 foot getting up to 6-8 foot occasionally and sometimes bigger! All the waves are reef-breaks with some being more challenging than others. All the breaks can be surfed on any tide. You will be transported to the surf in Yamaha longboats. Due to the variety of waves in the region you will have the choice of various left and right hand set ups, depending on conditions. Papua New Guinea is a great place for a holiday in a beautiful and untouched environment... nice warm weather, good waves, good fishing, cool locals, and "Nusa Islands Retreat". Discover Australia's unique neighbour and be one of the first to surf some world class waves in total serenity. The maximum number of surfers at any one time is 20. With 3 boats and guides available and a variety of breaks this number of surfers can easily be accommodated. This maximum surfer number is governed by the SAPNG (Surfing Association of PNG) and ensures the place remains unspoilt and uncrowded!

Optimum surf conditions for Kavieng:

Swell direction - North
Wind direction - any type of Westerly


Surf Guides

Lou Gromadzki has been the surf guide at Nusa Island Retreat for over 10yrs

Favourite wave in the area?
Got to Be Nago lefts ...has to be one of the most user friendly hot dog waves around.  When the conditions and all the elements come together it's just so much fun.

What’s the best thing about PNG?
Compared to a lot of other destinations, it's still pretty laid back, there's a lot of history that relates to Australia, that being the War period, the history of both the German and Australian Administrations, and the connection with the original Chinese that came out and stayed and hung in there through all the adversity ...and the characters one meets. It's often said PNG is full of Mercenaries, Misfits and Missionaries.  Kinda sums it up definitely aint 9 to 5, and the diversity in local identities ...physically it's pretty stunning in its own way ....and still no major development.  It's worth checking out at least once as it's a close neighbour.  There's an abundance of seafood like crab, lobster, fish, and good quality tropical fruit, so the food is Good.

Best thing about surfing in PNG?
The Surf Management Plan for sure and the way we structure our boat movements so that even if we are full house, there is only one boat on one break at a time, so that means on average not more than 6 to 7 guys on a particular break at a time.  Localism hasn't really got a hold yet, and surfing with locals can be a lot of fun.  It's kind of like surfing in the 60's.

Advice for guys coming up?
Chill out and try and get on to Island time, things fall into place, there's plenty to do if the waves aren't on, but you can usually get in a surf most of the time and you can be pleasantly surprised with how much fun you can have.  If you happen to be here when a solid ground swell hits, it's as good as anywhere.  If it's in between swells then what we call small local pulse swells can be a lot of fun.  Drink plenty of water and use plenty of sun cream, and read the Info sheets on how the place operates.  Keep an open mind and expect the unexpected.

Really the reason most crew travel is to get away from the hoards and the hassles in the surf... See you soon in PNG!

Non-Surf Activities

Other activities that can be arranged include scuba diving, bike riding, golf, visiting local carvers, shark calling (seasonal), swimming at mainland freshwater streams and adventure mountain trekking if you feel up to it.  The local community plays volleyball most evenings (guests are more than welcome to join in). Many of the islanders are good guitarists and singers who enjoy playing music with guests.


for Nusa Island Retreat

Surf was a bit average, however NUI and the crew was really good and relaxing, and the World Surfaris crew were great help and easy to deal with.

Marc Salmon

Got to surf "Long Longs" - a 300 metre right hander at 4-6 foot with only 3 of us out there. Scored big time. The whole trip was awesome!

Terry Coulits

All the travel details were great. The accommodation and location was unreal. The surf could have been bigger but that can't be helped, you can see the place has huge potential with some larger swells. The crowds were zero and even if there was a few more people there are some many breaks...

Owen Gardner

Trip no 3 for me - Best one yet. How do we keep the place a secret!!!

Wayne Dive

Everything was ridiculously amazing.

George Haskas

Another great trip to Nusa Island , I'll definitely be back .

Craig Dempsey

Remote locations, Empty Line Ups, A Waterman's Paradise, Incredible Marine Life and the Food is plentiful.

Paul Stranner

A pleasure to deal with Aaron and the World Surfaris team, very professional and the trip location was stunning in all respects. Great service at the base resort team and happy smiles from locals who kindly let us enjoy their pristine world wonders.


Matt Braund

Surf turned on for 10 days and Surf Guide Luke was great working with surfers to ensure maximum shared water time.  Some of our group were astounded that there can be a surf location such as Nusa Island Retreat where there is quality UNCROWDED surf. They couldn't imagine surfing 4ft glassy waves...

Wayne Dive

Loved it, great surf, no crowds, friendly people, comfortable resort, staff very accommodating. Just thought the drinks were a little expensive.

Nigel Jackson