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Nomad Surf Charters

USD$2,549 per trip - 11 Night Surf Charter Group of 8 World Surfaris Exclusive Book Now

The 'Nomad' is a purpose built SURF ADVENTURE vessel well equipped for delivering you in comfort to uncrowded Sumatran reef-breaks. An expert Aussie skipper and a fast speedboat mean MAXIMUM SURF TIME! If you’re keen for a little mystery and adventure, then this classic traditional 60ft Indonesian sailing 'Phinisi' makes for the ultimate surf trip. The Nomad has a capacity for a small group of 8 surfers. Get a group together or travel as an individual.

The service is excellent and the meals onboard Nomad are a terrific with a combination of delicious Western and Indonesian cuisines. Food portions are plentiful (this is no time to start dieting). The chef and his team will surprise and amaze you with their spectacular variety of meals.

Trips are flexible and can start in Padang, heading to the Mentawais, Telos or North Sumatra. Scheduled trips are 11 nights but more nights can be added on request. 

With an abundance of world class waves in the region, this surf adventure will reward those who seek uncrowded perfection. Knowhere is too far for boat owners, Mick & Jake who will go to great lengths to find uncrowded and perfect tubes for your surf trip. 


Surf Skill: 
Max Surfers: 
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
USD$2,549 per trip - 11 Night Surf Charter Group of 8 World Surfaris Exclusive Book Now


Nomad Charter has a cozy 8 person cabin that is fully air-conditioned for your comfort. It is also clean, spacious and a comfortable place to rest after a long day in the ocean and under the hot sun.

If you are surfed out, or just want to escape the tropics for a few hours, head to your sleeping quarters for a nap or turn on the TV and fall asleep to a movie. 

Above deck is a spacious outdoor dining space with lounge and dining table that backs onto the kitchen. This is and always has been a popular hang out spot for surfers on board. Sit back with a Bintang and hoot your mates into the waves of their lives.



Meals on-board Nomad Charters are frequent and plentiful. The same chef has been on Nomad for well over a decade now. Not only is his food delicious, there's plenty of it which will serve you well after spending upwards of 5 hours a day in a Sumatran lineup. 

BBQ seafood, pasta, pizza and Indonesian cuisines fill your plate every day. Be prepared to eat well and eat healthy. You might even go home a few kilos heavier!

Surf Nomad Surf Charters

The Nomad’s reputation precedes you. Known in the surf charter circles to always be first at a break before any of the other boats, you’ll experience empty waves regularly throughout your journey in the Mentawai’s. With only 8 guys maximum onboard and use of the fast tender you can expect to be able to surf a huge variety of waves from fun, fat walls to hollow world class barrels catering to all types of surfers.

Covering the far south of the island chain you’ll surf the Hole and Thunders which is the go-to wave if the swell is smaller and then on up to the best performance wave in the region, Macaronis. If you want a fix of real adrenaline Greenbush is just around the corner.  Heading further north you reach the renowned Lance’s Left and the amazing HT’s (Hollow Trees, Lance’s Right) which comes out of deep water from what seems the entirely wrong direction!

Following the rugged coastline north again we come to the Playgrounds where you can throw a dart in any direction and you’ll find a surf break reeling down a reef. This area has so many waves to choose from and ones that you would have seen plastered all over your social media feeds. These are all bucket list waves and you’ll be taking back memories to last a lifetime!

Optimal surf conditions: 

Swell: Sth or SW
Wind: Any type of East


Surf Guides

At the ripe old age of 20-something, surf guide extraordinaire Jake Thomson is considered a veteran. 

Jake has spent the last 8 seasons guiding tours on several different charter boats, earning himself a solid reputation for his knowledge of waves and conditions in this region. 

Jake is not only an amazing surf guide, but he is the proud part owner of Nomad. He is an amazing waterman and shredder who surfs with a lot of energy and will be right beside you no matter your surfing level or the size of the swell. He prides himself on getting you to the best uncrowded waves keeping the froth and stoke levels high. 


Non-Surf Activities

In the very rare occasion the Nomad crew won't have you surfing and 'if' the swell magnet switches off, Nomad is equipped with the best fishing gear. This is also where the super fast tender comes into her own as Jake searches out the best of the best fishing spots Sumatra has to offer. 

Of course if you don't feel like fishing, you can always jump in for a snorkel and drift around the plentiful lagoons teaming with marine life. 


for Nomad Surf Charters

Epic waves, epic fish, epic boat, epic crew!

Liam Cox

The trip was well organised and run very smoothly... love to do it all over again.

Jason Penny
Jonathon Lo