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New Zealand probably isn’t the first place you think of when you are considering your annual surf escape. However we are here to tell you, it should be!

Without question, surfing in New Zealand is one of the best surf trips you will ever experience!!!

New Zealand surfers have been spoilt for years with year round, 360 degree access to swell across a variety of regions. It also guarantees to entice and fulfill the craziest adventurers with no two surfs being the same.

North Swells light up New Zealand for the summer months from December – May while the West Coast never goes flat and is renowned for being one of the most consistent surfing coastlines in the world.

New Zealand always has somewhere to surf. You could be surfing two very different regions in the same day with the luxury of options when winds go bad or swell drops.




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Due to the flexibility with our New Zealand Surf Packages we have the option of providing bespoke surf adventures based on your surfing level, points of interest, budget and must surf waves.

South of Auckland is hugely popular, with over 50 world class reef and point breaks scattered around the coast. Area’s like Raglan are world class. We can arrange to have you stay in Raglan as long as you want with a guide picking you up daily to go surfing.

Alternatively you may choose to move around a little bit checking out various parts of New Zealand and surfing some great waves along the way.

Accommodation ranges anywhere from basic camping on the beach or premium luxury lodges or houses right on the beach.


There’s nothing like a mince, cheese n bacon pie says our token Kiwi surfer, Aaron.

Wash it down with an L&P from a small town bakery and you’re on your way to becoming a true kiwi surfer.

Restaurants vary from town to town. In places like Raglan you can expect to come across your standard coastal surfing/fishing vibes with a tight nit community which ultimately means personable service, local shops bustling with markets and small boutique restaurants that can be fairly seasonal.

New Zealand has pretty much everything Australia does but comparatively cheaper and served with a smile.

Surf New Zealand Surfaris

New Zealand picks up more points of swell than a compass.

You can be hit with onshore, 8 foot washing machine conditions on one coast. Drive 20 minutes to the opposite coast and score perfectly offshore peelers winding down a beautiful beach in a pristine bay.

New Zealand lineups generally aren’t crowded either and this probably has something to do with the smaller population than neighboring Australia as well as the cold water temps that are more frequent in the South.

The wave variety is also astounding and its estimated that there is more than 200 surfable waves in New Zealand. Long long loooong lefts, perfect beachies, point breaks and isolated river mouths provide a smorgasboard of options on both coasts.

South of Auckland on the North Island is generally more popular for touring surfers due to the consistency of swell and famous left hand point breaks. It is however cold! Especially in winter when water temps drop below 10 degrees celcius. Make sure you pack a warm/thick wetsuit and try to dry it that same night to avoid getting into a freezing col wetsuit the next morning.


Surf Guides

If this is going to be your first time surfing in New Zealand. The local surf guide is possibly the best money you will ever spend.

Tama Blackburn and/or Eli MacDonald are your full time surf guides on our New Zealand Surfaris. Tama and Eli know where to score the best uncrowded breaks in New Zealand. They have over 30 years combined experience between them and they have no dramas sharing their secrets with you…If of course, you promise not to tell anyone.


Non-Surf Activities

There’s a lot to love about New Zealand when you aren’t over indulging in its variety of pumping waves.

New Zealand is breathtakingly beautiful with one of the most rugged coastlines on the planet. These rugged coastlines appeared regularly in the Hollywood feature films of, Lord of the Rings. One of the most popular activities is a visit to Middle Earth or Hobbiton for those Rings movie buffs. 

New Zealander’s are also absolute die-hard Rugby fans. If you’re ever in NZ during an All-Blacks match. Make sure you prioritise watching it either at a pub or if you have been lucky enough to be invited over to a locals house, be prepared and maybe dress the part…


New Zealand is also one of very few countries in the world where you can quite easily surf in the morning, head to a ski field and ski/snowboard at night…or vice versa. World Surfaris can help arrange this if you are interested. Most commonly, surfers will stay and surf around Dunedin for a few days before jumping in the car and heading to the mountains of Queenstown. The drive can be anywhere from 3.5-5 hours depending on weather.


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