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With an exciting variety of world class reef breaks consistently offering waves up to four metres, winter water temperatures around 22C and located within 2.5 hours of Sydney and Brisbane, we feel New Caledonia is a top holiday destination for Aussie surfers.

Nekweta Surf Camp

Along the western coast of New Caledonia, about 2hrs drive from Noumea, is the picturesque Bourail region. Manu Hernu, one of New Caledonia’s best surfers, operates guided boat expeditions to a choice of two offshore reef breaks including Secrets - the incredibly perfect left-hander that has been compared to Macaronis in the Mentawais. There are also fishing, mud crabbing and snorkelling trips on offer. Accommodation at Nekweta features a wholesome seafood menu and caters for a maximum of eight guests, in either a traditional stone bungalow with quad share dormitory-style accommodation or a nearby twin cabin. Nekweta Surf Camp offers basic facilities but with very personalised attention, superb food and an expert surf guide to maximize your surf time. This trip is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a hard-core surf trip with consistent, powerful, world-class waves and NO CROWDS! 

Your hosts, Manu and his wife Stephanie take expert care of their guests. Together they make an inspiring team and will quickly become your friends during your stay. Manu is an expert waterman and his local knowledge is second to none. Manu's family has been living in the Bourail region for generations and he's acutely aware of swell behaviour and how winds, tides and moon phases affect the breaks in the region. If the surf is lacking, Manu is a keen fisherman and has some great rods and equipment available for guest's use. Even if you're not a fisherman, we guarantee that you'll love it. Whilst Manu is busy seeing you in the right surf spot or helping you pull in 20-30kg GT's, his wife Stephanie prepares some of the most delicious tasting food you could ever hope to eat - an ever-changing menu borrowing from French inspirations and made daily with fresh local produce. World Surfaris regularly receive glowing compliments about Stephanie's amazing dishes - the food alone is worth the trip. 

Day Trip to Surf Ouano Left

Your Nekweta Surf Camp package includes a one day trip (weather permitting) to surf Ouano left (arguably the longest left in the Pacific and very consistent) and another quality right-hand reef break. 


New Caledonia Surf Camp, Nekweta, offers simple yet very comfortable cabin-style accommodation and prides itself on on excellent cuisine.  The French love good food and you will be served awesome fresh produce 'French style'.

Particular attention is paid to the menu at Nekweta and the food will become a highlight of your trip. Stephanie prepares amazing French styled cuisine using the freshest local produce and seafood.  For breakfast enjoy mouth-watering French bread with local jams, tropical fruit, tea and coffee.  Lunch is often a baguette with salad or a hearty salad with meat and a few sides.  Dinner offers an exciting opportunity to wet your palate with some French inspired dishes.  Try venison, tuna steaks, seafood, chicken and beef with impressive local side dishes and incredibly tasty desserts to follow.  The food at Nekweta is hearty, homely, varied and plentiful.  Trust us you'll want Stephanie's recipes so you can have some more when you get home, and you'll look forward to your next visit just for the food. 

Accommodation now features two new bali style bungalows with ensuite bathrooms.
The maximum beds totals 10, accommodated in 1 hut + 3 twin bungalows.



Within a short flight from Australia’s East Coast you can be surfing Indo-style power and an incredible array of reef set-ups.  From Ouano left, the longest left in the Pacific to shorter mechanical breaks, New Caledonia is a swell magnet and pumps.  Just ask WCT Pro, Jeremy Flores, he calls it home!  Nekweta has access to several breaks that switch on an off on different swell directions and winds. The real highlight of the trip will become 'Secrets' a smacking left on an outer reef that depending on its mood can either behave like Macaronis or a mini Teahupoo.  Jeremy Flores has made a study of this wave and chalked up some of his Tahiti successes to surfing it. 
La Roche - A right and left hander breaking either side of the bay and one of New Caledonia’s only surf breaks accessible by land.  Prefers bigger swell but when it's on, both left and right are unforgettable.  Holding up to10ft the left provides long walls and lengthy rides.  The right is a lot more fast and powerful but has the amazing La Roche rock as a backdrop.  

Guaro Right - A fun right with occasional barrel sections that throw wide when it’s bigger.  When it's smaller it’s a super wakable wave and very playful.  Offering long right hand walls with an opportunity to throw tight bottom turns again and again.  Locals often paddle to this wave on longboards and will hoot you in to sets.  The locals are chilled and will always offer you a smile and an opportunity to practice your French.

Secrets - Bourail's most consistent wave.  Secrets has many moods and depending on swell direction can either be playful or severe with consequences.  The wave breaks in the outer reef and is only accessible by boat.  The wave breaks over living coral and the marine life in the area is incredible. The wave wraps around the reef and offers plenty of opportunities for cover ups.  Steep walled and fast but long, 'Secrets' fast will become a favourite. 

Ouano left - Our pride and joy.  When working this wave has three sections that link up.  Take-off outside and pull in for a short tube, race the wall with time for one reo before cutting back to line up for the second gaping barrel, come out and crack off two three more reos before racing into the third tube section and finish the wave with a few more reos before your legs collapse in from fatigue.  Love this wave, usually not much current. 
There are other breaks in the area, many of which switch on during larger swells but the above waves will provide the staple of your surfing at New Cal. 

Maximum surfboard bag length is 7FT 6INCHES on Air Caledonia International Flights

Optimum surf conditions for New Caledonia:

Swell: Sth, SW
Wind: East, SE


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JEREMY FLORES “Perfect waves, uncrowded spots.  The Left is one of the longest waves I ever surfed; it’s a typical reef break with two sections, one for manoeuvres and the others for tubes. Water is warm and local people are friendly. I will come back as soon as Read more...

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