Mentawai Surf Retreat

Mentawai Surf Retreat USD$1,830 per person - 7 Night Piggy Banks Special Based on 4 or more Enquire Now
Surf Skill 
Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Max Surfers 
Surf Resort
Wave out the front
Comfortable Bungalows
Maximum 12 guests
Playgrounds location
Chilled vibes


Mentawai Surf Retreat is the perfect choice for your next surf trip destination. This boutique resort is located right in front of the super fun, consistent and playful waves, Pitstops. Also, just a 3 minute paddle away is the surf break, E-Bay. This literally means you can dawn patrol either for a left or right, before anyone else!

On top of this, there are over 25 other breaks in the local region of the 'playgrounds'. With our experienced surf guides and two high speed boats (running daily unlimited trips to the various breaks) you’ll be surfing way more than you can cope with!

Mentawai Surf Retreat is the perfect spot to surf a variety of waves catering to a range of ability levels and style of waves you want. Whether you’re a charger searching for the wave of your life, a solo traveller, a frothing grom, on a girls only surf trip, travelling as a family, a logging long-boarder, father-son trips or of course a group of mates, Mentawai Surf Retreat caters to them all.

The huge variety of wave type in the region means that you can surf fun waves like Good Times and Burgerworld, or if you’re up for the challenge, some heavier waves at one of our BIG 5 (Kandui, Bank Vaults, Hideaways, E-Bay and Rifles).


Mentawai Surf Retreat welcomes small groups of surfers and caters to a maximum of 12 guests.

You will stay in one of three comfortable and spacious bungalows (traditional Umas) with a private deck, providing a unique setting in tropical paradise and beautiful views of Pitstops and E-Bay to the left and right of your line of site.

Each locally handcrafted bungalow accommodates up to 4 guests and is designed to soak in the ocean breeze to keep you cool.


A beautiful indoor/outdoor en suite bath with tropical backdrop, western toilets, high pressure showers is located at the back of bungalow.


The Mentawai Surf Retreat boasts an elevated beachfront Restaurant/Bar and Lounge with wave and ocean views. The Pitstop Lounge is a place to gather, eat, drink, share stories and laughs.

The building is designed to maximize the views of the surrounding scenery in every direction. With a spacious deck at the front, staring straight into the barrel of Pitstops and indoor/outdoor dining area.

The Food

At Mentawai Surf Retreat a mixture of traditional Indonesian cuisine with a few western favourites can be expected. Each day three delicious meals are cooked by the local chef. Cold refreshments and snacks are provided during all surf missions as well as anytime throughout the day. Special dietary needs by request, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Beer & soda is available for purchase and is not included in the packaged price but guests are encouraged to bring their own duty free drinks if they wish. 



Surfing the Mentawais needs no introduction and if you havent seen or read about this region before, it doesnt take long to fall in love after a quick google search or countless hours getting lost in all the videos on youtube/vimeo. 

Directly out the front of Mentawai Surf Retreat is the amazingly consistent right hand reef break known as Pitstops. Pitstops is the closest thing to a skatepark for surfers with an easy take off into countless section for turns, aerials and of course barrels. It is a favourite with many who visit this region of the Mentawai Islands and its right on the doorstep of Mentawai Surf Retreat. 

Looking to your left from the Mentawai Surf Retreat is another Mentawai classic called E-Bay. E-Bay picks up a lot of swell so even on the smaller days, there is a surfable wave here. 

The Retreat also has a surf transfer vessel to get you to several of the Playgrounds region waves including;

  • Rifles 
  • Bank Vaults 
  • Kandui 
  • Hideaways 
  • Burgerworld 
  • Nipussi and many many more....

Speak to the World Surfaris team about more of the waves and the best quiver to take on your surf trip to Mentawai Surf Retreat.

Surf Guides

There will always be a surf guide in the water with you during your time. But don't worry, they are complete professionals and will not only share the waves with you, but give you the best waves that come through. 

All Mentawai Surf Retreat guides are trained by owners of the Resort to ensure guests get the best service. The guides know exactly where and when to paddle out in most conditions. They will show you best take off spots, suitable entry and exit points for most waves and have your complete safety in mind at all times. 

Non Surf Activities

If you are feeling like taking a break from surfing...The Mentawai Islands are a true paradise to unwindand recharge the batteries.

Guests of Mentawai Surf Retreat will make the most of their time on the island with the following activities available:

  • Daily yoga sessions
  • snorkeling in the lagoon out front of the resort
  • visiting local villages
  • island hopping
  • daily fishing trips
  • excursions through the mangroves

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