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The Melaleuca charter boat boasts traditional Indonesian design with all the modern amenities and safety features of a western style boat - 80 feet of comfort and space at the best value in the Mentawais. More interior space under a/c and more exterior living space to spread out and take in the sights than any other local boat. Experienced Aussie surf guide and Indonesian crew make sure that you get to the waves you want and catch fish along the way. Bring up to 12 passengers for 10 full surfing days/11 nights and get ready to have the surf trip of a lifetime in the wave rich Mentawai Islands.

Relax and let the crew take care of you, then all you have to worry about is how many waves you're going to bag, what trick you're going to stick and how long you're going stay on the wave before having to paddle back out. A whole host of waves are waiting for you, alongside some great fishing to fill the time between surfs. This is one trip that will have you surf drenched and grinning in retrospect for months to come. 

One of the benefits of staying onboard the Melaleuca is the cabin, rather than dorm-style, accommodation, which is a real bonus - there's nothing like your own space when you want to get your head down. Your crew onboard the Melaleuca are seasoned watermen, ready for anything. Your captain, Ali Hendriana, has 20 years experience as a Captain in Western Sumatra and the Mentawais. The crew and captain ensure your trip is in the most expert of hands - they will make the best of any conditions whilst you're onboard.  Sumptuous feasts have you well fed and fuelled up for the epic surfs ahead and comfy cabin accommodation sees you refreshed and ready each morning to start the day.

The Mentawai island chain has a well deserved reputation as being one of the best surf spots in the world. This super consistent region is home to such infamous breaks as E-Bay, Bank-vaults, Hideaways, NoKandui, Rifles, Telescopes, HT'S, Macaronis, Greenbush, Rags, Lighthouse and The Hole. Plus dozens more and of course a few little secret gems that will have you frothing. Escape the crowd and score some real world class perfection.

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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
USD$2,588 per person - 11 Night Surf Charter Group of 10 2023 charter Book Now

Surf Melaleuca Charters

Many of the waves visited on the Melaleuca Surf Charter have been featured in dozens of surf movies throughout the years. Spots like E-Bay, Bank-vaults, Hideaways, NoKandui, Riffles, Telescopes, HT'S, Macaronis, Greenbush, Rags, Lighthouse and The Hole are some of the most popular spots for surf film makers.  All of these waves are shallow reef brakes that provide insane tube rides for experienced surfers.

The list goes on with a number of easier waves like: Pit Stops, Burger World, Nipussi, Baby Kandui, Karanbijat Left, 4-Bobs, A-frames, Scarecrows, Bintangs, Lances Left, Sand Bars, Bat Caves, KFC, Roxy's and Moots.  Giving you the chance to carve your brains out and slip into some easy barrel rides.

There are many well known spots to score some great waves but if you want to dodge the crowd and explore, you can ask the surf guide and go to any number of lesser known but equally great breaks.  Since the early 1990's surfers from around the globe have been visiting the Mentawai islands to experience untouched rainforest and superb waves. More than a dozen "world-class" reef breaks exist making it one of the most surf infested regions in the world.

Most spots host mechanical perfection and vary in intensity for any level of surfing, making it an ideal surf vacation location.  Indonesia is such a great place for surf. It has got the classic waves, the crystal clear warm water and the balmy days. What more could anyone want. The Mentawai islands are a relatively new surfing location, having only been surfed since the early 90's. Although the main island has loads of spots, the best way to surf the Mentawai islands is by boat. 

Optimal conditions for the Mentawais:

Swell: Sth or SW
Wind: Any type of East 

Non-Surf Activities

Whilst the Melaleuca is a surf charter vessel and caters expertly for surfers, she also offers a range of activities to help keep you entertained whilst onboard including:  

Flat screen TV, DVD player (bring along a DVD and inspire some surf stoke), Stereo, great fishing (really great), island hopping and of course ample opportunity to chill out, breathe the fresh air and take in the balmy tropical days, as you cruise in search of epic waves.  What more could you ask for?



for Melaleuca Charters

The boat was great and the view was amazing from the top of the boat to hang and watch waves when surfed out.

Jarrad Davies

First class trip.  The Melaleuca crew were fantastic, couldn't do enough, skipper/surf guide (Tiago) was spot on with his choices and very good to work with, boat (Melaleuca) - great size and comfort.
Apart from the transfers, very happy overall.

Rick Nuttall

Tiago our guide got us into uncrowded waves everyday.  Food was great, crew were super friendly and the boat was spacious. Trip of a lifetime.


Shane Hilder

Crew and skipper were top shelf.  Got us into uncrowded waves everyday.  Great food and hospitality.  Large, comfortable boat. Had a great time!

Ben Hill

Great waves, boat, food and times...

Matt Goodall

Melaleuca is a BIG boat with plenty of room and excellent layout for relaxing and watching the surf. An obviously well maintained vessel.  The Cook, Julz on the boat prepared an array of different foods each day with generous portions. I was quite surprised by the diversity of cuisine presented...

Tim Peacock

Boat was roomy and well maintained with good facilities.  The food was very good.  Terry the surf guide did an excellent job of not only getting the best waves but avoiding the major crowds.  Travelling at night and early morning ensured we were the first on it before daybreak most days......

Nathan Bicknell