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Surf the incredible Gaafu Dhaal Atoll!

The Maldives Outer Atolls are an amazing surf location that should be on the bucket list of every surfer. The Outer Atolls is one of the most unpredicatable surf areas in the Maldives. This is where you need an experienced and expert crew to get you away from the crowd and into the best waves on the day. The Manta Surf Charter team has established a reputation for creating unique crowd dodging itineraries based on swell predictions. With an expert knowledge of the whole Maldives surf region and the ability to tell which breaks will suit individual surfing levels, your Outer Atolls trip is in good hands.

Island Culture

The Outer Atolls of the Maldives are a paradise few tourists will ever see. Surf adventurers are most fortunate to experience this incredibly beautiful region. You’ll discover a real sense of the pioneering experience here. The region is pristine and beautiful - like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. From the lagoons to the uninhabited islands, there is a sense of purity throughout Gaafu Dhaal and its an area you will want to come back to.

Please note board bags 8ft and over are unable to travel on this trip, as the aircraft cargo hold cannot accommodate boards in excess of 8 feet in length.


Spacious floor plans and premium level comfort

Manta Surf Boat is designed to be spacious. At 105 feet long and 30 feet wide, there is plenty of room to stretch your legs. Manta was built in 2006 and, in 2009, was fully refurbished to an elegant standard. Manta boasts some great features including 9 cabins with individual ensuites and climate control, 2 dining areas (large outdoor and indoor saloon), impressive bar with a variety of drinks, large sun deck with part shade, a quality hi-fi system, DVD player and a 42” flat screen plasma TV. Alongside the space and luxury finishings, Manta also pays attention to the little things. Onboard you’ll find great coffee, a balanced menu of western and local dishes, plenty of fresh fruit, two tenders for split group activities and lots to do—night fishing, snorkelling, island visits etc.

Cabins consist of:

  • 5x twin share cabins w/ensuite 
  • 2x double cabins w/ensuite
  • 2x upper suite rooms w/ensuite


Ever wanted your own personal chef?

You will be impressed by the magnificence of the meals whilst staying on board Manta. The chef has been catering to hungry energetic surfers since 2009 and will prepare delicious and tasty meals inspired by local and international flavors. He will also prepare plenty of it! 

The meals and snacks on board are all designed to keep you in the water longer. Healthy, fresh, nutritious and tasty... everything you need to fuel those epic sessions in this remote paradise


Year Built: 2006 (Fully refurbished 2009)  Length: 105 feet  Breadth: 30 feet.  Cruising Speed: 9 to 11 Knots  Engine: 360HP DaewooGen. Sets: 02 (35KW Westerbeke & 27KW Kohler)  Power: 230Volts / 60 hertz available 24 hours  Fresh Water: 2000 Ltr Water Supply: 6000 Ltr  RO System X 2 Air Conditioner: Individual Nautical Equipment: Radio set, GSM, GPS, Mobile.

On Board Facilities

Manta boasts some very impressive living spaces and extra facilities that really highlight the tremendous value of the trip. Features include;

62 feet Dhoni for surf and dive transfers (heaps of space and a great place to rest whilst scouting the line ups)
Huge shade on sun deck (refurbed 2016)
2 Dining areas (large outdoor with two separate tables and indoors in the saloon)
An impressive bar with a variety of drinks available
Audio / Video: Hi-Fi System, VCD, DVD, HD
First Aid facilities
Emergency Equipment: DAN First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguishers, Life Jackets, Medical Oxygen 

Extra Information

Maximum amount of guests: 18
Crew: 8
Dinghy: 15 HP out-boarder
Surfing Dhoni : 62 feet

The key is to relax, cruise, take it all in and surf out the stress.  Other activities can be arranged so don't hesitate to let us know if there's something you're really looking forward to on your Maldivian holiday! 


Gaafu Dhaal - Starting from the airport making your way around in a clockwise direction. To keep an element of surprise for when you arrive, we haven't named every wave. In some instances, we have provided the island name off which they break.

Kaededhdhoo (Right) - Island with the airport on it. Has a right hander that is fun when the swell is large. It's on the west side of the atoll, so doesn’t receive as much swell as the other breaks.

Beacons or Barracuda Poin(Right) - One of the most powerful and hollowest wave in the Maldives. Faces south, so picks up plenty of swell. Needs north-west or north wind, so is always better early season February to April. Pretty short ride with easy takeoff, after which you then line up for the inside section and the fun begins. Best on mid to high tide and can be surfed 2 to 10 feet.

Dhigulaabadhoo (Left) - Across the channel from Beacons, we call it Dhiraagu after the phone company in the Maldives as the island is shaped like a phone. A sort of fat ride on the takeoff but if the swell direction is right, it can link up with another section on the inside, where it produces a bit more speed and power. Needs the same wind as Beacons and can be surfed on all tides. Plenty of marine life around here and common to see whale sharks.

Castaways (Right) - Very shallow - only to be surfed on high tide. When the swell is over 4 foot, it breaks out the back where a fun wave can be had and you make the choice to keep going through to the inside, where it hits the shallow ledge and gets a bit tricky. Nice little deserted island in front of the break.

Blue Bowls (Right) - Long wave, not so hollow but a lot of fun.  Best around 4-6 feet on mid tide.  It is protected if the wind swings around to south - south-west which is common from April - August.

Gani Point (Right) - Another wave protected from south winds or south-west winds. Gets very hollow especially on mid tide.

Booga Reef (Peak) - A bombie in the middle of the channel between 2 islands. Not so hollow but a fun ride can be had. The right is usually the pick needs west to north-west wind, making it another protected option from April - August.

Love Charms (Left) - Great wave from takeoff to finish, nice tube on the inside, breaks 2-10 feet, needs west to north winds and can be surfed on all tides.

Rockets (Left) - Fun wave, not so hollow but nice long walls to be had. Picks up plenty of swell and can be surfed all tides. Needs west to north-winds.

Surf Guides

Ali Khushruwan 'AYYA' 

Ali or Ayya, is a professional bodyboarder who competes at various pro circuit events in and out of the Maldives. When Ayya isn’t flipping or spinning his way to victories on the bodyboard circuit, he is guiding our loyal customers on board the Manta Surf Charter.

And to prove he truly is ‘best in class’, Ali has just taken out the prestigious ‘best surf guide’ award for 2017 in the Maldives. Not only did Ali win this award but also the boat he works on, the Manta, won the Maldives best surf charter. How good does it get?

Non Surf Activities

Night fishing; snorkelling; BBQ's on desert islands; island-hopping visits to resort islands; visits to uninhabited islands and local fishing villages.


You will arrive in the Maldives' capital, Malé (located at the southern edge of North Malé Atoll), and connect with a flight that will take you down south, where you will be met to board your Manta surf charter. (please note: late flights can sometimes cancel unexpectedly, if this happens we will ensure you are on the first available flight the next morning and cover your hotel for the night).  

The next morning you will depart from your airport anchorage and within a three hour cruise you will be surfing world-class reef breaks. This atoll hosts at least a dozen documented waves and Manta crew with their vast experience operating in the region will help you find them all. We only operate Manta Surf Charter in the outer atolls in the prime months of February, March, April, October & November each season to maximise the best conditions and get you away from crowds. 

7 nights onboard Manta Surf Charter with expert surf guide Ali, will ensure you are Surfing, Eating, Fishing, Snorkelling like kings and queens during your stay!  

Reviews for Manta Charters - Outer Atolls

Craig Bellamy

Date of Stay 
18-29 April 2015
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

A fantastic trip. Stumpy, Brett and the crew were brilliant.  It was very windy for the first half of the trip which made things tricky. Stumpy still got us onto reasonable waves at Five Islands although it was crowded (not many other places for the boats to go).  When the wind abated so did the Read more...

Andrew Penfold

Date of Stay 
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

The boat was every thing I liked and expected! Really nicely done and not too over the top! There was plenty of food for the whole time and all quite healthy to keep strength for the activity full days that I had. I was there to see and enjoy all the place had to offer and the bed was well Read more...

Denis Moullard

Date of Stay 
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

How was my trip? Well… can I put that into words. Overwhelming, sensational, extraordinary, superb…beyond all expectations! What a trip!!!!! Congratulations for the organization, for the destination, for the crew. My specials thanks to Peter, the surf guide, who was truly and genuinely a Read more...

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