Mangalui Charters

$3,990 per person - Group of 10 11 Night Surf Charters - 2020 Dates (Summer Season) Enquire Now

The Mangalui Surf Charter was built by well travelled surfers for the sole purpose of sailing the wave rich coastal islands off Sumatra. Matt Cruden and Greg Spindler designed a comfortable vessel capable of doing those extra miles to give you a little bit more on your Sumatran Surf Charter.

The Mangalui has been operating out of Padang in West Sumatra since 1996 doing surf trips up and down the coast, from Panaitan Island in West Java up to the northern islands of Aceh (North Sumatra). The Mangalui's reputation speaks for herself with a high percentage of return guests who come to enjoy her mellow, relaxed vibe and shred the epic waves Sumatra has to offer.

Sumatran surfing pioneer Mark Dyet has been at the helm of Mangalui since the early 2000's and is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable guides in the entire archipeligo. He is often the sole reason so many surfers come back each and every year! 

Mangalui also possesses one of the best and fastest tender boats in Indonesia. 'The foxy lady' can reach speeds of up to 35 knots with her 200hp engine on the back, which makes her an incredibly beneficial tool for surfers on this trip to go between breaks as quickly as possible. 

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$3,990 per person - Group of 10 11 Night Surf Charters - 2020 Dates (Summer Season) Enquire Now


The Managalui offers a spacious dorm style cabin comfortable for up to 8 guests. There are also 2 extra beds in the saloon for larger groups of up to 10. 

Guests can usually be found on the main deck or in the saloon if they aren't out in the lineup. The famous Managalui crew are not only service orientated but with their years and years of experience and travelling around with predominently Australian surfers they are great to hang around with and will bring a positive vibe to your surfing adventure. 


Mangalui employ a full time head chef who has spent time working and learning his trade at world renowned surf resort - Latitude Zero (which Matt Cruden also owns). 

You will be eating like a king or queen during your surf journey. Seafood is always a popular choice. It's common to come back from a surf in the morning to the Mangalui crew preparing lunch or dinner in the form of the freshest possible Spanish Mackeral, GT or Mahi Mahi. 

Surf Mangalui Charters

The Mangalui is one of the best surf charters in the world and if there's one thing they do better than anyone, it's find amazing waves in no matter what conditions you may face. 

Their Captain's are hardened sea dogs with decades of experience in these waters. They are able to predict tides, currents, winds and swells without looking at fancy online forecasts and can pick up weather patterns in an instant. 

During your Mangalui surf trip you will have the option to surf in excess of 30-40 waves! Mangalui is known well for never skimping on fuel and will always find the best available wave on any given day, even if it means sailing the whole day to find that perfect empty lineup. Whether you travel to the Mentawais, the Telos or further North, the Captain and Surf Guide know these islands, waves and currents like the back of their hands and it will be you and your mates who benefit. 

Non-Surf Activities

For many years Matt Cruden and his team have aided the local islands throughout Indonesia. Their relationships with local villages is obvious when you take a walk through a village they have helped in recent years with drinkable water, sanitary and education. 

Fishing is also a popular non-surf activity aboard Mangalui and with the help of the 200Hp tender 'Foxy lady' you will be able to trawl for miles looking for that 20 kilo doggie! 

There are still some of the most beautiful un-touched beaches throughout Indonesia. When the surf is small or you are simply surfed out, beach BBQ's and island life become a nice escape from cell phones and fake news.