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Twin or double ensuite cabins
Spacious living and restaurant-style dining areas
Sun deck & upper deck with internationally stocked bar
Expert Surf Guide
support dhoni


The Outer Atolls

From March - October, the Maldives Explorer will be deployed for 10 Night Outer Atoll Trips.  Huvadhoo and Addu Atolls (referred often as the Southern/Outer Atolls) are located in the most southern section of the Maldives.  Although not completely uncrowded, there are significantly fewer surf charters and surf resorts operating in this area, so even the most popular spots in this region tend to be relatively uncrowded. Of all the Maldives surf spots, the breaks in the Outer Atolls remain among the most secluded and idyllic, preserving the reality of a remote island paradise that comes complete with incredible waves. 

Maldives Explorer

Accommodating up to 14 guests (we recommend only 10-12 surfers maximum), all Maldives Explorer cabins have double/twin beds, plus one cabin can be booked as a triple with a small single bed. All cabins feature private ensuites and air-conditioning.

Decorated in light wood and contemporary style, the main deck has a large saloon with comfy sofas. The bar is fully licensed, so you can enjoy your favourite beverage as the sun dips below the horizon. The upper deck has loungers for sun bathing and just kicking back.

Non-surfing partners are welcome and can spend a relaxing holiday swimming, snorkelling or simply sunbathing and chilling on the expansive sun deck. 

Surf Dhoni

A trip on Maldives Explorer wouldn't be what it is without the back up and support of our 53ft dhoni. Due to steep reef drop offs in the region, strong moving currents and sometimes strong winds, it is can be hard for charter boats to anchor close to the surf breaks. A dhoni comes in very handy for this, as it can cruise in shallower waters and works as a great middle point between the waves and the mother ship. They are also great for non-surfers to hang out, a great place to store your surfing gear and boards and they double as a great fishing boat or scuba diving boat. 


The Maldives Explorer has 7 cabins and is able to sleep up to 14 people. However, World Surfaris quality control policy recommends a maximum of 12 surfers on any surf charter. All cabins come air-conditioned and with private ensuite bathrooms.

The boat itself features a large sun deck perfect for chilling and a chin wag over a few drinks and nibbles provided by the amazing chef and crew. 

The 53ft support dhoni is a welcome addition to any surf charter but it is absolutely essential in the Outer Atolls with the shallow reef and less places for the charter to set an anchorage. It gets you closer to the break and a half-way point between you and the mothership. Maldives Explorer also comes with a 17ft zip-about dhingy, which is perfect for getting you into the action and close to the takeoff zone.

7 cabins each with ensuite and air conditioning.
All cabins:  Ensuite, DVD, hair dryer, air con.
Main deck:  Comfy sofas, bar, loungers.
Sun deck:  Loungers.
Entertainment:  TV/DVD.


- Contemporary, spacious living and restaurant-style dining areas
- Mouth-watering cuisine with international dishes
- Main deck with internationally stocked bar of cocktails, wine and beers


Type:  Wooden hull
Length:  32m - Beam: 9.1m
Engine:  500 HP Caterpillar - Water Makers: 9500lt/day
Navigation and Communication:  VHF radio, GPS chart plotter, Telephone, Mobile
Support Vessel:  Large accompanying surf dhoni (53ft) - a real asset in the Outer Atolls.  

7 cabins each with ensuite and air conditioning.
All cabins:  Ensuite, DVD, hair dryer, air con.
Main deck:  Comfy sofas, bar, loungers.
Sun deck:  Loungers
Entertainment:  TV/DVD

Life jackets & life rafts
Towels:  2 towels per guest
Special diets catered for upon advance request - please specify when booking
Water dispenser
Surfboard racks
53ft dhoni
17ft dhingy
Emergency first aid kit
Professional surf guide with CPR & Surf Rescue training


Gaafu Dhaal - Starting from the airport making your way around in a clockwise direction. To keep an element of surprise for when you arrive, we haven't named every wave. In some instances, we have provided the island name off which they break.

Kaededhdhoo (Right) - Island with the airport on it. Has a right hander that is fun when the swell is large. It's on the west side of the atoll, so doesn’t receive as much swell as the other breaks.

Beacons or Barracuda Poin(Right) - One of the most powerful and hollowest waves in the Maldives. Faces south, so picks up plenty of swell. Needs north-west or north wind, so is always better early season February to April. Pretty short ride with easy takeoff, after which you then line up for the inside section and the fun begins. Best on mid to high tide and can be surfed 2 to 10 feet.

Dhigulaabadhoo (Left) - Across the channel from Beacons, we call it Dhiraagu after the phone company in the Maldives, as the island is shaped like a phone. A sort of fat ride on the takeoff but if the swell direction is right, it can link up with another section on the inside, where it produces a bit more speed and power. Needs the same wind as Beacons and can be surfed on all tides. Plenty of marine life around here and possible to see whale sharks.

Castaways (Right) - Very shallow - only to be surfed on high tide. When the swell is over 4 foot, it breaks out the back where a fun wave can be had and you make the choice to keep going through to the inside, where it hits the shallow ledge and gets a bit tricky. Nice little deserted island in front of the break.

Blue Bowls (Right) - Long wave, not so hollow but a lot of fun.  Best around 4-6 feet on mid tide.  It is protected if the wind swings around to south / south-west which is common from April - August.

Gani Point (Right) - Another wave protected from south / south-west winds. Gets very hollow especially on mid tide.

Booga Reef (Peak) - A bombie in the middle of the channel between 2 islands. Not so hollow but a fun ride can be had. The right is usually the pick, needs west / north-west wind, making it another protected option from April - August.

Love Charms (Left) - Great wave from takeoff to finish, nice tube on the inside, breaks 2-10 feet, needs west to north winds and can be surfed on all tides. Fall in love with it.

Rockets (Left) - Fun wave, not so hollow but nice long walls to be had. Picks up plenty of swell and can be surfed all tides. Needs west to north-winds.

Note:  There are more spots...

Surf Guides

Rob Hoja 'HOOBX'

If you have been to Hudhuranfushi Resort in the last 3 seasons, you may remember a tall, lean, smiley, quietly-spoken, modest fella nicknamed Hoobx. His natural talent and years of surfing experience means that Hoobx is often the best surfer in the water. But Hoobx uses his powers for good, not evil, and can be constantly seen calling his guests into waves as he sits patiently in the lineup. 

Hoobx grew up surfing the wave Tiger Stripes, located in the Outer Atolls off the island Gadhdoo, making him the perfect surf guide to take you on a wave hunting journey around his home atoll on board the Maldives Explorer.

Non Surf Activities

The fishing is some of the best in the world and the amazing variety of species will keep the hardcore angler stoked and the novice angler hooked!  The crew of the Maldives Explorer love fishing and are happy to assist.  Keen fishermen should take their own game rod, reel and lures!

The Maldives is one of the prettiest island paradises in the world and the Outer Atolls offer you the opportunity to witness remote locations that few tourists have ever seen.  Watching the sunset over the islands whilst sipping on a cold beer after a rewarding days surfing or fishing with just you and your mates is as good it gets!

You may even find a SUP onboard the Maldives Explorer to allow you to cruise around in the beautiful lagoons, which swarm with all kinds of marine life. Or take a snorkel set and check out the fish at one of the popular reefs nearby. Whenever you aren't surfing, there is plenty to see and do.

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