Mahi Mahi Surf Resort


Mahi Mahi Surf Resort is a unique destination that offers a premium resort experience blended with an out-of-this-world surfing adventure, catering to anyone wanting to explore the true beauty of Indonesia. 

This all-inclusive eco-friendly surf resort is located on Simeulue Island within the Aceh province of North Sumatra, one of the more remote regions of this stunning archipelago. 

Adventures at Mahi Mahi Resort

For surfers, a stay at Mahi Mahi Resort unlocks a variety of epic surf breaks directly out front, and even more waves just a short boat ride away. If you’re looking for empty waves and gorgeous scenery, this region will take your breath away and leave you wanting more. 

At Mahi Mahi Resort, there’s so much to do besides surfing, such as diving, yoga, jungle adventures, and a range of other island activities. It’s the perfect destination for families seeking a breathtaking island holiday while learning some valuable life lessons about sustainability and the importance of community. 

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An Eco-Friendly Resort on Simeulue Island

As an eco-friendly resort, Mahi Mahi is a for-profit enterprise that supports sustainable community and environmental initiatives in the Simeulue and Banyak Islands, working with their conservation partner, Ecosystem Impact. 

When you stay at Mahi Mahi Resort, you’re helping build a sustainable Indonesia through the Bangkaru Turtle Project, community education, bird conservation, beach clean ups and organic community gardening. Guests can speak with the staff conservationist, volunteer for any of the resort’s environment and community programs, bring and donate school supplies or simply donate to the resort’s efforts. 


As an eco-friendly destination, Mahi Mahi Surf Resort accommodation has been constructed from up-cycled materials, re-incorporating antique structures to create comfortable spaces for guests to relax and unwind, while knowing the ecological impact on the region is minimal. 

Mahi Mahi Surf Resort in North Sumatra offers various accommodation options to suit solo travellers, couples, families or groups of friends wanting to escape the stress of everyday life. The resort’s accommodation options include single rooms, double rooms and villas. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to chill out and relax, there are several communal areas available for guests to enjoy. There’s the joglo, a large open area made from teakwood, where the meals are served. It doubles as the perfect place to kick back and watch a movie, connect to WiFi, listen to music or just take time out with a book on the comfortable sofas or bean bags – with views of the surf! 

Mahi Mahi Surf Resort also offers two bar tops for dining, a fire pit, a 9-hole pitch and putt golf course, a volleyball court and the main highlight, an infinity swimming pool right in front of the local surf break. 

Single Rooms

Each single room features a private semi-outdoor bathroom, ceiling fan, air-conditioning and mosquito nets for your comfort. Enjoy the patio that overlooks the garden, golf course and local surf break.

The double rooms are two storeys high and perfect for couples wanting more space. These rooms feature a private semi-outdoor bathroom, ceiling fans, air-conditioning and mosquito nets for your comfort. Antique wood and bamboo thatched roofs provide a cosy, yet tropical feel and the verandah overlooks the garden, golf course and local surf break. 

A pair of two storey villas perfect for private groups, families or those looking for a retreat for up to nine people. The villas are fully equipped with air-conditioning, kitchens, refrigerators, lounge rooms, ceiling fans and mosquito nets for your comfort. 



You won’t go hungry at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort with a range of delicious meals served every day. Ingredients are sourced from the organic community garden and fresh eggs are delivered straight from the chicken coop. For a real treat, don’t miss the Mahi Mahi afternoon specialty, a range of mouth-watering baked goods. 

Breakfast starts with freshly ground coffee, fresh tropical fruit, juices, smoothie bowls, homemade bread, homemade peanut butter, crepes, vegan pancakes and free range eggs. This is followed by a buffet style lunch and dinner with a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes and Western meals. 

Some of the delicious meals at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort include cap cay vegetables with fish wrapped in fragrant spices in a banana leaf, rendang curries, Italian pasta, house-made hummus and Mexican burritos with guacamole. 

The chefs at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort manage every detail to ensure your dining experience is second to none and cater to a range of dietary requirements, no matter your food preference.

At the all-inclusive Mahi Mahi Surf Resort, tea, coffee, one coconut a day and unlimited fruit are included in your package. 

After every meal, all scraps and leftovers are separated and added to the compost for the garden as a form of waste management.


Surf Mahi Mahi Surf Resort

Surfing in Simeulue needs no introduction, as one of the emptiest, yet most consistent regions in Indonesia. For years surfers looking for empty lineups and wave perfection have been travelling to this area and they’re never disappointed. 

Directly out the front of Mahi Mahi Surf Resort is The Peak, a world-class left and right-hander, barrelling over a user-friendly reef. This break is best in the 3 to 6 ft range

Surfers can take advantage of a variety of fun surf breaks nearby, including Dylans which is just a quick 10 to 15-minute boat ride away. The Mahi Mahi Surf Resort surf guides are also on-hand to help guests discover various world-class waves around the island. 

To capture the memories, Mahi Mahi Resort has professional photographers who will travel with you to catch your best waves and give you memories that will last a lifetime. 


The Peak

Right out the front of Mahi Mahi Surf Resort and a short paddle away is The Peak, a fun left and right-hander with hollow tube rides and a user-friendly reef underneath. This wave is best from 2 to 10 ft and you can expect 80m rides in both directions. With a deep water take-off and flat rock bottom, it’s a fun wave for experienced surfers. 

Dylan's Right

Offering fun, hollow barrel rides in the right conditions, Dylan’s Right breaks best in larger swells, with fun tubes over the shallow reef. 


In the right conditions, Thailands is a super fun wave with long rides and barrel sections on offer. 

Tea Bags

You need a boat to get to Tea Bags, but in the right conditions you’ll be rewarded with one of the best right-handers you’ve ever surfed. This wave offers 150m long rides with barrels all the way. A swell magnet, this wave does a great impression of P-Pass or reverse Chopes and delivers some epic rides for intermediate surfers. Booties recommended. 

Monkey Trees

This break works on similar swell conditions to the Peak and is only 15 minute’s drive away. A more opened faced and less threatening left hander compared to the Peak, with some incredible sections for turns and barrels if you’re in the right spot!

Alus Alus

This bay is located on the south end of the island about 40 minutes away, and has a variety of set ups. From a barreling right hander similar to Dylan’s and a hollow left hander that barrels and grinds down the inside south point. There’s even a secret right reef slab in front of the river mouth that’s not easily seen from the beach on road. No matter the swell angle or winds, there’s usually some fun to be had in this bay!

Inor Beach Break and Reef

Just a 5-minute scooter ride or car will see you at this uncrowded, reliable beach break. To the north of the beach is a fairly mellow reef with a right hander that has a few different polarities in its personality – fast. big, small, flat and whackable all at once!

Babi and Lasia Island’s

Pristine rainforest and deep sea ocean swells hit these islands meaning there’s a variety of waves depending on the conditions. Incredibly long right hand walls, slabs, and barreling left hand reefs to name a few. This spot is also a great place for fishing, diving and snorkeling! This is a full day trip about a 20-minute car ride away, followed by a 2-hour boat trip out to the islands. Subject to weather and boat availability.

Non-Surf Activities

There’s more to do than just surfing at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort. Guests can enjoy a variety of non-surfing activities on Simeulue Island, such as world class reefs for snorkelling, fishing and diving. Other activities include:

  • Boat trips to deserted islands
  • Underwater cave visit
  • Local village and market tours
  • Lagoon tour
  • Waterfall and river hikes
  • Volleyball
  • A ping pong and pool table
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • 9-hole pitch and putt golf course
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Beach bonfires and BBQ dinners

Yoga At Mahi Mahi Resort

Surfing and yoga are such a magic combination. Surfing not only refreshes the mind but also allows the body to move in so many ways. Yoga is a great way to prepare for the surf, to feel grounded and in tune with our bodies. Morning and afternoon yoga classes are all inclusive in your stay at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort. Yoga classes are designed for any one at any time. The benefits that yoga can have on surfing are pretty far-reaching. Whether it’s strength, flexibility, or simply just wanting to breath a little better—all these things are important in surfing.

Mahi Mahi’s “Yoglo”, or yoga studio, is made from coconut wood flooring and antique Javanese wood, providing a comfortable, beautiful studio overlooking the surf.



for Mahi Mahi Surf Resort

Without a doubt one of my top 3 surf trips of all time. The surf on Simeulue is world class and exceeded any expectations I had. Our surf guides, Rich and Logan, were world class,... Read More >

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