Macaronis Surf Resort

$3,865 per person - 9 Night twin surfer package 9,12 & 16 Night surf packages available! Enquire Now

Unlimited Access to Legendary Left 'Macaronis'

Macaronis wave is the Mentawais most consistent wave, breaking perfectly in all tides and rideable in almost any wind conditions. It's no wonder it has previously been officially voted the 'funnest wave to surf in the world'. In fact, in this survey an amazing 76% of all pro surfers and industry figure heads choose Macas as the 'funnest wave they had ever surfed'.  A super comfortable resort option with access to several awesome surf breaks within 30 minutes…what are you waiting for? 

Controlled Surfer Numbers

Perhaps the biggest draw card now, is that Macas is the only wave in the Mentawais where crowd capacity is properly managed under legislation released by the regional Government. Silabu Village only allows access for 2 boats daily. Boats must book in advance, use the moorings provided and share surfing at Macaronis with a maximum of 18 resort guests.

Great for Partners

One of the greatest benefits of staying at Macaronis Resort is the guilt-free factor. Macaronis not only provides exceptional surf but is also a well-established resort that caters perfectly for couples. Meaning that if you're tossing up between an ultimate Mentawais surf trip or a romantic getaway, you can combine the two and keep everyone happy.

Aussie owned and Operated 

Mark Loughran, joint founder of Macaronis Resort, is originally from the NW coast of Tasmania, where he trained as a chef whilst also completing a diploma in Aquaculture. Mark moved to the Mentawai Islands in March 2001 and worked as chef, surf guide and coxswain captain aboard charter boats 'Neptune 1', 'Huey 1' and 'Serene Dream'. After working 3 full seasons doing approximately 36 x 11 night surf charters, Mark then decided to set up a surf resort on land at Macaronis. Mark speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesian and is employed as Managing Director for the company. He also plays a role as surf guide, hosting surfers and their companions at Macaronis Resort. Mark is assisted by other Aussie and local staf to ensure very high standards.

Resort v Charter

The main benefit of staying at Macaronis Resort, in comparison to a charter boat, is you get more comfort and privacy. The resort is also more suitable for your non-surfing partner, or your family, who will have access to more facilities and activities than on a boat. 

For the surfer, the major advantage is that you have every day access to the most consistent and talked about left hander in the Mentawais. Unlike being on a charter boat, where you can only expect at best 2-3 days surfing at Macaronis, before moving on to a new surf destination. This is why Macaronis Resort really is for those die-hard surfers who aim to score Macaronis at its best at some point during their stay. 

Of course, the downside of staying at a resort is that the breaks you can surf are more limited than if you were on a boat trip. But the good news is that Macaronis Resort offers surf excursions on its speedboats. From five to forty five minutes’ speedboat ride away, you’ll find Macas Right, Bowls Right, Bat Cave Right, Green Bush Left and Silabu Left (plus a few others). A bit further afield, you’ll find Rags Left, Rags Right, Thunders, Rednut and Roxies. If you’ve seen any Indo surf DVDs, you’re likely to have seen a few of these waves. While there is no official surf instructor or surf board hire at Macaronis Resort, beginners can surf Fish Fingers (a right hand beach break), while Silabu Left and Bat Cave can be tame introductory reef breaks to surf when small. However, this isn’t really a learn-to-surf destination.
Like a charter boat, everything you need is included in the package, once you arrive in Padang (just choose between 8 days and 9 nights or 15 days and 16 nights). Transfers to and from the resort are included - this sounds a lot simpler than it is, but it is all part of the adventure. From the airport, you take a one-hour minibus ride to the Bungus Harbor. There you board the Ambu Ambu Ferry for an overnight ferry ride (in an air-conditioned private cabin) to Sikakap Port, located in the channel between North and South Pagai Islands. You will then be transferred by speedboat to Macaronis Resort (approximately 1 hour away), arriving at around 9am local time. Any travel weariness will disappear completely when you drop your bags, wax up your board and get out in the surf. 
Also included in the package price are all boat transfers to and from the various waves. You get three meals daily served either at the resort or on the boat and complimentary use of the resort recreational equipment (snorkelling gear, spear guns, sea kayaks, stand up paddle board and fishing equipment). The only things not included in the package price are drinks purchased from the bar, deep tissue massages (US$12 and heaven after a surf), laundry service (but you won’t be wearing much in the tropical climate and boardies are semi-clean after a surf, aren’t they?) and satellite telephone use - although internet and skype use is more common. 


The Aussie operator Mark Loughran is accompanied by the likes of Tim ‘Bootsy’ Geyer, Christian Jon Barton, Damien Kennedy and other Aussie surf guides. They are truly living the dream – and yes, it’s hard not to get jealous – but they are doing it with care for the village, so that the locals are benefiting from the presence of the resort. One of the major issues facing the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia is poverty. The existence of remote island resorts like Macaronis is important in the fight against poverty. Macaronis Resort donates a fixed amount per guest per night to the local village, employs villagers to work at the resort, purchases fresh produce from the area and contributes toward local community projects.


Surf Resort
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Max Surfers: 
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$3,865 per person - 9 Night twin surfer package 9,12 & 16 Night surf packages available! Enquire Now


Accommodation at Macaronis Resort was recently refurbished in 2011 to provide extra comfort, privacy, and quality. All 16 guest suites are located on the second-floor of the resort building, elevated 8m above sea-level with spectacular ocean, lagoon, and pool views. Each suite has a 4m veranda with seating and drop-down shades for privacy. 

Specific focus has been made to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic insulation in floors, walls, and ceilings, keeping rooms cool and completely noise proof for maximum guest comfort. 

Being raised from the ground also offers amazing sea breezes.

Accommodation Facilities:

• Spectacular Ocean, Lagoon & Pool Views
• En-Suite Bathroom with Hot Water
• 4m Veranda with Seating & Privacy Shades
• Split Air Conditioner
• Proper Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
• 32″ Flat Screen TV & DVD Player
• International Channels & Sports
• Macas Channel: Live Surf Cam Broadcast
• Work Desk & Clothes Storage
• In-Room Free WiFi Internet
• Bedding Options: Queen or Two Twins
• New Mattresses & Bedding
• Daily Service & Clean Towels

Macaronis Resort Facilities: 

• The Bar & Restaurant is located on the ground floor within the communal entertainment area. There is indoor seating and outdoor seating by the pool. The Bar has a 50″ wall-mounted flat screen TV which usually plays Macas TV live surf cam feed until dark when guests can watch surf DVDs, the latest Macas videos, or the days footage.  
• Billiard and ping-pong table.
• Professionally trained massage therapists in Macaronis Resort Siniai Spa.
• The Resort is stocked up with recreational equipment - Kayaks, paddle boards, fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, and more are available
• Speed boat rides with guides for any activity guests would like to arrange including village visits, snorkeling trips, fishing trips, and exploring.

Surf Macaronis Surf Resort

Macaronis is surfable on large or small swells, in all tides and almost any wind conditions. It has a reputation as being the most smackable on-shore wave to surf in the world and is popular with both intermediate and experienced surfers. On large swells Macas can offer some of the most epic tube riding conditions around and in smaller swells it is a perfectly shaped peeling left hander, great for all levels of surfing.

Macaronis - 5 min by speedboat
Macaronis, more commonly referred to as Macas, is a mechanical left-hander that has been described by many as being the most high performance wave in existence.  In glassy or off-shore conditions 4 - 6 second barrels are manageable from the take-off, while the inside section is a bit like a skaters half-pipe where you can do countless numbers of Rio's, tail-slides, floaters, airs, cut-backs.  Macas is such a fun wave to surf even in onshore conditions and is one of the few reef breaks in the world that continues to break well in all tides. Macas holds from 2 – 8 feet and technically doesn’t get any bigger than this; it just becomes hollower and rounder, and when it gets big it is sometimes referred to as 'Mini Chopes'.  The greatest thing about Macas is its consistency, and that it breaks slightly different at each stage of the tide with varying West - South swell directions. But ideally double over head SW ground swell is best for the wave to line up like a machine all the way down the reef. Macas is surf able all day long in a variety of on-shore and off-shore conditions, in fact some actually prefer Macas to have an on-shore SW breeze on it, as it makes the wave so damn fun and rippable.  In 2003, Waves Magazine conducted a survey poll of 50 of the world's best surfers and industry figureheads in order to rank the world's best waves purely for their enjoyment value. Macas ranked 1 in the world in that survey. In fact 76% of all surveyed, "goofy and natural footers agreed; Macaronis is the funnest wave they have ever ridden" (Waves magazine, December 2003 edition).  Our advice: Keep a watchful eye on the line up, you may find only a couple of guys surfing it to themselves around midday. Also keep a look out for storms passing by, they may turn the surf to crud for 15 - 45 minutes as they hit, but once everybody gets out of the water there will probably only be a couple of guys left sharing the off-shore conditions that follow.

Macas Right - 5 min by speedboat
Macas Right becomes a quality wave in a thick South swell with Northerly winds and a medium to high tide. It is not surfed or photographed often and basically just sits in the background of Macaronis being the main stage that people come to visit. Last year, I even surprised myself, I wanted to go surf Macaronis, but some new guests weren't quite confident enough yet for the left and asked if I'd go surf the Right with them. I was totally under-gunned on my 6'0 on a solid 6 foot day, there were some smaller ones, but the bigger ones looked absolutely incredible and reeling off a couple of hundred meters down the reef. The other guys got some nice barrels and some really wally faces.  Macas Right is often at its best when Macaronis is also firing, and therefore it often gets ignored. So if you would like to surf on your own whilst staying at Macaronis Resort or just with a couple of others, be different, go surf the right and you might be surprised with what you find (check with our guides first - the Right does need more specific swell, wind and tidal conditions to be breaking well, but with a northerly wind it generally always has a fun wave on it). 

Bat Cave - 45 min north via speedboat 
Another option for those seeking a long mellow, uncrowded right hand wave is the Bat Cave. This wave breaks for a few hundred meters down the edge of a tiny deserted island that is also a great spot to have a swim or do some snorkelling. In 2009 we surfed the Bat Cave more regularly, sometimes visiting for a day trip by long boat and sometimes doing a day trip on the Indies Explorer. 
Bat Cave picks up a lot of swell and can be bigger than Macas being more exposed to the open ocean, especially if there is a bit of westerly direction in it. The wave occasionally dishes up a little barrel and offers long racy walls, but generally it is a classic point break; definitely need some paddling fitness when it gets bigger but most of the time we have surfed it around 4 - 6 feet. 
Across the channel, high cliffs provide a place for those who are into cliff jumping. Bat Caves is a great all-rounder that has fun long waves and is equally as appealing for non-surfers to take in the spectacular surroundings and have a picnic on the deserted beach.

Greenbush - 40 min south via speedboat 
A very hollow left hand tube that can either lock you in with no exit or you may be lucky enough to make a mind blowing tube before negotiating a safe exit off the wave. You really have to pick the right waves to paddle for, but when you pick a good one, this is definitely a tube ride you'll never forget. Not too shallow, very photogenic, and an excellent wave for those willing to charge. 
Remember the epic barrel Dayne Reynolds scored in Young Guns 2? CLICK HERE to see more epic footage of Greenbush surfed by Red Bull Team in 2009... this was an epic session, we actually went around to surf it this day but low and behold the pros were already out there ripping it apart, so we went back to surf Macas which was also absolutely smoking that morning.  If you want to surf the Bush during your stay, you need to time your trip on a new or full moon as Greenbush needs a big high tide to break properly. Usually early season, April - May (and a few weeks either side) seems to be the best times when winds are lighter but the bigger South swells are starting to arrive. 

Rags Left - Accessible on Indies Explorer
Rag's Left is a long barrelling wave that turns on during large southwest swells. If you are lucky enough to catch Rags at 8 ft or bigger, don't forget to shoot a photo of the line-up, it is an extraordinary sight, one that you are unlikely to see too often. Rags Left is very dependent on swell direction, tide and wind, but when all of these factors fall into place, you could find yourself and just a few of your friends pulling into massive caverns which start from an outside boil, eventually mellowing further down the line into a large open face that can be ridden for a further 150m or more. This place has been surfed at 15 foot plus, so a big wave board is a must at size.

Rags Right - Accessible on Indies Explorer
The crew from Sarina Koat surf charters describes Rag's right as "a formidable opponent to your health, safety, and well-being" - and that certainly isn't far off the mark. At low tide forget it, unless you choose to surf the outside section, which can occasionally offer some alternative on a northerly wind. At high tide though and on the right swell, Rag's Right can offer perhaps some of the thickest, hollowest tubes in the Mentawai's. The wave grinds down a section of reef that is famous for two coral heads situated at the kick out point - always in the back of a surfers mind whilst locked inside the tube and looking to negotiate a safe exit.

Thunders is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawai's and is surfable on all tides. Higher tides usually offer racy tube sections over a shallow inside reef shelf breaking close to the island, whilst lower tides offer a forceful shoulder further out the back. In smaller south swells the top section of the reef can turn on offering long hollow barrels. Generally Thunders is an excellent option in smaller swells and can handle crowds due to there being a number of take-off spots.




for Macaronis Surf Resort

To Mark and all the staff at Macaronis, I just wanted my trip to digest a bit before I wrote you.  Since I left, there never has been a day pass that I haven't thought of all of you and my experiences. It was the best trip of my life. You guys went out of your way to please everyone there during...

Tom & Maureene

We had a get togethert last Sunday with all the boys and consensus was this year by far the best trip we have done in the last 10 years. The big pulse in swell helped that.  I think you can expect us back in the coming years.  

Paul Crowely