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The South Coast of Lombok has a dramatic, rugged landscape with high cliffs and pristine beaches set in remote coves - very different to Bali. The surf is user-friendly, with some fun set ups catering to all standards of surfer. This region of Lombok is comparable to Bali 20 years ago, offering fantastic culture (Sasak), friendly locals and uncrowded fun surfing. Our local surf guides will make your Indo holiday an experience to remember. We offer personalised packages with hand-picked accommodation options to suit all budgets - from budget hotels to boutique villas to 4 star resorts. An ideal alternative for couples or families or the boys looking to escape the chaos that can be Bali.

KUTA BEACH is the base camp… there are internet cafes, beach cafes, laundry services, live music bars, art shops, mini markets all scattered along the beach. Kuta Beach Lombok is located in the middle of a huge bay that is about 3–4 kilometres wide. There is a surf point towards one end of the the bay, as well as breaks both sides of Kuta Beach itself. Other surf breaks within the vicinity range from a 20 minute drive and a 15 minute boat drive to a 3 hour drive to Desert Point or a 45 minute drive and a 40 minute boat trip to Ekas Bay.

Our packages include an expert local surf guide PLUS a driver and vehicle, thereby providing you with transport, local knowledge and someone to go surfing with. Choose a World Surfaris Guided Surfari to maximise your surf time, keep yourself and your valuables safe at all times and make your trip truly memorable.


Novotel Lombok

Located on the southern shores of Lombok at Kuta Beach, this incredible resort property is one of the best-kept secret locations in Indonesia.  Full activities every day and entertainment nightly.  The Novotel Lombok is a 4 star resort just half an hour from Lombok International Airport, and is an ideal location to take your partner or family.  The rooms are sure to please, being both comfortable and spacious and the expansive facilities include four swimming pools, two...

Family Hotel -Lombok

The Family is a small mid-range Lombok hotel just 20 minutes drive from the Lombok International Airport and 5 minutes walk to the beautiful white sands of Kuta Beach.  This property features a traditonal Sasak style thatched roof restaurant and bar with live music and a menu offering Indonesian and European meals.  Relax around the pool after a full day of great waves.

Hotel accommodation includes Suite Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Superior Rooms with spacious interiors and a terrace...



MARCH to NOVEMBER – are the best months to surf Southern Lombok
DECEMBER to FEBRUARY – a bit wet but still some good waves and uncrowded surf sessions to be had.  

Great fun waves suitable for all standard of surfers all year round.

Mawi: Requires at least 2-3 feet to work.  There are 2 breaks - a long slow left and a very fast hollow right-hander.  Both can be easily affected by wind and are best surfed at mid-tide.  Around 30 minutes from Kuta Beach.

Mawun: Requires a 3 foot wave to break properly.  2 breaks - with both left and right hand peaks. Has good protection from the wind.  Location is perfection with pristine beaches and natural scenery. Around 20 minutes from Kuta Beach.

Air Guling: Requires a 2 foot wave to be surfable.  Best at 4-6 feet.  2 breaks - a hollow shifty left, best at mid to high tide.  A nice right with a fast inside section, best at low to mid-tide.  Has reasonable protection from the wind.  20 minutes’ drive and a 20-minute walk or just 20 minutes by boat from Kuta Beach.

Tanjung Aan: A left on the west side of the bay, can be O.K. at 3 ft and up, this wave shifts around a lot.  20 minutes’ walk around the beach from Kuta Indah or 5 minutes from the Novotel.

Sigar: Best in a small swell 1-3 foot.  A shorter right peak, which can sometimes barrel, although is easily affected by wind.  Best at mid-tide.  10 minutes’ drive or a 25-minute walk.

Desert Point: This wave is also known as Bangko-Bangko, it has established itself as a top surfing point.  It is a full day out as it takes around 2 - 2.5 hrs to travel to.  This left-hander has a fast inside section, with a shifty take-off area, it barrels and walls along the reef, a long ride…. Best on mid-tides. 

Grupuk: Has 4 breaks (2 left and 2 right).  Smaller left on the inside east shore, larger left on the outside east shore with shifts around.  A fun right on the western shore which is the best on bigger swell, with a steep take off section that tapers out to a full shoulder.  The inside section further inshore is a fun right-hander also.  All have fair wind protection and is best from 3 foot and up, but can be surfed when it is smaller, the most consistent destination as it peaks up the swell easily.  25 minutes’ drive and then a 10-minute boat ride.

Eka's Bay: (approx. 1 hour drive from Kuta Lombok area) 2 breaks Eka"s (Left) outside works on a swell of 3-5 foot with a nice barrel.  Eka"s inside has a nice easy peak and also needs around 2 -3 foot to work.  It is a fun wave (good for beginners).  

Optimum Surf Conditions for Lombok:

Swell: Sth
Wind: Varies From SE to NW depending on region and time of year



Surf Guides

One of the main features of our Lombok surfaris is our expert local surf guiding.  Our guides are long time local surfers who know where and when the best waves will be each day.  You will not waste precious holiday time trying to find your own waves and dodging crowds.  Sit back and relax in air conditioned comfort whilst your guide/surf buddy and driver deliver you to the best breaks in South Lombok each day.  Your guide will become your mate, as they will come surfing with you and give you hints on where to sit, warnings on hazards etc. and introduce you to other local surfers who will make you feel welcome.  



Packages are 'All-Inclusive':  Transportation in Bali and Lombok to/from hotel and harbour; two daily surfing sessions; personal surf guide; all surf transportation (vehicle and boat); accommodation and breakfast.

Maximum surfboard length for travel on morning flights to Lombok is 7 ft 2 in.  The late afternoon flight will take boards up to 9 ft.  There is an option of a FAST boat transfer from Bali in the morning that will take boards of any length.  Please advise your consultant of your board bag length and preference for morning or late afternoon travel.  Departure tax has increased to Rp 40,000 now for domestic departures.  

On arrival in Lombok our guide will meet you at the airport.  The trip from Mataram Airport to Southern Lombok takes 1.5 hours, driving through Sesak villages, rice paddies and beautiful countryside.  Once arriving at Kuta Lombok you will see it's nothing like Kuta Beach, Bali (maybe Kuta Beach, Bali 20 years ago!).  After checking into your hotel you will immediately head off for your first surf.  You will have a morning and afternoon surf each day, except for your final day when you will go surfing in the morning and then head back to your hotel to prepare for your return to Bali.

Surf Program

On arrival you will be met by your surf guide to set you up with your program of surf break reports and locations, tide reports etc.  Opportunity for afternoon surf trip on Day 1.

Every subsequent day you will have a driver, vehicle and surf guide ready to take you to the best surf location, depending on the conditions.  All transportation is included (car and boat) as well as the surf guide to show you the way and make sure the locals don't take all the waves.

On your last day you will have time for a morning surf before transfer to Lembar Harbour or Mataram Airport for your return journey to Bali.


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