Lembongan Cliff Villas

Lembongan Cliff Villas are ideally located at Selambung beach (otherwise known as Coconut beach) lying between the valley of Jungutbatu village and Lembongan village.  With absolutely breathtaking views of Mt Agung in the distance, everyday at Nusa Lembongan is like living in a postcard.

Lembongan Cliff Villas have a range of rooms that suits all budgets and group sizes. So if you are a couple that wants a private one bedroom villa or a family of 5 who want something bigger, Lembongan Cliff Villas have got you covered. All villas have amazing views and are built 7 metres above the white sandy beaches below. You are also overlooking 4 surfbreaks from your room. Playgrounds, Lacerations, No Mans and Shipwrecks. 


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Accommodation at Lembongan Cliff Villas vary in cost, size and location. 

Thankfully the villas are all built up the mountain so vantage point of the surfbreaks and Mt Agung in the distance is amazing. 

Cliff Suite

Sea views with spacious air-conditioned interior including minibar, tea/coffee making facilities, ensuite bathroom with bathtub. 

One Bedroom Villa

A slightly bigger version that the Cliff Suite and higher up the cliff. Amazing sea views with all the same features as the Cliff Suite. 

Two Bedroom Villa

The Two bedroom villa is 25 sqm with 2 private rooms, both with ensuite and adjoining entertaining area perfect for a get together with friends or your family throughout your stay. Boast the best views of Playgrounds and Lacerations surf breaks. 



The Lembongan Cliff Villas bar and restaurant surround the main pool and enjoy the best views from the entire resort. It makes for an amazing atmosphere during sunset which is a popular time to enjoy a happy hour cocktail from the menu. 

Seafood is a popular item with seafood banquets available on Tuesday and Thursday nights. A traditional a la carte menu is available all day from the restaurant or it can be ordered to your room. 

Nusa Lembongan is also littered with amazing eateries from Jungbatu village and all the way around to Ceningan surf break. Some of the top spots include: 

  • The Deck Lembongan
  • Sandy Bay Beach Club 
  • Hai Bar and Grill 
  • B’Fresh Juice Bar 
  • Ginger & Jamu 
  • Tigerlillys Lembongan 


Surf Lembongan Cliff Villas

Nusa Lembongan is a small island situated off the coast of Bali. It has become a popular spot for surfers to visit for either a quick boat trip across the channel or to stay for an extended period of time to get your fix of powerful reef breaks. 

It is arguably one of the most tide dependent surf spots in the whole of Indonesia. It can be completely flat on a low tide and by the time the tide has reached half way, it could be 3-4ft and double that on high tide. This makes it extremely important to seek advice from your World Surfaris consultant or make friends with a local quick! 

The ideal time of year for surf is the dry season (April/May – October) when swell from the S/SW is consistent and winds are most favorable. 

Surf Breaks vary and there are decent options for all levels:


As the name suggest, Playgrounds is a playful wave with a fat left and rippable right. Popular with beginner-intermediate surfers. Don’t surf on low tide unless you want to scrape coral heads off your skull. 

Lacerations & Monkiki

As this name also suggest, its a mean wave and only recommended to high intereidate – advanced surfers. Can get localised when its over 4ft but needs a big swell to break this big. Barrels from the take off and then kick out into deep water if you get that far. Watch from the pontoon moored nearby if you cant hack it or you want a breather in between poundings/barrels of your life. 


Shipwrecks is a fun, worklable right that breaks over a shallow reef. The current drags you deep into the take-off zone so be sure to get your bearings right before you starts paddling for a deep one. Shipwrecks is also very tidal and it will be flat on low tide and 4-6ft on high tide. Offers multiple barrel sections, steep and fat sections…a super high performance wave and an energy sapping session aplenty. 


A fast left breaking over razor sharp coral. Only surf here on High Tide and if you know what you’re doing! 


Ceningans is the other swell magnet on the island. It is definately the spot to go when the swell is small and not even shipwrecks has a wave. The wave breaks off a cliff edge with a temple above. Its about 30 mins on a scooter from Jungbutu village and gets busy when there’s no swell. Its a great option if you dont mind bigger waves and the other breaks are crowded out. 

Non-Surf Activities

Nusa Lembongan is home to some of the best snorkeling/scuba diving throughout Indonesia with an abundance of marine wildlife to be explored. Most resorts on the island offer scuba diving through one of the many PADI dive centres scattered throughout the village. They can put you in touch with the best ones. 

Snorkel tours are a little easier to organise. Just approach one of the locals with a boat and he will take you out for a small fee. The same goes for surfing and getting to the breaks. 

Other tours available on Nusa Lembongan include:

  • Hiking tours 
  • Ocean rafting 
  • Island hopping 
  • Banana boating 
  • Nusa Penida day trips



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