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Kuta in southern Bali is known internationally for its long sandy beach, varied accommodation, many restaurants and bars.  It's the ideal place to stay for a fun-filled, affordable adventure. Consider combining your stay in Kuta with a stay in a quieter area, such as the Bukit Peninsula or East Bali. Another great option for a 2 week trip is to include a side trip to Nusa Lembongan, Lombok or Sumbawa.

A handpicked range of hotels

After many years’ experience in Bali, World Surfaris has hand-picked the best hotels in the Tuban / Kuta / Legian / Seminyak region to suit anyone from budget party animal to the exciting family holiday-makers. 

Don't get lost in the crowd

If you are a first time visitor or even a seasoned veteran sick of the DIY hassle, then combine our accommodation with a personal surf guide, so you won’t get lost in the crowd.  

Our small range is based on our first-hand experience. However, if you prefer another hotel not mentioned on our website, World Surfaris can book your favourite Bali hotel for you at the best rates.


Patra Bali Resort

The best family-oriented hotel in Bali, the Patra Bali Resort and Villas is one of Bali's nicest 4.5 star hotels that consists of 228 rooms.  The Patra is located right on Kuta beach in Tuban and is a great base for surfing, eating out and shopping in Bali.  Make the Patra your base in Bali... a paradise amongst the hustle and bustle of Kuta.  

A favourite for Australian families, this large multi-facility resort is set absolute beachfront with the Kuta reef-breaks outfront.  The...

Palm Beach Hotel Bali

Palm Beach Hotel Bali is set in picturesque gardens fanned by cool sea breezes where guests can relax and enjoy the ambience of Bali.  The resort's open-air restaurant overlooks the crystal water of the pool and diners can view the spectacular Bali sunsets over the ocean.  Located on Kuta’s Tuban Beach, the Palm Beach Hotel is an enjoyable five-minute walk along the sandy beach into the heart of Kuta. 

Standard Rooms:  of 22qm has facilities including air-conditioning...

AlamKulKul Boutique Resort

Located on the best surfing point of Kuta Beach and only 10 minutes walk to the shopping of Legian Street, AlamKulKul Boutique Resort is a refreshing, unique and tropical getaway possessing the ambience of a Balinese village.  This boutique Bali resort has attentive staff and a great breakfast buffet included in the price.  If you want to be in the heart of the action and close to great bars, restaurants and shopping then Alam Kul Kul is worth considering.

Poppies Cottages

Poppies Cottages in Kuta Bali offers just 20 luxuriously appointed thatch-roofed cottages that nestle in gardens of hibiscus, scented jasmine and frangipani. Poppies Cottage accommodation suits those holiday makers wanting a great Kuta location without having to stay in a glitzy grand hotel.  In a secluded corner of the garden is the swimming pool and jacuzzi area, set amongst natural rocks.  The simple Balinese exterior of each cottage, with its private garden and breakfast terrace, belies...

Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa

Quite simply breathtaking.  If you're after the full beachfront resort experience then this is it.  Handpicked for its consistently fun beach breaks out front, Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa is located on Legian Kuta Beach and surrounded by lush tropical gardens.  

Dining options include: Celagi Restaurant (International cuisine), Parasol Restaurant (Mediterranean and Italian cuisine); Suling Lounge (air-conditioned lounge and bar that opens...



The stretch of beach from the airport to Seminyak offers a host of surf options.  At the far south are the reef breaks accesssible by local boat such as Airport Right, Airport Left, Middle Reef and Kuta Reef. These waves offer excellent quality to satisfy intermediate to advanced surfers.  Staying at Tuban we recommend the Patra Bali Resort as a great option for easy access to some quality surf here whilst still keeping the family happy with shopping and other Kuta attractions.

The beach breaks of Kuta can be high quality beachies from April to October and surf breaks like Padma are pretty reliable and perfect for the surfing kids or even the dads who need an alternative to the reefs.

Bali overview by Stormrider guide:

Bali is “The island of 1000 temples” which the locals believe is blessed by the gods. The gods certainly have blessed the local surfers, because they live in a perfect, tropical surf paradise. Although 40 years of booming tourism development has drastically transformed the landscape and the line-ups, Bali remains an essential surfing experience. There is no denying the quality and quantity of its surf, when SW swells wrap consistent lines around the Bukit Peninsula into straight offshore winds, creating a list of world-class lefts, including Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Kuta Reef. Add to these the quality beachbreaks of Kuta and Legian, plus the east side rights of Nusa Dua, Sanur and Keramas or Shipwrecks and Lacerations on Nusa Lembongan, then it becomes obvious that Bali has one of the highest concentration of quality waves on the planet. It’s geographical position mid-chain with the plunging depths of the Java Trench just offshore plus the island like symmetry of the Bukit Peninsula poking into the regular SW swell train, offering offshore flexibility during the predictable trade wind seasons are just two of the defining factors that make Bali’s surf so good. There’s a huge variety of wave types from sublime, coral-floored caverns to supine, sand bottomed beachies that seem to bring the best out of surfers from complete beginners to budding pros. This microcosm of perfection has bred a couple of generations of supremely talented local surfers, who surf with a grace and ease that sits beautifully alongside the poise and unhurried approach to life that the general Balinese population exudes. 

When to go:

Like the rest of the south-facing islands in the archipelago, Bali benefits from an almost endless supply of Southern Ocean groundswell arriving form the S to WSW (180º-247º) but by far the most consistent direction is due SW (225º). These swells range from 3-12ft (1-4m), with averages around 5ft @ 11secs from Nov-March, then upping to 7-8ft @ 14secs in the middle of the April to Oct high season. Underlying windswell can mix in from the SE to the W but has little bearing on the surf at most breaks. Sometimes, 6-10ft (2-3m) tropical cyclone swells can arrive from far off disturbances in the western Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar and occasionally from storms a lot closer, forming around the Keeling Islands and NW Australia through the southern hemisphere summer. The big Bay of Bengal typhoons are too far north for Bali. Swells are focused onto the Bukit Peninsula because of the deep-water channels on either side of Bali, particularly the east side Lombok channel, which can draw in overhead waves to Nusa Dua when everywhere else seems too small. The ESE trade winds blow reliably from April to Oct, giving west Bukit breaks a 50% chance of being a 5 star day throughout June, July and August. Transition months can have oscillating winds with a bit of everything – Nov blows mainly from the SE to SW. Winds then shift SW-NW for the Dec to March wet-season, with either side of W dominant and a higher percentage of SW than NW, which is not ideal for many east coast spots like Nusa Dua, Serangan and Keramas. March is more W-SW with 1 day in 5 swinging back to ESE offering the chance of empty Ulu’s for the switched on. Wet season wind speeds are on the whole lower, usually staying below 10mph (16kph) compared to the dry season SE trades which regularly hit double that. Tide charts are posted in surf shop windows. There is a big and a small tide each day (semi-diurnal odd) and some spots only work at certain stages of tide especially if it is small. Full and new moons often see a jump in swell size as tidal range increases and these spring high tides occur around the same time of day throughout the year. Charts are widely available in surf shops and on the internet.  Info courtesy of Low Pressure - Stormrider Surf.

Surf Guides

Expat Australian, Michael Hill runs PT World Surfaris Bali, a licenced tour company in Bali with a fleet of air conditioned mini vans and an expert team of local surfer guides and drivers.  The fact is the surf in Bali can get very crowded and it's becoming increasingly difficult to surf without a hassle.  This is where the importance of World Surfaris Bali surf guiding comes into play.  From approximately A$30pp (based on group of 4), a local surf guide (or Michael himself), and driver will pick you up from your hotel in an air-conditioned mini van with roof racks and take you on an adventure to hunt down the best surf options to suit your needs (heavy barrels for hard core chargers or mellow point waves for the cruisers) whilst dodging crowds where possible.  Our guides are long time local surfers who know where and when the best waves will be each day.  You will not waste precious holiday time trying to find your own waves and dodging crowds.  Sit back and relax in air-conditioned comfort whilst your guide/ surf buddy and driver deliver you to the best breaks in Bali each day.  Your guide will become your mate, as they will come surfing with you and give you hints on where to sit, warnings on hazards etc. and introduce you to other local surfers who will make you feel welcome.  On a typical World Surfaris full day surf trip you will have 2 surfs anywhere between Uluwatu, Canggu or Keramas.  When not surfing your guides will point out some local attractions and drinks and snacks are included.  Morning surf trips (half day) with just 1 surf are also available at a slightly cheaper rate. Surcharges apply for longer drives up to Medewi or remote East Bali.  

Talk to your World Surfaris Consultant to pre-book your Bali surf guiding in advance of your arrival to Bali.


Learn To Surf

PT World Surfaris operate LEARN TO SURF lessons at Kuta Beach or Sanur and these lessons can be booked by your World Surfaris Consultant in advance of your arrival to Bali.

World Surfaris director, Shaun Levings just returned with his family and says " I can vouch for the personalised 1 on 1 service of World Surfaris Bali surf lessons.  Most surf schools over there have 1 instructor to multiple learners but WS is one on one, hence a very high success rate and many waves!  Kuta is a great venue for learning!"

Tanya McCormack just returned from Bali with her family and quoted the following in her post trip survey.

Efficiency of transportation (eg surf transfers)


1: Excellent


Guys at World Surfaris Bali were awesome! As was Michael Hill the manager. Just absolutely fantastic!

Surf knowledge of management


1: Excellent


My 9 year old was surfing his first wave after 5 attempts....so yeah, they were awesome!

Non Surf Activities

Shop till you drop in Kuta, relax by the pool, eat out at a myriad of amazing eateries.  So much to do in so little time.

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