King Island Surfaris

Without doubt one of the most unique surf trips you will ever experience!

King Island is an isolated island set back in time, located between Tasmania and Victoria. World class waves, empty beaches and a laid back local community with more cows than people you could easily be mistaken for Australian life in the 70’s exploring beaches all to yourselves.

Whether surfing the picturesque A-framed beach breaks of Martha Lavinia or the island’s many other hidden surf breaks, there’s a sense of feeling like you are surfing at the end of the earth on King Island. With your own private charter plane, 4WD’s, accommodation, surf maps and a surf guide (optional) King Island Surf Safaris have helped make surfing this remote island accessible to guests coming from the mainland and overseas.

King Island Surf Safaris have been taking visiting surfers with a keen sense of adventure to King Island since 2015. It’s definitely a place to leave your surf egos at home, there are a small number of local surfers whom are lucky enough to call this place home and hold a tradition of good old fashion manners and respect for hosting visitors and are only too happy to show you around the island. We at King Island Surf Safaris see it as an absolute privilege to be able to take guests to enjoy this special place and it’s our desire to maintain this respect for the local community and the environment for all future guests.

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Situated in the heart of a 470 acre beef farm, your accommodation is a cute farm cottage that gives you a true King Island experience. Don’t expect 6 star, this is a classic old farm cottage – but it has everything you need and is clean, cosy and warm! There are native guests (wallabies, native birds) that visit every now and then, as well as 2 hens and a rooster, so you will never be alone and eggs are free to eat. Your local hosts Ana and Tom live at the main homestead on a near by property, they are only a phone call away and happy to help you with anything you need during your stay.

If you want a luxury accommodation option, please speak to one of our consultant who can also help you with with that too.


There are 2 supermarkets on King Island where it is recommended you stock up for your stay. There is also a popular country style pub known as the King Island Hotel. The Pub does amazing pub meals and is a popular spot for tired surfers to unwind, kick back with a few pints and a hearty meal to revitalize those sore muscles from so many hours surfing. 

Apart from the pub, the local bakery (King Island Bakehouse) serves amazing fresh pastries and some of the best beef or crayfish pie you will ever eat. 

King Island is also world renowned for its production of cheeses. If you are a cheese lover, you will be in  heaven with a huge variety of cheeses available to take home to loved ones or to eat all for yourself.

Surf King Island Surfaris

No matter when you visit King Island, because it’s an island, the wind is always off-shore somewhere and there is nearly always swell. Below is a list of “some” of the waves… there are literally 100’s of waves if you have the time to explore and surf them all.


Summer: Sees the prevailing wind from the south-east which opens up most of the west coast of the island to surfing. Beaches like British Admirals, Porkies, and Phoaques Bay are all often fantastic surfing during these months, with water temperatures reaching up to 20 degrees. Winter: Has prevailing winds coming often from the west to south-west. Martha Lavinia and around Colliers Beach areas are the favored spots to find some great waves usually at this time of year. Water temps get down to around 12 degrees – so 4/3 wetsuits and booties are the go!


Martha Lavinia – On the north east coast. Offshore on a south westerly. Best on low tide with anything over a two metre swell. This surf break has been voted by Surfing Life Magazine as one of the top ten waves in the world. A stunning sandy beach on this island paradise.

Phoques Bay – On the north west coast. Offshore in any wind with east in it. Best at low to mid tide. Any swell over 1.5m creates a perfect wave for the beginner to the hell man!

Red Hut Road – Leads to t -he stunning Colliers Beach and Seal Bay on the south of the Island. Offshore in west to northerly winds and a “U” shaped beach helps find a protected corner.

British Admiral Beach – Is Currie’s closest surfing beach. It is a long, sweeping beach with curves of sand backed by dunes, with good surfing at the southern end. Breaks on any wind with east in it and any swell, rarely flat.

Before your group departs we’ll scope out the conditions for your up-coming trip and help direct you where to find the best surf given the conditions. You will also be provided with a surf guide (optional) and surf map to help find those more difficult spots. We don’t giveaway all the secret spots though… after-all what’s a surf safari if there’s no adventure and thrill of finding your own waves.


Of course when you arrive to King Island you’ll need a 4WD drive to get you to the surf and a 4WD is included as part of your surfing package. Arriving at King Island airport your 4WD will be ready for you to pickup and drive straight to the surf you spotted 10 minutes earlier by the plane ride over. The plane will usually give you a tour around the island showing you a selection of waves before landing. A great way to get your bearings and seeing first hand what to expect for the days ahead.


Surf Guides

Surf Guide – Zac Ford

Growing up surfing and diving around Apollo bay, Victoria. Zac now resides in Torquay as a part-time fireman, dad, surf frother and guide. His water knowledge as a diver and surfer is second to none and he is a great host making sure everyone is having great time and hooking you up with the best waves on the island.

Full time Pilot / part time 4WD vehicle mechanic – Anatole Mills

Anatole grew up on a farm in the North-East on tassie. He is a 3 generation pilot and has flown across the notorious Bass Strait in little planes more times than Pablo Escobar’s pilots flew to Miami. His calm nature and flight experience is comforting when flying straight into a southern ocean storm.

Office / Operations – Eddie Sawers

Someone has to do the shit jobs. But in actual fact Eddie is the bloke that makes sure your trip runs smoothly (he’s like a duck furiously kicking underwater while making sure all is smooth sailing on the surface). He’s also an old salt dog growing up at 13th Beach, Victoria. and has 35 odd years of local surfing knowledge and been surfing King Island for the last 7 years.

Non-Surf Activities

Basic fishing and snorkel gear is available to use from the farm cottage. However, it is always recommended to bring your own gear if you want to dive or snorkel.

The island has great golf courses, fishing, 4 wheel driving, diving, cheese tours and testing, etc, there is plenty to explore while on King Island.



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