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Kandui Resort offers a world entirely beyond time and obligations. Open since 2006 in one of the best surf locations in the world (‘Playgrounds’ in the Mentawai Islands), there is only one Kandui Resort! With over a dozen breaks in close proximity, including Rifles (only five minutes by boat) and a maximum of only 16 surfers, Kandui Resort is fast gaining a reputation as the best surf resort in the Mentawais. Stoked past guests include Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson, Tom Carroll and Brad Gerlach.

The whole idea and concept of Kandui Resort is to offer an extraordinary alternative to boat travel in the Mentawais. A place where you can stay in touch with the office via wireless internet (if necessary) and also take your non-surfing partner. But best of all, some of the most incredible surf in the islands is on your doorstep!  

Immerse yourself in splendid isolation on one of the most unspoilt regions in the Indonesian archipelago. Hidden among the palms on this remote island are just seven traditional Mentawai ‘umas’ offering solitude and luxury. Resort guests are luxuriously secluded in these spacious, individual umas – the architecture and overall design are derived from local Mentawai traditions and style. Kandui Resort offers an extraordinary alternative for people who are not comfortable travelling and living on a boat; small groups who are looking for an executive / work-related retreat; and / or people travelling with their significant other or families.  The ultimate goal is to provide guests with the best surfing / cultural experience of their lives – an experience that will keep everyone engaged and happy, whether they are surfing, hanging out in the resort or on a cultural trek deep into the jungle… Kandui has it all!

The Mentawai cultures, traditions and values are the fundamental force behind the way the resort is run. Fabulous food, stunning beaches, beautiful accommodation and an abundance of world class waves await.

World-class surf on your doorstep

The Mentawai Islands are considered to be every surfer’s ultimate travel destination. There isn’t another place in the world where you have the real possibility of surfing the best waves of your life on any given day. When all the conditions come together – perfect location, perfect swell, perfect tide and perfect crew – you’ve found what every surfer seeks.

Paradise at Playgrounds

The Playgrounds area is arguably the prettiest region of the Mentawais with white sandy beaches, lush vegetation and turquoise lagoons. Snorkel off the beach at Kandui and you’ll see a myriad of marine life or simply relax in a hammock under a palm tree, whilst recharging for your next surf!

Resort features

Karamajet Island, part of the Mentawai Islands chain and home to Kandui Resort, is situated 75 miles off the west coast of Sumatra. Due to its remote location, it requires a one-of-a-kind boat crossing over the Mentawai Strait – a patch of ocean steeped in historical folklore and intrigue. Kandui Resort, the only western development on the island, is set amidst 30 acres of palm trees, lagoons and a spectacular mile-long white sand beach, overlooking two of the most picturesque islands in the Mentawai Islands. This area has no shopping malls, housing tracts or freeways – just unspoilt beauty, the soothing rhythm of the tides and the ever-present allure of perfect surf. Kandui Resort is undoubtedly located in one of the most sought-after locations in the world and complemented by an assortment of features that separate it from any other experience in not only the Mentawai Islands but also Indonesia in general.​

Local climate / scenery

If you could pick one area in the world to build not just a resort, but a luxury surf resort, this would be it! Kandui definitely provides a unique and memorable vacation experience. The local climate is considered tropical – hot and humid with a temperature range between 21-32 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is always around 27 degrees Celsius, no matter what time of year you visit. The local landscape is dense, tropical forest with four main islands and dozens of auxiliary islands – sprinkled with a few main coastal villages throughout. The dry season in this area spans from February to September and the wet season typically occurs between October and January. However, at any time of the year, expect regular rainfall in short intervals – heavy at times. Local winds surrounding the resort are variable throughout most of the year but occasionally go through intermittent periods of storminess called ‘Badais’. Kandui lies exactly one degree below the Equator and as a result is not influenced by the steady easterly trade winds often associated with the rest of Indonesia – that’s what makes this area so unique!


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During your stay on Kandui, home will be one of only seven “umas”, traditional two-room thatched houses built in the traditional Mentawai style by local Mentawai craftsmen. Each is clean, spacious, and comfortable offering uninterrupted views to the waves, ocean and islands that surround the resort. Each traditional “uma” is identified by a unique Mentawai name such as Bojokan, Madobak, Lubaga, Sotboyak, Pasakiat, Ugai and Kerai (sleeps up to 4 adults).

Built by local Mentawai builders under the guidance of an American development team, Kandui maximises its local surroundings and functions as a partial eco-resort, yet still delivers a very high standard of resort accommodation and personal space. This personal space includes custom timber furniture including a couch, desk, small table and chairs, cooled down by a combination of ceiling fans and portable fans. Each “uma” provides separate sleeping and bathing areas accentuated by a queen size bed with nets, rattan furniture and its own sense of warmth and identity. All umas will be stocked with cold drinks and fresh, tropical fruit. Each bathroom has a sink, toilet, mirror, shower and hair dryer and is completely tiled. Bath, hand and face towels are also available in every room. 

Additional features include:

– Electrical outlets with adaptors for charging a multitude of electrical devices.
– All guests will also have access to a wireless connection that will be available in their rooms or in the business centre located inside the office (deluxe package).
– Phone connections to the main desk, housekeeping, the restaurant, room service and room to room.
– Screened / curtained windows with a glass window that can be shut tight and locked.
– Beautiful hand-sanded hardwood floors.
– Specific area to hang wet clothes outside.
– Small closet and drawers to store clothes and belongings inside.

Your “uma” should be able to store all of your clothes, toiletries and miscellaneous items. Larger items such as surfboards are stored in a designated area outside your “uma” or in the surfboard staging area that you can access to grab a new board, fins, and leash, whatever you need. The staff will be able to help you find room for all of your belongings in a safe place where you can find them easily. The resort “umas” are spread along the spectacular white sand beach with jungle between providing privacy and so some are about a five minute walk away from the central complex. If distance is an issue, it’s helpful to let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Kandui Restaurant and Bar

The main congregation area, the heart of the resort and Kandui’s most prized structure, Kandui Restaurant and Bar, was built from the ground up virtually by hand. Its design principles follow the local traditions and customs and every inch of this area has been meticulously detailed to provide a sense of barefoot luxury.

Indulge in the flavours of the Mentawais. Each day the resort’s chef prepares a variety of food with an emphasis on the succulent seafood caught by local fisherman and guests. Sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant while feasting on some of the tastiest food in Sumatra. Dining in the restaurant is mostly communal in the style of a captain’s table on a ship. However, for guests looking to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, there are many settings for private dining such as an exclusive island, lagoon, on the beach, or even back at your “uma”. There is also a set schedule for meals so you don’t have to wonder what time you eat. Lastly, your visit will have as many barbecues as possible; nothing is tastier or more satisfying than having a barbecue with your close friends on a remote, tropical island with perfect waves reeling in the distance. Alcohol, beer, soft drinks, juices, fruit punch and water are all available. Be prepared to eat as much as you can handle because all meals are included in the price. 

Office and Gift Shop

The office is set up as the communication centre to the outside world. It has two computers for people to browse the internet, a phone service to make calls overseas without having to use the satellite phone, a fax machine, safety deposit box and money changing service. Everything you have in your office at work. There are no formal meeting/conference facilities but with the wireless internet connection you can have a meeting almost anywhere. 

Kandui’s gift shop is managed in conjunction with the local artisans.  It offers an easy, convenient place for people to purchase Mentawai gifts for themselves, their friends and family at home. The shop has local jewellery, wood handicrafts, bow and arrows, shaman bags, sarongs, the list goes on… 

Surf Kandui Resort

The Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. Its broad exposure towards the vast, southern Indian Ocean provides these majestic islands with remarkable consistency and quality. There are great waves in this area YEAR-ROUND. However, the most ideal time to surf in the Mentawais is during the dry season, late March to early November, the southern hemisphere’s winter, when the Indian Ocean is an ultra-active, groundswell producing machine. During the entire year Kandui Resort offers the average surfer the opportunity to score the best waves of their lives in the premier surf resort location in the entire world… nothing else comes close.  

Kandui boats:

The ultimate goal of the resort is to provide guests with the most authentic Mentawai experience possible and the core mode of transportation achieves this. Kandui has resisted the temptation to bring in “western style” speedboats and has instead opted to custom configure three luxury canoes and three tenders to shuttle people around the resort for whatever activity they are enjoying. Each one of the luxury canoes is capable of cruising at a very comfortable 20 knots and that is really all that is needed due to the geographic proximity to most of the surf spots and various sites visited. Two of the luxury canoes sport two 40 hp engines and can take up to six surfers comfortably. The largest dug out luxury canoe is 33 feet long, boasts a stainless steel tarp frame, board racks, comfortable seating and two 85 hp engines. You can experience how the locals travel – in locally built boats – but with more style and comfort.

Safety Standards:

  1. Full time medical staff – there is a doctor, emt, nurse, or other qualified first aid person at Kandui on every trip. They act as surf guides but are there in cases of emergency.
  2. The boats carry a first aid kit and there is also a comprehensive, almost mini clinic in the office on the island.
  3. The “Tsunami Bridge” which is located in the back of the resort winds for over 400 yards to a 50m hill in the centre of the island, presumably high enough to escape the largest run ups predicted.  Kandui Resort also has stockpiles of fresh water and supplies ready to go in case of emergency.
  4. All the boats that do the crossings are equipped with GPS using a system called GOST, purchased in the USA. All boats also have epirbs for those crossings as well.

Optimum conditions for Mentawais surf:

Swell: Sth or SW
Wind: Any type of East


Non-Surf Activities

Do as much or as little as you like. The landscape and activities available in the area are extraordinary and varied. There are things to keep you totally busy or you can practice the fine art of doing nothing at all.

Fishing – fishing and trolling is included in the price. Guests are encouraged to bring their own fishing gear because the resort’s gear is often not in the right condition or lost after a group uses it.

Massage Service – portable, on call, and professional. One massage is included as part of our “deluxe” package. Additional massages are available for a nominal fee. 

Snorkelling – There are a variety of great snorkelling areas around Kandui resort. Guests are encouraged to bring their own gear otherwise it can be purchased directly from the resort when available. 

Table tennis, jungle or beach volleyball, backgammon/chess/board games/cards

DVD movies – Kandui boasts a decent collection of movies to watch during your stay. Please feel free to bring your own DVDs or VCDs to watch if there is something particular you’d like to enjoy. Satellite TV with big screen TV. 

Picnic – If you wish we can arrange an intimate picnic on a secluded beach away from the resort or even provide your own “Robinson Crusoe” island for a truly memorable romantic interlude.

Visit a local village – The opportunity to visit the local villages is a particular privilege for guests and regular village trips become a highlight of the Kandui experience. The Mentawai people are some of the friendliest on Earth – see for yourself. 

Yoga – Bring your yoga mat, find a secluded area on one of the islands or on the beach and do what you do best.

Jungle Cruise – One jungle cruise comes standard on every trip and this is always one of the favourite activities for guests. Take one of the luxury canoes into the interior reaches of Siberut Island and literally travel back in time to one of the most remote and ancient regions on Earth. This trip usually takes half a day and is normally combined with a visit to a local village. 

Un’s Cultural Tours – The Mentawai Islands are rich in culture. Kandui and the surrounding islands offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel with a local guide to the island of Siberut where you will trek deep into the jungle and interact with the local population in their remote jungle hideaways. The people living in these villages still follow the traditional ways of their ancestors. You will get to meet these tribes, observe their unique culture and participate in their timeless traditions. 

Un offers trips that are 1 day / optional 1 night, 2 days / 2 nights or 3 days / 3 nights in duration. The minimum number of guests per trip is four. The trip includes airport pick up and return, transportation on the public ferry to Siberut Island (charter boat transportation extra), accommodation, an experienced Mentawai guide (English speaking), and porters to carry the supplies. These trips are not for the faint hearted, they are a hard-core experience suited for the ultimate adventurer. The breathtaking scenery of the jungle, wild assortment of jungle animals and ancient cultures await. Un’s Cultural Tours were featured on the Wave of Compassion trip covered by Surfer Magazine and FUEL TV in December of 2004. Un was the first guide to take such high profile surfers as David Rastovich, Keith Malloy, Ben Bourgeois, Conan Hayes and Strider Wasilewski to experience the “other” side of a Mentawai Islands experience. “It was one of the most incredible things I’ve done in my life,” froths David Rastovich about his latest visit to the Mentawai Islands. “Going on land and meeting the local villagers… it’s like a journey back through time. It adds a whole new layer to the experience.” (Quotes courtesy of Waves magazine writer Kirk Owers.)  Price on application for Un’s Cultural Tours.

Your time on Kandui is your own, whether you’re surfing, snorkelling, fishing, lounging, visiting local villages or participating in one of the unique cultural tours, there is something for everyone. Couples can reserve a beach for the day and enjoy a romantic picnic together. Relax, read a book, play in the warm, inviting equatorial waters, this area is beautiful, come and enjoy it! 




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Kandui Resort is run like clockwork and Ray and his team go out of their way every minute of the day to maximise your fun and nothing is too difficult for them - just a... Read More >

Timothy A
Date of Stay 06-19 April 2015
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food5

So professionally done but yet so casual, relaxed and accommodating. From Ray down to Captain Eddie and the leaf raking crew, perfection.

Rod P
Date of Stay September
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5

Very well run oganisation.

Tim A
Date of Stay July 2014
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4


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