John's Place Mentawais

USD$1,573 per person (Based on 8 surfers) - 7 Night Group Package Sole Use Group of 8 Book Now

John’s Place is not your average surf camp. John’s Place was built to accommodate John’s friends and family in a luxurious 5 bedroom air-conditioned house with all the comforts one could ask for. Luckily for everyone else, John has decided to share the love! This amazing property, along with all its equally amazing assets, is situated perfectly in the middle of the Mentawai Islands and is the PRIME location to base your Ments surfing holiday!

John’s Place suits small groups perfectly! You take the whole place - so either 5 surfers have their own private room or 2 - 3 families share. It also works really well for couples and makes for a very affordable and comfortable stay in the Mentawais.

The all-inclusive package delivers everything from your Padang transfers, your own chef, food, beer, boat trips, expert surf guide and more! The property is very private and you get to run your own race here! Surf, Fish, Snorkel - whatever you want to do…. in your own time.

Situated on Awera Island, you are less than 5 minutes boat ride from Tuapeijat Harbour, which means really easy access and more surf time. There are around a dozen quality waves within a 5 to 20 minute boat ride away - these are considered the local breaks. Spend half an hour in our brand new 10.5 metre speedboat and you can enjoy another 20 plus waves in the Playgrounds region! An hour in the other direction and you are in the world famous HT’s and Lance’s Left region!

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USD$1,573 per person (Based on 8 surfers) - 7 Night Group Package Sole Use Group of 8 Book Now


John's Place is nestled amongst a beautifully grassed palm grove, surrounded by the white sandy beach and the deep blue water lagoon of Awera Island, in the Mentawais. John's Place is unique and has been designed to cater to small groups, families and couples. Built by hand from Sumatran hardwood, the layout is similar to that of a large Queenslander. Unlike any other Queenslander we know, this one overlooks the surf breaks G4’s and Hookers and has Devil's Island in the distance.

John's Place consists of 5 air-conditioned bedrooms set up for couples, twins or singles. All the rooms open up on to the upper or lower verandas. There are 2 large bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs with western style toilets and hot showers. The enclosed dining area is upstairs and is very comfortable with air-conditioning and an amazing outlook over the grounds and blue waters of the lagoon.

For a little more entertainment there is an air-conditioned games room downstairs with a pool table and ping pong table where many battles can take place! The games area opens up on to the lower deck and swimming pool where you can relax after a surf with a beer or entertain the kids and make all the noise you like, we have no neighbours or other guests it's just you!

  • 5 x A/C Bedrooms including 4 x rooms with 2 x double beds + 1 x room with 1 x double bed
  • 2 Large Bathrooms with hot water
  • Modern kitchen facilities
  • A/C dining area
  • Huge balcony with amazing views
  • Swimming pool
  • Games room
  • Private beach
  • Personal chef
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and more
  • Expert personal surf guide
  • 5 mins from a Fast Ferry terminal in Tuapajet
  • Wifi*
  • Water, Coconuts and Beer provided*
  • Laundry available



What can you say… you have your own chef! With a mix of Indonesian and Western food cooked fresh every day to your needs, one thing is for sure - you won't go hungry! The beauty of the position of John’s Place is that you are only 5 minutes away by boat from Tuapeijat, where all the local fresh meats, fruits and vegetables are sourced for the Mentawais.

Three awesome meals a day will keep you well-fuelled to surf your brains out. If you decide you will be out on a day trip, we will ensure you have enough food for the journey.

For meal times enjoy the comforts of an air-conditioned dining room with spectacular views.

In season fruits will be available for you along with fresh coconuts harvested on the island. If you have any special requests for food or beverage they will do their very best to customise the menu!

Surf John's Place Mentawais

The most wave rich area on Earth! The Mentawai Islands have become one of the most sought after surfing destinations for surfers all around the world. The options are almost endless - from playful, fun, non-threatening waves for intermediate surfers, to the most challenging and adrenaline pumping barrels - it is all here on tap!

Within 2 to 20 mins from John's Place, there are at least 11 named waves that work in various swell, wind and tide conditions. Cahn (see surf guide profile) has the matrix of variables down to second nature and will make sure you are on the best waves in any of the three boats we have access to:

10.5m Kahajaya Marine (Wave-Chasing machine):  10.5m Kahajaya Marine cuddy cabin, powered by Twin Suzuki 250 hp four stroke engines. This boat has been designed as a wave-chasing machine. Comfortable and safe at sea, she can access waves far and near with a huge fuel capacity. All the sea-going safety gear is onboard - GPS, radio, EPIRB, lifejackets and more.

5.5m Kahajaya Marine:  5.5m Kahajaya Marine centre console, Yamaha 85 hp outboard, hardtop sun cover and access ladder. This a great little boat for running around the local breaks of Western Sipura. This is also a good boat for trawling for pelagic fish while having a lazy beer.

Achilles Rubber Duck:  4m Achilles Rubber Duck with Yamaha 25 hp outboard. Primarily used for snorkelling and diving. The Duck is another good back up boat for access to local breaks or a quick trip into town.


Some of the best waves we will surf include:

G4’s:  This is a fun, walling left that has at least two or three defined sections. Close to John’s Place, these waves are great for surfers looking to cruise without any crowds! We can check what G4’s is doing from the veranda of John's Place!

Hookers:  As the name suggests, this left-hander hooks around the reef and runs down toward John’s Place. Depending on the size, tide and swell direction, Hookers can be a playful long left or a challenging down-the-line beast with tube sections. Another rarely surfed gem on your doorstep!

Tikus:  A super fun, non-threatening left that can be surfed by all levels of surfer. Have a blast on your fish or twin fin, while the kids enjoy themselves too!

Icelands:  The swell magnet. Often known as a big wave spot that holds its shape at any size and doesn't max out, Icelands is also fun when it is smaller too.

Suicides Rights:  From 2-4ft, this wave can be really fun and ripeable. When it gets bigger, it is for the experienced only, who will enjoy long funneling barrels! Like a lot of waves in Indo, it is reliant on the right tide and swell direction to be at its best.

Ombak Tidur:  Another swell magnet close to home. Ombak Tidur is a large playing field of peaking right-handers, that stand up and run along the reef. When it is bigger, this is another challenging wave where you can ride a bigger board.

Twiggies:  A spitting left barrel! The swell line comes in and bends into a horseshoe barrel with one or two sections. This wave packs a punch, so make sure you have a spare board! Just in case.

Telescopes:  One of the best left-handers in Indonesia! From 2ft to over 10ft, this wave keeps its shape and offers up multiple tube and turn sections. The wave breaks into a large lagoon and, like most breaks, has its favourite swell, wind and tide conditions.

Scarecrows:  One of the most consistent and reliable quality waves in the area! Scarecrows has many moods. When it is under 4ft, it is really user-friendly and has 2 or 3 take off sections. As the swell increases, it starts get more serious and turns into a down the line wave with a couple of great tube sections.

Seven Palms:  Seven palms is another swell magnet of the area and is a fun walling left, with a workable tube section that breaks from 2-4ft and starts maxing out at about 5 ft. This is another go too spot when there is not a lot of swell.

Secret Spots:  Believe it or not, they still exist in the Mentawais. These spots are known to only a handful of people. Some of them are fickle and some are forbidden to operators. If you are lucky, you might get to see and surf one of these hidden gems.



Surf Guides

If you think you have previously met the most “frothingest” surfer, then think again! You have to meet Cahn Mitchell. Cahn is in his 40's but his hunger to surf quality waves has led him to an amazing life in the Mentawais.

Originally from Margaret River, Western Australia, Cahn has been frequenting the Mentawais since the mid-1990’s. He has been living full time in the Ments for over a decade, most of which was spent in his now wife’s local village. In 2009, Cahn started working with John and Ainsley Ocean, to assist in the building of the Ocean's surf resort Togat Nusa. They somehow managed to get the resort built whilst regularly surfing the best waves in the area. We are not sure how.....

Cahn’s skills as a surf guide have been sought after by numerous charter boats and he has also spent time working at nearby Alloita Resort.

In 2016, John offered Cahn a new position as his go-too man, to assist with running his property and to do what Cahn does so very, very well - find the best waves of the day, every day.

Non-Surf Activities

SUP's:  John's Place has 2 x 2018 model, 10’2 NSP Stand Up Paddle boards for you to use at your leisure. We do not promote SUP’s in the lineup but definitely encourage you to paddle around the foreshore, play on them with the kids and for the little more adventurous, you can take them for a paddle around the pristine estuary. On high tide, this waterway has much to explore. The surf boat is at your disposal to find a stand up paddle paradise.  

Snorkelling is a must:  The visibility is fantastic in the Mentawais. Float along in front of John’s Place and there is a small reef that will entertain the kids for hours. When you are comfortable, Cahn will take you to some great spots with coral and all manner of reef fish and sea life. Devils Island is a favourite and only 5 minutes from John’s Place! Most surf spots we go to have good snorkelling nearby too. It is advisable to bring your own snorkelling gear for the best fit.

Fishing:  Like anywhere, the fishing can be hot and cold. However, there are often nice pelagic fish like Spanish Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runner and Trevally. Dawn and dusk are usually the best times for fishing and our captain will do his best to put you on the fish! If you are a keen fisherman, it is best to bring your own gear. Flicking soft plastic lures from the island and even right out the front is really good fun too, with small reef fish and Trevally often lurking around.