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North Sumatra Secret spots
Expert guide
Adventure of a lifetime
Amazing Food
Uncrowded waves


Explore remote North Sumatran Regions.

'Jiwa' offers an incredible experience on a stunning custom built vessel. Surfing around the North Sumatran regions of the Banyaks and Nias, you will encounter a variety of amazing waves in remote locations away from the masses. A trip with Jiwa Charters is an amazing opportunity to escape surf frustrations, chase the horizon and pull into some Sumatran perfection.

Authentic Surf Adventure that will leave you gob-smacked and wanting more!

Jiwa began adventuring throughout the wave-rich and remote Northern Sumatra in 2011. Each year, at the beginning of the Indian Ocean season, they extend the invitation for guests to come on board and hunt down their own wave haven. The 23m ironwood 'Phinisi' is an amazing vessel blending into the scenic Sumatran Islands as if torn from the pages of a history book. Experience a Unique Surf Adventure that will leave you surfed out, smiling and desperately looking forward to your next Jiwa adventure.

Jiwa’s first voyage saw the crew pass by some of the best surfing locations on the planet, seeking out the most perfect, uncrowded waves possible. Since its maiden voyage, the focus of each journey has been to find great surfable locations without other charter boats in attendance. This may mean spending less time at the more famous spots, in favour of lesser-known but empty breaks further afield. 

If the Jiwa is not chasing waves, there are plenty of opportunities to fish, dive or just relax on board, as this majestic vessel cruises through the islands to breathtaking anchorages. A trip on board Jiwa offers the opportunity to experience a really authentic Indonesian adventure, the memories of which will last a lifetime.


World Surfaris brag about the food served on all our trips and the Jiwa proves no exception.  Nutrition and taste are the focus on Jiwa.  Healthy and delicious meals and snacks are served daily ensuring you've got the energy for that extra surf.  You will marvel at the chef's ability to produce such epic meals from the kitchen space on board.  A pleasant mix of traditional Indonesian and western cuisine will see you sated after each meal.  The produce is fresh and the fish you catch will sometime feature on the menu.  If you're between breaks why not troll the lure and land the big one. Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Snapper and more are reeled in and served fresh and delightful.  On board Jiwa no one goes hungry.




The Jiwa is a solid 23m traditional Phinisi vessel. Built using the finest ironwood with full length beams and double keel, her builder has ensured that as well as looking great Jiwa has been engineered to perform well out at sea. Her 6-cylinder diesel engine pushes her along at a respectable 7.5 knots and if the winds are right, her sails can be set for some classic cruising.

The boat is split into 3 levels

The top deck has day mattresses, beanbags and low set coffee tables, making it the prime place to hang out under magical sunsets after celebrating a long day surfing. The foredeck has a table and further seating under a large canopy. Towards the stern is our entertainment area with TV/DVD, bar, large dining table and couches down each side. The saloon ensures you can always escape from the sun and that everyone can still find space to spread out in less favourable weather.

Below decks, we have the kitchen and supplies. Forward of this is a separate Air Conditioned sleeping cabin with beds for up to 10 guests and two bathrooms (please note: sole use for Jiwa is minimum 8 and can cater for groups of up to 10). 

Assisting Jiwa is a 4.2m Rigid Inflatable Boat with 40hp engine, which provides for fast transfers to and from the surf and for scouting out potential “around the corner” waves.



The Jiwa is a crowd dodging vessel with a simple determination to avoid putting their guests into an already crowded break. Hence they explore other options and have no qualms about searching further afield. Aceh, Banyaks, Hinakos & Nias are regular ports of call for the Jiwa. There is an incredible range of breaks in these regions, lefts, rights, challenging spitting beasts or chilled long walls presenting perfect workable sections. The North Sumatran Island chains are a surfers Disneyland, a constant and varied feast for surfers. World Surfaris feel that every surfer owes it to themselves to surf this remarkable region and we challenge you to find an equivalent elsewhere in the world.

Optimal surf conditions for North Sumatra

Swell: Any type of West
Wind: Any type of East 

Surf Guides

Eugene is Jiwa's Trip Coordinator and the full time surf guide.  Euge ensures that you get the maximum out of your surf charter and takes care of all the small details that add up to make a trip so memorable.  One of the UK's top surfers, Eugene has extensive knowledge of the islands and has a knack of being able to find those magic solo sessions away from the crowds. A solid surfer, qualified chef and all round great guy, means everyone gets to benefit from his knowledge of the surf, culture and upbeat attitude.  Jiwa is also run by Indo veteran Kwab.  Kwab is a surf and free dive enthusiast that has been sitting in the North Sumatran line up since the 90's.  

Non Surf Activities


The Jiwa has a good selection of toys on board to keep you entertained if the surf does drop off... from borrowing a Mal, taking the option to free dive, paddleboard, or go fishing. The Jiwa crew will encourage you to go ashore and explore the local villages and culture. On the evening of the 11th surfing day, you’ll have your final sunset beer, say goodbye to the islands and
The Jiwa will make her way back to port. After departing the Jiwa you’ll be greeted by the ground crew and transferred to the airport for your return journey home.



Jiwa pride themselves on making your surf charter experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. On arrival at the airport you will be welcomed by a Jiwa representative and driven to the port where you’ll meet your guide and crew for the trip. Once aboard you’ll get the low down on the vessel, look at the charts, consider the swell and weather forecast and discuss the best wave options. Jiwa aims to have you arriving at the surf at first light the following morning. Sleep off the jet lag, recover from the journey and wake up to the first waves of the trip – Perfect! 

The next 11 days will see you surfing your way around the islands. Part of the beauty of this area is the density of world class breaks, meaning there are a variety of options available on any given day. Eleven days will provide plenty of time to experience all that the islands have to offer.

Day 1/  Arrive Medan for overnight stay whilst boards are transferred overland to Sibolga*

Day 2/  Fly to Sibolga then transfer to Jiwa and depart in afternoon. Overnight Steam to the Banyak Islands.

Day 3/  Wake up in the Banyaks and surf your brains out; fish, eat, sleep, relax, play cards, surf, eat, have a few beers etc...  This sets the tone for the next 10 days.

Day4-11/  Repeat day 3 and surf the best waves North Sumatra has to offer.

Day 12/  Return to Sibolga early morning and boards travel overland to Medan and then transfer to flight back to Medan.  Late evening flight home (meet boards at airport).

* Your surfboards are in VERY safe hands and our experienced ground handlers in Medan have been co-ordinating surfers in North Sumatra for many years.  They handle your pride possessions with care. 

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