Fascination Maldives

$3,965 per person 7 Nights Male Atolls Based on a group 4 people Enquire Now

Fascination is a premium - luxury vessel absolutely perfect for small groups, small family or 2 couples. It is capable of accommodating a maximum of 6 people comfortably in 3 deluxe cabins with en-suite bathrooms, cupboards, air conditioning, quality bed linens and surround sound music system. 

Cruising between 10-12 knots but capable of reaching speeds of up to 20knots, Fascination is a real game changer!

It is the ideal trip for people who want to surf as many waves as possible in the one trip. The speed of the boat and its size allows you to dodge crowds and hunt waves all over the Maldives.  

Your time on Fascination will see you kicking back in comfort, with the service of 4 highly trained staff including Captain Naseem and his 3 crew consisting of a chef, deckhand and surf guide.

For something completely different and not offered by anyone else, jump on board Fascination. Exclusively with World Surfaris. Do your own thing in this comfortable, wave-hunting beast! 


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Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
$3,965 per person 7 Nights Male Atolls Based on a group 4 people Enquire Now


Fascination has 3 deluxe cabins all with private en-suite, air conditioning and port hole. 

Cabin 1 is a Queen bed set up perfect for a couple or the lucky group leader! 

Cabins 2 and 3 are twin share, again featuring en-suite and air conditioning. 


With so many hours spent paddling into perfect waves, energy filled food becomes an absolute necessity. 

The chef is a professionally trained cook with experience working in some of the Maldives best resorts. With this experience and expertise, you can expect quality, delicious food that will keep your taste buds tingling and your sub-conscious always wanting more. 

Our Tip: The lobster night is one of the best you will ever experience!

Surf Fascination Maldives

Multi-Atoll Surf Adventures

Thanks to Fascination's size and its powerful 820hp engine, you will be able to hunt waves across a number of Atolls. Our trips range from a minimum of 5 nights in the Male Atolls and can go for as long as you wish. Venture as far afield to the Northern, Central and even Southern Atolls as your time and budget allows. It all depends on how much ocean you want to cover. Obviously the longer you stay, the more breaks you will surf. 

It is very rare to find a vessel capable of covering multiple atolls in one trip, without having to fly you to it or forcing you to stay longer than you can get off work. You may want to cruise around the Male Atolls for 7 nights with three or four mates OR you might want to spend 2 weeks jumping from Atoll to Atoll covering as many breaks as you can in the one surf trip. Whatever the case, only a small fuel surcharge is needed to go further. And you won't be carrying an instacrowd with you wherever you go!

Some of the popular surf breaks we go to

  • Cokes & Chickens (North Male Atoll)
  • Sultans & Honkeys (North Male Atoll) 
  • Tucky Joes (South Male Atoll)
  • Riptides (South Male Atoll)
  • Machines (Laamu Atoll)
  • Ying Yangs (Laamu Atoll)
  • Muli (Meemu Atoll)
  • Mikados (Thaa Atoll)
  • Finnimas (Thaa Atoll)

And many more...

**Please Note: Trips to the Southern Atolls are only available for minimum 14 night charters and a fuel surcharge. Please speak with one of our consulants about this option.

Non-Surf Activities

The Maldives is a tiny island nation found in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is therefore surrounded by a huge mass of water. Which means you are ultimately forced to enjoy the ocean or don't bother coming. 

If you want a break from surfing or if the waves have turned off momentarily. There is plenty to do! 

Some popular non-surf activities include: 

  • Scuba Diving (not included on Fascination surf trips but available on request)
  • Snorkeling 
  • Fishing
  • Island Visits 



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Fascination is the perfect boat for a family (or small group of mates). My son (11 year old) and I surfed and my wife and daughter were non surfers. We cruised around the North Male and South Male Atolls surfing Jails, Sultans, Honkey's, Ninja's, Riptides and Tuckey Joes. We also did...

Peter Clark