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Ekas Bay East Lombok
1hr drive from Lombok International Airport
Uncrowded - Pristine
Comfortable Bungalows-Pool-Restaurant
Surf Outside Ekas & Inside Ekas 10min by boat


Ekas Breaks Resort is located in Ekas Bay, East Lombok... a great wave for learners, oldies and longboarders.  Ekas is a small sasak fishing village with less than 500 inhabitants.  It is just 1 hour drive from Lombok International Airport and the well-known surf destination Kuta Lombok.

Want to surf world-class waves in Ekas? Or simply discover the beauty of East Lombok?

Ekas Bay is a rare find. Located in beautiful East Lombok, in a remote part of the island, Ekas is a place for surfers, kite and wind enthusiasts and those with a sense of adventure. With its unspoiled landscape and top class surfing, it is truly a unique experience.  Uncrowded and with pristine beaches, Ekas and its surroundings showcase Lombok at its best – surfing and outdoor activities set to the slow Lombok pace of life.

Ekas Breaks Resort offers comfortable bungalows, spacious suites, a restaurant, as well as a gorgeous pool to dip your feet in as you relax and just unwind.


Ekas Breaks Resort accommodation includes 12 traditional Lombok-style Bungalows made completely from wood and covered with an alang-alang (thatched) roof. All accommodation comes with air-conditioning and a private bathroom with hot water. The Bungalows are set in beautiful gardens with pool views, just a few steps away from your morning swim. The Family Suites have a view onto the garden and are ideal for families or groups of friends looking for more privacy.

All Bungalows and Family Suites include:

  • Free WiFi
  • Daily housekeeping

Bungalow (Fits 2)
King Size Bed
Air Conditioning
Hot Water
Pool View
25 Square Metres
Suite (Fits 4)
Master Bedroom with King Size Bed
Large Living Room with 2 Single Beds
Large Bathroom
Large Terrace
All rooms with Air conditioning
Hot Water
Garden View
50 Square Metres


Some holiday adventurers can worry about a number of things. But at Ekas Breaks Resort, there is one thing you don’t need to worry about…..the food!

Ekas Breaks Resort restaurant offers a variety of Western and local Indonesian dishes, all sourced locally. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the spacious restaurant, which has been constructed from local bamboo, overlooking the resort.
And if you just want to wind down, you can relax in the lounge, order a drink at the bar, or enjoy a snack by the pool area.


Ekas Bay, a remote and beautiful bay in South East Lombok, has appeal for all levels of surfers. The two surf spots, Outside Ekas and Inside Ekas, offer great surfing in stunning scenery with both safe and more challenging waves.
Ekas Breaks Resort is ideally located only 1km from Ekas Bay, where the two surf breaks are reached easily with the resort boatman in 10 minutes.  Thanks to its particular location and set-up, Ekas Bay generally has swell all year round. The peak season is from April until early November, when classic 6-12ft (2-4m) longer period swells arrive from a SSW-WSW direction. The Bay also receives swell during the wet season, usually in the 3-6ft (1-2m) range.
Outside Ekas is a long, hollow wall that breaks left under a cliff face. This wave is for the more experienced surfer, as there can be a bit of water moving around, the take-off can become steep and the wave itself is quite powerful. Best on mid to high tides and a south east wind.
Inside Ekas is the fun and playful little brother. It's suitable for all abilities, breaking long and perfect far inside the bay. The wave breaks as a peak and then peels both right and left. The right is a high quality wave, particularly on the low tide and a larger swell, suitable for advanced surfers. The left winds down the reef on any tide (depending on swell size), a softer wave ideal for the less experienced surfer who wants a classic long ride. Both short and long boards are suitable on the left.
Depending on the tide, swell, wind and your desire to surf something different, there are other potential waves in the nearby Southern Reefs such as Sereweh. These are good in the wet season, or early mornings before the wind comes up in the dry season. These reefs face straight into the swell and so they break nearly all the time. Hollow left and right peaks break in small swells. In large swells, one newly discovered hollow right winds over 800m down the reef on the open coast.

Non Surf Activities

Swimming and Snorkelling:
Ever dream of swimming in a reef lagoon with water temperature of 29°?  Ekas Bay and coastline is the ultimate place to swim safely and is home to a variety of colourful tropical fish. In the middle of Ekas Bay, you will find a coral garden which is best at low tide. You can charter a boat and use the snorkelling gear provided at the resort.
Kite and Wind Surfing:
Ekas Bay and the Southern Reefs are perfect spots for kite and wind surfing. The area boasts of consistent winds, set in a stunning and remote location.  Because of its size and orientation, kite surfing is excellent at the large reefs in the entrance of the bay and on the broad lagoons and fringing reefs nearby.  The winds are best from April to September, as they get the same weather as the popular kiting site at Lakey Peak in Sumbawa.
Around Ekas, the flora and fauna is amazing: cliffs, lagoon, beaches, jungle, monkeys are waiting for you. Discover the remote and beautiful Kaliantan and the rest of the Southern coastline, where you are likely to have a beach all to yourself. With our local guide or by yourself, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings.
Mont Rinjani, Lombok’s famous volcano, soars 3726 m above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracting many trekkers and climbers. The huge crater near the top contains a beautiful lake called, Danau Segara Anak.  There are a number of caves and waterfalls and hot springs located around the volcano. Treks can be organised upon request.
The best thing about Ekas Beach is the local fishermen’s activities. There are about 50 small huts floating in the sea with the fishermen’s traditional boat on the sides of the huts. The small huts are made to grow Kerapu fish and shrimp.  If you are interested to learn about their work or catch your evening meal, Ekas Breaks resort can arrange a fishing trip.
Village Tours:
Tetebatu Village and the volcano waterfalls...  Traditional Sasak handicraft artisans are spread throughout the villages in this area. Tetebatu is also the departure point to the waterfalls. After a two hour pleasant walk through the rice paddies, you will be able to enjoy a refreshing dip in the mountain stream surrounded by dense jungle.

Tanjung Luar fish market and surrounding villages... This is Lombok’s biggest fish market where you can see people selling many kinds of fish caught during night sailing. From Tanjung Luar, you can visit Sapit Village, a rice and tobacco farm, as well as Pijot Village, where you can see people making salt in traditional way.

After the day's activities, nothing better than a traditional massage under the gazebo or in your bungalow.

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