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Surf Resort
Short walk to two of the best surf breaks on Sri Lanka's Sth Coast
Short walk to colourful town of Ahangama
Swimming Pool
Great Value Accommodation
Adults Only


Camp Poe is the surfers hotspot of the South, which experiences consistent swell most of the year. It's located in the greater Ahangama/Weligama area, where anyone worth their weight in wax comes to chill out and experience the best waves on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. The Camp Poe team is all about creativity and when the community aren’t out shredding waves, they are back at the camp getting lost in yoga, music, art and/or the pool table .

Glamping at it's finest in jungle Eden

The camp is located within a short walking distance from two of the best surf breaks on the South coast, with beach breaks for beginners and reef breaks for the experienced.  Tucked not far away from the colorful town of Ahangama, famous for its "Stick Fishermen", the town is lined with rambling shops and local street food... a visit to the Sunday fruit and vegetable market is a must see.  This is when the whole village comes to life, bartering for their weekly supplies.
Camp Poe found its residence in an Eden of relaxation and has become the "go to spot" for beginners, experienced surfers or for anyone who just wants to lap up the great vibes.  The team is an eclectic bunch from all over the planet, talented in the tuition in surfing, yoga, music and art.  They also offer other great activities close by, such as canoeing, fishing, temple tours or a morning surfing trip to "Secret Point" by catamaran - all of which can be arranged in-house.

Poe = "Protect our Earth"

The surf camp has been designed to embrace fresh air and to provide the perfect nights sleep. The carbon footprint is minimal and the camp leads by example in encouraging us to save our planet's precious resources.

Camp Poe offers weekly accommodation packages. For those who want to add on a weeks surfing and/or yoga package, that can be accommodated too.  The "Poe Board Room" offers an extensive range of surf and SUP boards for hire, if you would rather travel light.

Camp Poe is the affordable choice for any level of surfer, yoga guru, music or nature lover looking for a relaxing accommodation option on the south coast of Sri Lanka.


During your adventure at Camp Poe, find restful sleep under the shooting stars and drift off to the sounds of nature in an oasis far, far away from it all... 
Camp Poe's Safari Tents are equipped with comfy beds, colourfully decorated in local saris.  Each site is powered to ensure that not only you, but also your electrical devices, are fully charged by morning.  Tents are accompanied with clean and modern communal bathroom blocks offering hot water.  The private bungalows have their own coconut timber decks and ensuite bathrooms. 

Under construction and available late 2016, Camp Poe will be offering cave houses, tree houses and the "Poe Skate Park".

Luxury Double Tent
Camp Poe's 5 Safari Tents are complete with two king size single beds, fan, bed side lamp, private veranda and a shared bathroom.

Garden Bungalow
The 3 Garden Bungalows are complete with a king size bed, fan, private bathroom and a daily room cleaning service. They are spacious, well-ventilated and inviting.

Jungle Hut
The newest edition to Camp Poe, these fabulous huts are another great option for couples or single sole use.

Camp Facilities:

  • Swimming Pool  
  • Slackline 
  • Surf and SUP rental
  • Ping pong
  • Library 
  • Wi Fi 
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Dartboard 
  • Pool Table
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Please note: Camp Poe is an adults only resort (over 18 years).


The camp is situated around Café Poe, which serves wholesome, local and organic produce.  Cafe Poe chefs make sure that your needs are met, whether you are vegan, gluten free or just plain picky.  The Cafe is also open for you and to the public for affordable lunch munchies.  Make sure you also try Mamma's homemade curry! 




If you want a surfing experience and are open minded to discovering more about a country so unique and diverse, then look no further. The South Coast of Sri Lanka may not deliver the mechanical world class wave perfection of some other destinations like Indo and The Maldives (which we note is just an hour's flight from Sri Lanka). However, one of the big advantages of the South Coast is that it receives swell all year round.

The surfing season on the West coast of Sri Lanka (Hikkaduwa way) begins in late October and continues through to April/May, delivering consistent morning and afternoon offshore winds with many random weeks offering all day perfection. The surfing season on the East coast of Sri Lanka (Arugam Bay way) begins in May and goes to September/October. The South Coast benefits from every swell that hits either of these coasts.

We note that although the South Coast can be wind affected during May to September, it is still ok for learner & beginner surfers during this period.  The peak months for the reefs and points along this coastline to fire are October to April.  

Many of the surfers visiting the South Coast of Sri Lanka are not experienced or confident when swell conditions are large. This typically leaves very few people in the water on such days and you get opportunities of having breaks to yourself.

Whether you are travelling alone, with a soul mate or with friends, Camp Poe has much to offer. Sri Lanka becomes an addiction and is without a doubt one of the last "lands of experience" on the planet! Referred to by many as the newly discovered "Bali" of 30 years ago...

The main local surfing breaks include:

Named after the world famous Stick Fishermen of Ahangama and only a few minutes away from Camp Poe, you have "Sticks". This reef break delivers both lefts & rights depending on the conditions and can offer some nice barrelling sections. On smaller days, Sticks is suitable for every level of surfer and great for the long boarder. With a bigger swell, it's only suitable for the more advanced.

This stretch of beach offers sand bottom breaks for every level of surfer. Only minutes away, this area is best from October through to May. A long stretch of white water for absolute beginners, and depending on the day, a magical left opens up for the experienced surfer. This is the perfect beach to hangout for the day with many local cafes and restaurants to choose from.

“The Rock”
The Rock is located on the same beach and is literally a large boulder rising above the waterline. It is one of the best waves on the South Sri Lankan Coast. Located only minutes away from Camp Poe, this break is always changing depending on conditions. Fun and consistent waves for intermediates on small days, and powerful waves for the experienced on others. From a large gnarly barrelling left & right peak with a vertical take to other days offering a long left with makable barrelling sections.

"Devils Island"
This reef break is positioned beside a small island which is worth a visit in itself to explore. This peaceful and special place is rarely surfed, so it's ideal if you're wanting a private session to yourself. The left hand hander that breaks off the island is only suitable for the experienced. Further to the right of the island, there is a long right hander that is ideal for all styles of surfing.

"Lazy Left" 
This reef break is a relatively easy wave to master. In the right conditions, it offers a long peeling left hander, suitable for every level of surfer. Good for beginners on smaller days to practice those first turns on green waves. A very consistent break in the season offering fun waves for all styles of surfing.

Opposite to Lazy Lefts, it was named after a visiting aging Australian surfer who called everyone "Dave" due to his advanced memory loss (yes, that is a slightly sad story). A peeling right hander for every style of surfing with makable long sections and an all-round fun wave. On smaller days, it is an ideal training ground for the rising surfer.

Named from the surrounding area, which was a former coconut plantation. If you want to plant some new skills in your surf garden, this is a good place to start. There are numerous lefts & rights on this wide section of reef. On smaller days, it offers intermediates a chance to experience green waves & practice their turns.

A continuation of Plantations, Coconuts only a short paddle away and offers a great stretch of reef with A frame lefts & rights. On bigger days, the right hander opens up for a longer wave for the faster surfer.

This hollow and fast right-hander is for experienced surfers only. On a large swell, it has a reputation of being a board breaker. A short punchy wave offering numerous opportunities for barrels. This break works even on a smaller swell. As the name suggests, if you don't get your take-off right, be prepared for a solid "Ramming".

"Beach Breaks"
The picturesque bay of Weligama offers a variety of breaks and delivers waves all year round. With a sandy bottom, it offers long consistent mellow waves for learners to fun long lefts & rights for all styles of surfing. This is another perfect beach to hangout for the day with many local cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Located on the outer northern point of the Weligama bay is a right hand reef break. This only comes to life on a large swell has many different makable sections. This break is rather unexplored as it is not known to many tourists.

"Taprobane Island"
With a postcard backdrop, this small island is home to the famous historical villa "Taprobane". There can be super clean waves either side of it. On smaller days, beginners can experience their first perfect green wall. With a larger swell, it delivers fun lefts & rights.

"Jungle Beach"
Tucked away just past Weligama Bay is Jungle Beach, a beautifully secluded beach offering a long left reef break. Perfect for beginners on smaller days and great for all styles of surfing.

"The Point" Mirissa
This world famous picturesque bay offers waves all year round waves. The northern corner offers a great left & right reef break that is suitable for the more experienced surfer. This is another perfect beach to hangout for the day with many local cafes and restaurants to choose from.

On the opposite end of the bay at Marissa is a long left reef break offering fun waves for all styles of surfing. At times, you can hear the distant chants of the Buddhist Monks from the Buddhist Temple floating over the waves - which can be a slightly mesmerizing surfing experience.

"Shacks" Dewata
Named after the community hangout & beach cafe "The Shack". This sand bottom break offers a right hander. Ideal for beginners most of the time, Shacks can really come to life in larger swells. Generally great waves for all types of surfing & a popular hangout for the long boarder. “The Shack” is the place to chill out after your session & lap up the good vibes - check out the expats who gravitate to this hip cafe.

"Secret Point"
About half an hour away is one of the most interesting breaks on offer. A long right hand reef break and a short punchy left. Plenty of barrels to be had in the right conditions. This point is very consistent and will handle overhead waves on a larger swell. Camp Poe staff can get you there.


Non Surf Activities

Other Camp Poe activities on offer:
• whale watching
• yacht excursions
• fishing
• local village & temple walks
• local cuisine cookery classes
• slackline
• board games
• pool championships 
• ping pong show downs
• darts-board
• poetry readings 
• communal art projects
• beach clean-up projects  
• library
• Camp Poe skate park will be available late 2016


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