Beran Island

Beran Island Resort

Beran Island Resort was built by Captain Martin Daly, to be a base of operations for surfers, divers, yachties, marine engineers, pilots and more – a forward operating base in the middle of the most remote parts of the world.

From the ground up, the resort was built as a utilitarian and luxurious maritime operations center. With decades of experience on boats, Daly was able to expand the realm of possibilities with Beran Island Resort, not limited by the space of a boat.

Starting with a very large rain catchment system below the resort, the resort is passively climate controlled by the water caught from the tropical rainfall. The resort was built just behind the palm tree line from the windward side of the island,resulting in a constant mild tradewind keeping the open areas cool.

Common areas have over-sized ceiling fans, which generally provide adequate cooling with the wind, while all rooms have ductless AC and cooling fans. With the 28 kilowatt solar system, 20 kilowatt Turbines generating electricity 24/7, and a large battery backup, this system is creating so much energy that they have to run the AC just to use the power being created.

Decks surround the resort, with views of the closest breaks. You can drink your morning coffee and watch the swell fill in as you wait for freshly cooked breakfast, or help yourself to fruit, toast, and cereals available all morning.

The resort is absolutely ideal for groups or groups of families, catering to up to 16 people max.


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The exclusive resort features only 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs rooms, ensuring that there is never any crowds. 

The upstairs rooms are extremely luxurious, with a King Bed, large private bathroom, and deck access, with panoramic views. Heavy curtains can be drawn to darken the room, or opened for a lot of brightness. All rooms have ductless AC and ceiling fans.

Perfect for a couple or a single traveler who wants their most luxurious accommodation.


The downstairs rooms are perfect for sharing – with a Queen bed in the lofted section above, and a “king twin” below. Walk out to the deck, with chairs and drying racks for your boardshorts and swimming items.

The four bedrooms downstairs share two private toilet rooms and two private shower rooms directly across the hall.

All bedrooms have 110V US style power, Ductless / Split AC, haiku ceiling fans, Casper Mattresses, and imported linens.



Chef Mango will be cooking up a storm as you come home from your surf sessions, coffee ready 24/7, and beers, water and soda cold year round.

Large TV for post-surf photo viewing events, and a large square table for all the meals. Martin generally has one rule on boat trips – wear a shirt at dinner. The family style dinners become one of the highlights of the trips (aside from the tubes, of course).

With Beran essentially having a rotating door of the most interesting players in the surf, as well as world stage, old captain’s tales of shipwrecks, treasure, the search for Amelia Earheart, every night we talk story, surf, and history, while enjoying freshly caught fish, vegetables grown in the garden, as well as imported ingredients for specialty diets (low carb, vegan, vegetarian, etc).

Surf Beran Island Resort

Beran Island Resort currently has the MV Indies Trader 2, a 45ft fly bridge sport fisher/ day boat, a 23 foot Noosa Cat fast day boat, and 4 jet skis based at the island, to get you to the nearby breaks as soon as the surf turns on. 

The surf in the Marshalls is predominantly right handers and is as good as anywhere we have ever seen. Surf ranges from “gentleman” waves to smokin’ barrels. (see Ian Walsh’s – “Distance Between Dreams” for what we mean)

North West to North East swells are most frequent between mid October to mid April. Still waves to be discovered, but after around 10 solid seasons here, watching the wind, tides, and swell, Martin and his team have a very good idea of the best places to go based on the conditions. There are south swell spots that also get waves occasionally during the Summer but its the Northern Pacific winter storms that provide 90% of the waves with up to 6 swells a month during the peak of the season.

There is also a consistent 10sec NE windswell from the trades that fetch across from the Eastern Pacific that provides fun softer waves between groundswells.

Swell forecasting is reliable and they can normally tell a week out whats in store. The wind is pretty well always offshore and at times can be pretty constant over 15 knots but the surf handles it well. If you want consistent Mentawai-like oily conditions then the Marshalls is not for you. If you love surfing real waves with no one else, enjoy clear water, fishing, diving, want to try towing into empty uncrowded waves and love playing in the ocean in a pristine environment then the Marshall Islands should not be missed.

Non-Surf Activities

The areas on and surrounding Beran Island are a waterman’s paradise.  Surf off the island, follow the swell by taking one of the boats to a reef pass, dive wrecks and pristine reefs, fish for marlin, explore empty sandy coconut islands.  You’re guaranteed that there will never have a lack of activities and will always be stoked.


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