Aura Surf Resort

The beautiful Aura Surf Resort is located on Simeulue Island, in the heart of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Guests are in for a treat at this exclusive island paradise, with pumping waves at your doorstep, crystal clear water, pristine white sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforest and majestic mountain ranges. Sprawling over 15,000 square metres of beachfront parkland, Aura Surf Resort promises guests an experience that will be remembered forever. 

Aura Surf Resort features five traditional bungalows that accommodate up to 16 guests at a time and a restaurant that serves up some of the most delicious food on the island. 

The resort’s private 27 ft speedboat and 12-seat van will help surfers track down the best waves in the region, while the experienced surf guides will share their expert advice to ensure you’re getting the best waves on offer.

Empty Perfection in North Sumatra

The Peak surf break is conveniently located right in front of the resort, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the action from the comfort of your bungalow’s verandah. It’s the perfect spot for a surf check, or to watch other surfers carve it up while you relax and unwind after a long day in the waves. 

Whether you’re seeking fun, punchy beach breaks, or the thrill of hollow tube rides, you’ll find it all at this North Sumatra surf resort. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this stunning region and explore everything this one-of-a-kind destination has to offer.  

Aura Surf Resort has been operating since 2010, and in this time their knowledge of the local surf breaks has grown to be unrivalled. Aura’s experienced surf guides love to show guests around their surfer’s paradise and may even introduce you to a secret spot or two. 

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Surfing Simeulue Island

If you’re looking for an unforgettable surfing adventure, look no further than Aura Surf Resort. This remote area of North Sumatra is often left off surf charter itineraries, and with limited guest numbers at the resort, you’re sure to get some epic waves all to yourself. 

From the fun a-frame peak out the front of the resort to barrelling reef breaks a little further afield, this area serves up a variety of waves to suit surfers of all abilities. From intermediate surfers to beginners, you’re sure to find a wave you’ll love.

Exploring Simeulue Island

Car transport to and from surf breaks is included in your surf package, but if you require additional transport, motor scooters are available for hire. 

Motorbikes and scooters are only available to those with previous experience and you must sign a waiver of liability before renting, as it’s not covered under travel insurance. The island’s religion is Syriah Muslim, which means no alcohol is for sale on Simeulue. 

To respect local religion, women need to cover up when in public, no revealing bikinis and cover up below the waist when in our grounds or travelling around the island. When surfing, women are asked to wear long boardies with a rash vest, or t-shirt, no short shorts or bikinis. 



Aura Surf Resort can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time. The resort includes beautiful bungalows as well as a newly built villa, all with spectacular views of the local surf break from the front verandahs. 

To ensure you have a comfortable stay, all accommodation types come equipped with dining areas, cable TV, mosquito nets, board racks, freshly renovated bathrooms (with hot water!), and are serviced daily.  Aura Surf Resort is connected to the island’s main power source and all buildings have access to power, there is also full mobile phone reception throughout the resort.

Aura Villa

The Aura Villa, completed in 2022, is perfect for larger groups. With 7 individual air conditioned bedrooms, located directly in front of the peak, this is the perfect option for friends looking to stay under one roof. Whilst Villa guests still enjoy the facilities of the Aura grounds and delicious food served in the restaurant, having your own private beach pad is pretty sweet!

Spaced throughout the grounds are 6 traditionally constructed private bungalows. All recently renovated and refurbished in 2022, designed with your comfort in mind. Each bungalow receives ample natural airflow and light and comes furnished with a queen sized bed, comfy sofa, fans, mosquito nets, board racks and shelves. Bungalows have direct, ocean views to the Peak, meaning surf checks couldn’t get any easier than from from the comfort of your balcony! With freestanding bathrooms including hot water (a rare luxury in this part of Indo), and serviced daily, Aura’s Bungalows are perfect for single guests  or couples.


Aura Surf Resort boasts the best food on the island, courtesy of their experienced in-house chef. Guests can indulge in a delicious buffet of both Western and local Indonesian specialties, as well as freshly squeezed juices, tender meat, and flavourful seafood sourced directly from the sea. The menu includes a range of organic, locally-grown produce sourced from local farmers.

Guests can expect fresh seafood grilled over hot coals, seasonal vegetables, salads, rice and fruit. Aura’s seasonal fruit juice combos and freshly cut coconuts are always popular and an excellent healthy tonic between surfs. 

Our World Surfaris surf package includes three meals a day and unlimited fruit and water. Even when you’re out and about on surf trips or island adventures, the resort will pack you lunch, snacks and water to enjoy during the day.

Surf Aura Surf Resort

With more than a dozen epic surf breaks around Aura Surf Resort, surfing North Sumatra has never looked so good. Whether you want to paddle out the front to The Peak, grab a motorbike to surf the other side of the island, or jump on board the Aura Surf Resort speed boat, our experienced guides can point you in the right direction to find the best waves. 

Simeulue Island is located in the Doldrums, which means more often that not there’s no wind, resulting in clean, glassy conditions the majority of the time. Unlike other regions in Indonesia, this area doesn’t rely on southern swells, instead utilising the swells from the north west around India and the Maldives. Swells in this region have longer periods, longer lines and barrels.

Aura Surf Resort’s fibreglass speed boat will get you to the waves comfortably and fast. A three metre rigid hull zodiac with a 25-horsepower engine is also available for tow-ins and to help capture some epic photos from the lineup. 

The Peak

Right out the front of Aura Surf Resort and only a short paddle away is The Peak, a fun left and right-hander with hollow tube rides and a user-friendly reef underneath. This wave is best from 2 to 10 ft and you can expect 80m rides in both directions. With a deep water take-off and flat rock bottom, it’s a fun wave for experienced surfers. 

Dylan's Right

Offering fun, hollow barrel rides in the right conditions, Dylan’s Right breaks best in larger swells, with fun tubes over the shallow reef. 

Dylan's Left

Across the bay from Dylan’s Right, Goofy footers will love this 300 metre long left-hander with various take-off spots. The inside section is fairly hollow and it can only be accessed by boat. Best between 3 and 6 ft and with an E-SE wind. 

Tea Bags

You need a boat to get to Tea Bags, but in the right conditions you’ll be rewarded with one of the best right-handers you’ve ever surfed. This wave offers 150 metres long rides with barrels all the way. A swell magnet, this wave does a great impression of P-Pass or reverse Chopes and delivers some epic rides for intermediate surfers. 

The Secret Island

If you’re up for an adventure, The Secret Island is two hours travel from Aura Surf Resort, but you’ll be rewarded with an untouched island with world-class heavy right-hand barrels. When it’s smaller, this break has three take-off zones and the wave can be 100 metres long. It’s a swell magnet and breaks from 2 to 8 ft and bigger. 

Tous Tous

A 100-metre long fast wave that goes from reef to sand and has great barrel sections. Suitable for intermediate surfers, Tou Tous is best between 3 and 8 ft. 


This is a classic breach break five-minutes north of Aura Surf Resort. It has a sand bottom and is suitable for all levels of surfers, depending on the conditions. 


Only a five-minute motorbike ride from Aura Surf Resort, Salur has a variety of beach breaks and is great when it’s too big everywhere else. 

Surf Guides

At Aura Surf Resort, our experienced surf guides are dedicated surfers who have spent years surfing the waves in this region. They know exactly where to find the best waves in all conditions and are always there to help ensure you get the most out of your North Sumatra surf trip. 

Non-Surf Activities

There’s more to do than just surfing on this beautiful tropical Indonesian island, all within an hour of your accommodation. While staying at Aura Surf Resort, you can take a swim in the natural spring spas at the nearby waterfall, try your hand at fishing or jump on a motor scooter and head into town to check out the local markets. 

The crystal clear waters around Simeulue Island are perfect for snorkeling and swimming and the pristine white beaches are perfect for laying in the sun or just kicking back with a good book and watching the local water buffalo roam. 

If you plan to spend the day out of the resort and need lunch, Aura’s friendly staff can arrange a lunch pack for you and their guides will provide helpful recommendations on the local attractions during your stay. 



for Aura Surf Resort

Was happy with the quality waves out the front at the peak, but the last day on the boat all day at tea bags definitely made the trip!

Dane G
Date of Stay: 09-16 Apr 2019
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Aura camp was excellent, food, accommodation and the Aura crew were excellent and could not do enough for their guests. Had a great stay and planning to return this year.

Peter G
Date of Stay: 19-31 Dec 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

The waves weren't all time but very fun and plenty of them.  Everything about the resort was great... definitely will be going back for more.  

Scott M
Date of Stay: 28 Jan - 6 Feb 2017
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food4

Food and staff were A1!  The aussie boys running the camps (Dane and James) were super easy going, all to happy to help out, let us catch all the waves and were just top blokes!  The Indo... Read More >

Andy S
Date of Stay: 8-18 Nov 2016
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

World Surfaris has nailed it again with arguably the best camp in the region...  Realised how lucky we were last year to score the place pumping with so few people able to get there because of the smoke.... Read More >

Peter C
Date of Stay: 23 Sep - 3 Oct 2016
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4


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