Aura Surf Resort

AUD$2,315 per person - 7 Nights Standard Bungalow Package High Season (April-October) Enquire Now

Uncrowded Surf Resort in Northern Sumatra

Aura Surf Resort is an island paradise in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Set amongst 15,000 sqm of beachfront parkland with an epic Peak break right out the front. Aura is the only resort on the island to have a wave directly at its doorstep without any travel needed. Watch the Peak barrelling from the comfort of your veranda deck chair. Aura has been in operation since 2010 and their knowledge of the various secret waves is unrivalled. Situated on a long pristine clean beach ideal for surfing and swimming all this with an amazing mountainous jungle backdrop. All bungalows have direct view of the peak, you are able to check the surf without leaving your bed. 

Aura's experienced surf guides will have you jumping out of your skin when showing you around this oceanic playground. Using a fiberglass speedboat to get you and your mates to world class waves comfortably and fast.

There are several surf spots in the vicinity ranging from punchy beach breaks to grinding barrels. This pristine location offers a new surfing adventure for every surf traveller. Infrequently visited by charters and with a limit on the number of resort guests, you are all but guaranteed to surf with only your mates.

Escape Civilisation and surf your brains out!

Surf right out front the classy Aura A-Frame Peak and enjoy the dream scape backdrop as you get barrelled off your nut.

Accommodation encompasses 5 traditional bungalows and main building restaurant. Able to house up to 14 surfers at any one time. Serving up some of the best food on the island there are plenty of options for everyone with their buffet style mix of western and local dishes.

With a private 27ft speedboat and 3x brand new wave hunting vans with 12 seats each, the Aura surf guides will have you surfing epic waves in no time!

A stay at Aura will see you chilled out and surfed out!  Aura has experienced surf guides with comprehensive knowledge of the waves and conditions. Aura is run by Surfers for Surfers! 

Surf Resort
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AUD$2,315 per person - 7 Nights Standard Bungalow Package High Season (April-October) Enquire Now


Aura Surf Resort is able to house up to 14 surfers at any one time and is fully equipped with modern luxuries including dining areas, cable TV, freshly renovated bathrooms (with hot water).  

Each of the 3x standard bungalows have King size bedding configuration which take a maximum of 3 people. These bungalows are fitted with a hammock on the external deck overlooking The Peak and tropical gardens for added comfort and optimal views. The other 2x larger bungalows are also capable of sleeping up to three people in each bungalow.  Arrangements can be made to rent the bungalows exclusively and have one side as a private lounge room (additional costs apply).  Each bungalow is elevated 1 metre above lush grass, and lemon grass to ward off the mosquitoes.  All are equipped with fans, mosquito nets, vanity with running water; and fresh towels can be arranged daily.  Housekeeping services are also on offer for the duration of your stay.

Aura Surf Resort is connected to the island's main power source and all buildings have access to power.  There is also a generator which can be used for filming on request. This North Sumatran island has telecommunication towers which allow for full reception at Aura for mobile telephones, smart phones and other 3G devices (please arrange international roaming or buy a local SIM).


Aura Resort has an inhouse chef who serves the best food on the island with a buffet style mix of western and local dishes, fresh juices, meat and seafood and plenty of healthy vegetarian meals.  Lunch packs, snacks and water will be arranged for surfing trips and guided tours.  Our surf packages all include 3 meals a day with unlimited fruit and water. An emphasis is placed on healthy high energy food and specific dietary requirements can be catered for with advance notice. 

Aura's healthy menu features fresh organic produce sourced from local farmers.  Picture fresh seafood grilled over hot coals with seasonal vegetables, salads, rice and fruits.  Chicken, Lamb and Beef speciality dishes also make for hearty options to fuel up.  And Aura's seasonal fruit juice combo's along with their freshly cut coconuts are the perfect health tonic.

Surf Aura Surf Resort

With access to over half a dozen breaks that turn on in different conditions you’re all but guaranteed stoke.  The Island offers a huge variety of waves suitable for all types of surfing.  Aura surf guides have a very in-depth understanding of the coastline and its many hidden waves.  You’ll always be in the right spot on the right day for the right wave for you.  In addition to this, the island is located in the doldrums and more often than not there is no wind.  When there is wind it’s generally from a local storm that will pass in a couple of hours leaving a glassy off shore breeze.  This North Sumatran location has the longest fetch out of any Indonesian island.  It can utilize swells from the North West around India and the Maldives.  This is a bonus as it does not have to rely on Southern swells like most other Indonesian surfing spots.  It also picks up the full brunt of South swells as the island is situated at more of an angle than the other islands and is at the top of a 6km deep x 800mile trench.  Swells received here have a longer period, longer lines and barrels.

Aura Resort's fiberglass speedboat will get you and your friends to world class waves comfortably and fast. Also in their fleet is a 3m rigid hull zodiac with 25hp motor able to do tow ins and get close for filming in the lineup.

The Waves:

Below is a brief description of several of the waves you will have access to whilst staying at Aura Surf Resort.  Additionally you will have access to lesser known spots courtesy of your surf guide. There are around another 5 breaks that are lesser known including reef and beach breaks that can cater to all types of surfers.

The Peak - is situated directly out the front of Aura Surf Resort and is visible from all Bungalows and Main Building.  This wave holds from 2 to 10 feet+, barrels at take-off and down the line.  Up to approximately 80m rides in both directions.  Easy paddle out from the beach.  Swell magnet.  Suitable for intermediate + levels.  Booties optional.  Deep water take off and flat rock bottom that you will rarely touch.  The Peak left can break like 'Pipe' whilst the right is mellower and wackable.

The Beachies - An array of beach breaks offering excellent right and left barrels and punchy walls.  Surfable up to 6ft.  Suitable for all levels with a variety of breaks.  Swell magnet, good up to 5ft.  Suitable for all levels with variety to choose from within walking distance from the resort.

K-Hole (Tepak) / Teabags - is located approximately 25 mins out the front by speed boat (45 mins by local boat), offering a world class 150m long heavy right hander which barrels the whole way. Swell magnet, 4 to 15ft+.  This wave is suitable for intermediate + surfers and the more experienced.  Booties are recommended.  This wave can do an impression of P-Pass or reverse Chopes and guarantees excitement in this amazing tropical island setting.  

The Secret Island - is approximately 2hrs travel from Aura Surf Resort and is situated on an untouched island with an amazing beach.  This wave offers world class heaving right hand barrels. When smaller, the wave has 3 take off zones, varying in difficulty.  The wave can be up to 100m long.  All sections have barrels. Swell magnet, breaks from 2 ft to 8ft+, Intermediate +.  Booties are recommended.

Tou Tous - Up to 100m long left, from reef to sand, excellent fast wave with barrelling take-off and sections, 3 to 8 ft.  Suitable for Intermediate + surfers.

Dylans - has a short perfect right hand barrel and works with solid swells.  20 minutes travel from Aura Surf Resort.  Booties are recommended, 1 to 5 ft, suitable for intermediate +.  You may encounter a few other surfers here from another small surf camp near Dylan's.

Other Main Waves (there are more secret spots than this ;-) 

Tou Tous – E-SE wind, 4ft+, 30 mins travel, sandy left point booties not required. 
Inor – Excellent beach break, 5 mins North from Aura. N – SE wind.  Offers excellent peaks and tubes, 1-4ft. 
Salur – 5 mins motor bike South from Aura.  Has a variety of beach breaks.  Good when everywhere else is too big.  Approx. 4kms of beach to find tubey peaks on. 
Dylans Left – across the bay from Dylans.  Up to 300m long left with various take off zones.  Inside section hollow.  Boat access only.  E-SE wind. 3-6ft.  45 mins by boat. 

It is easy to split the surfers and we prefer it that way.  Some guests can surf the immediate area, some may wish to go by car, and some by boat.  Non boat surfers can have a guide if needed for local sightseeing tours.


Non-Surf Activities

There are plenty of activities to do other than surfing on this pristine tropical island.  Take a swim in the natural spring spas of the nearby waterfalls; go fishing; or jump on a motor scooter and head into town to check out the markets.  The island is surrounded by reefs and stunning beaches which are perfect for snorkelling, exploration and swimming.  All of these activities are less than an hour’s motor scooter ride from Aura resort and lunch packs and guides can be arranged for all activities during your stay. Resort activities include ping-pong, volleyball, soccer, 9 hole resort golf course, or just chill and watch the water buffalo on the beach.

Car and motor-scooter hire

Car transport with an Aura surf guide to and from breaks around the Island is included in our packages.  If you require additional transport, including motor scooters, this will be an additional cost of approx. USD $10 a day.  Cars seat 6 guests at a time only.  More cars can be hired on request at an additional cost.  Motor bikes / scooters will only be rented to those with previous experience and you must sign a waiver of liability prior to renting these as you are not covered under travel insurance therefore you will be riding un-insured and at your own risk.

The islands religion is Syriah Muslim, which means no alcohol for sale on Simeulue. Discretion is advised to people travelling with duty free liquor.

Women are required to cover up when in public, no revealing bikinis on our grounds or around the island. Women should surf in similar clothing to men, long boardies and a rash vest / t shirt over the top, NO Short Shorts and cover up below the waist with a sarong when on the beach or walking around. 


for Aura Surf Resort

Had a great time at Aura, such a amazing part of Indonesia.

Alex Clark

Was happy with the quality waves out the front at the peak, but the last day on the boat all day at tea bags definitely made the trip!

Dane Grove

Aura camp was excellent, food, accommodation and the Aura crew were excellent and could not do enough for their guests. Had a great stay and planning to return this year.

Peter Gourley

The waves weren't all time but very fun and plenty of them.  Everything about the resort was great... definitely will be going back for more.


Scott Mackay

Food and staff were A1!  The aussie boys running the camps (Dane and James) were super easy going, all to happy to help out, let us catch all the waves and were just top blokes!  The Indo staff were really nice also. Seja the chef was amazing and the food was on another level.  Each meal was...

Andy Sawden

World Surfaris has nailed it again with arguably the best camp in the region...  Realised how lucky we were last year to score the place pumping with so few people able to get there because of the
smoke.  This is no slight on the previous guys but the new crew at Aura (manager, boatman,...

Peter Chapman

The access to the surf was one of the best things at Aura Resort. Straight out door and into the waves. There were also plenty of wave options.


Mathew Revell

I went to this part of Indo not expecting the waves I got so I am stoked.  Food was great, location was insane, accomodation was above my expectations.  Great spot.

Stuart Wishart

Slap bang right out front from a perfect wave, walk 50m and get barelled. Very tasty food that hit the spot. The rooms were clean and comfortable. Surf Guides get 20 out of 10. Such a great help and all round good guys. Best surf of my life.  I was there to surf however you could have done some...


Good food 4 meals a day. Quality of accommodation was great and they cleaned rooms daily. Surf for everyone, heavy slabs or beachys to quality reefs. I was not bothered with other things, just surf. Staff were great, locals and guides. It would def be a place that I will return to. But I hope...

Michael Nolan