Atoll Jade - Central or Northern Atolls

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Operating exclusively for World Surfaris with up to 12 surfers.  The Atoll Jade Surf Charter runs optional 7 or 10 night sailings from May - September each season ensuring you are surfing some of the more remote and incredible waves that the Maldives has on offer. 

Unlike the design of many of the surf charter boats in the Maldives, Atoll Jade is unique with the accommodation space available.  There are 10 air-conditioned suites with full size windows, providing panoramic views of the pristine Indian Ocean at all times.  All suites also have their own ensuite with hot and cold water showers.  Another great feature of Atoll Jade is the onboard desalination plant capable of keeping up to 12 guests fully hydrated for a month! 

Atoll Jade has 3 spacious areas to kick your feet up to relax when you aren't enjoying the waves.  A large dining area and bar to the stern of the boat is the main 'hang out' spot.  As you wander through the wide open hallway, you come to a comfortable TV room where you can relax, read a book from the library or put a movie on.  Finally, the top deck is a popular spot to get some solitude, relax in a hammock or give yourself the best vantage point to see your mates shredding the break you are lucky enough to be perched next to. 

Non-Surfing Partners Welcome!! 

Atoll Jade is perfect for all.  The crew make life on board extremely comfortable and enjoyable with regular dinner parties, karaoke, island excursions, snorkelling tours, SUP tours and much more. 


Onboard Atoll Jade, the suites and rooms exude space, modern boutique designs and the latest in technology.  There are two main categories of rooms for guests:

6 Cruiser Suites on the main deck level
4 Sea Breeze Balcony Suites on the upper deck level
1 Sky Light Suite located towards the bow on the upper level (usually allocated to the surf guide)
**All rooms have an ensuite bathroom with hot water showers.


Delicious and plentifull meals await you on the Atoll Jade. The masterchef will prepare daily meals consisting of multi-cuisine dishes suitable for active, healthy surfers who need to reload after slogging it out in the lineups during their trip. 

You can also expect familiar friendly faces around the boat making sure your experience on board is up to the high standards we expect and deserve on our holiday you worked so hard for. 



Operational Date:  01.09.2013
Length:  29m
Width:  10.3m
Depth:  3m
Type of Hull:  Wood
Guest Cabins: 4 spacious double cabins and 5 twin bed cabins with AC.
Engine Type/Capacity/Model:  Doosan Infrocore / 480HP /V158TIH
RPM:  1800
Cruising speed:  9-10 knots
Fuel Capacity:  2 x 3200 Ltrs
Generators:  2 Generators, China Cummins 40KW
Desalination Plant:  10 Tonn and 6 Tonn Plant
Navigation/Communication/Safety:  GPS, SSB Marine radio set, Search light, Maps, Fire Extinguisher, Life jacket and Life bouy.
Other Facilities:  Restaurant, bar, kitchen, living area, sun deck and dinghy with outboard engine 40HP


Surf pristine, uncrowded, world class waves with Atoll Jade! 

Atoll Jade will be roaming the best regions of the Maldives ring of surf breaks from May - September. These regions include the Male Atolls, Central Atolls and Northern Atolls. 

The Central Atolls

Is the most diverse region for surfers in the Maldives.  In total, 4 atolls make up the region with Meemu, Thaa, Dhaalu & Laamu Atolls all picking up consistent swell at over 20 different breaks. 

Due to the distance and time it takes to reach certain surf breaks in the Central Atolls, travelling by surf charter is the best way to find uncrowded, world class waves.  This also the reason that quite often, you may not even see another group of surfers during your trip across the 4 main surfing atolls. Some of the best waves include Muli, Inside Mikados, Machine & Ying Yangs. 

The Male Atolls

Are by far the most popular region among surfers. This is due to the diversity and dense range of breaks all within a short 1 hour diameter accessible by boat. Atoll Jade will operate 7 or 10 night options in the Male Atolls. 

The Northern Atolls

A relatively new region that has seen very little traffic to the region over the past decade. Atoll Jade gives you the option to visit this super uncrowded region, but we recommend doing it under the advice of your World Surfaris consultant. The swell needs to be just right and we know the best kept secrets. Our most senior surf guide is from this region and knows it better than anyone. 


Surf Guides

World Surfaris has a range of highly knowledgeable and skilled surf guides. 

Our surf guide team have over 40 years surf guiding experience between them and are professionally trained every year to make sure guests not only get the best waves, but feel safe before they even paddle out. 

Because Atoll Jade is our multi-region boat, we will assign a surf guide to your trip who knows the area you are surfing. It would make little sense to stick a guide on your trip who doesn't know the conditions or secret spots other boats don't know about. 

Reviews for Atoll Jade - Central or Northern Atolls

Chrystelle Charles-Mandrakas

Date of Stay 
01-10 August 2019
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

Couldn’t have been happier with our trip. Absolutely felt the love from Shadow and the crew, at all times! They kept us safe, they kept us happy- always felt like we were in good hands! The guides were excellent- very understanding and very encouraging, really striking that balance Read more...

Rob Hyypio

Date of Stay 
11 - 21 Jul
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

I really enjoyed our boat crew. Teddy (our guide) is a great asset to your organization. And the entire crew of our boat was great to be a part of. Hassan is also a standout crew member of the boat. Read more...

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