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Uncomplicated and Uncrowded

Watch T-land break through the coconut trees as you chill in your bungalow and enjoy the breeze right on Nemberala Beach. This off the track, remote slice of surfers paradise offers great surf in uncomplicated surrounds.  

Rote Island is located 500 km's north of the Northern Territory Australia and is 100km long by 20 km wide and is populated by around 100,000 friendly, mellow locals. Rote is surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches and bays shaded by lontar coconut trees... the trees also serve the locals for building materials, food and income.

This laid back surf resort is located right on Nemberala Beach and you can see T-land from the swimming pool and also from your veranda. There are 9 Premier Bungalows that all face south which allow all rooms to get a nice breeze.  Rooms are fan cooled and have a flushing toilet. There is a seaside / poolside restaurant, outdoor bar with seating area, and TV, DVD and Stereo for relaxing after a full day of surfing.   

Owned and operated by Locals

Anugerah Surf Camp is owned by a local Rote Island surfer and his family. Moose is Rotinese born and bred and he has helped develop surfing and tourism on Rote for the past 20 years. Moose gets out for a surf whenever his work load lets him. He is an active member of the local village organisation and church. Moose ensures guests are looked after and most guests feel like part of his family by the time they have to depart. Moose has explored Rote Island and is in the know when it comes to the best surf conditions.

Rote Culture and History

Rote Island is especially known for its beautiful, white sandy beaches, its great surf, its ritual traditions, its beautiful ikat weavings and the Sasando, a traditional stringed musical instrument that is unique to the island of Rote and made using the lontar palm.  
Rote has many ancient arts and traditions. Many prominent Indonesian nationalist leaders were born here. According to legend, this island got its name accidentally when a lost Portuguese sailor arrived and asked a farmer where he was. The surprised farmer, who could not speak Portuguese, introduced himself "Rote".  

Rote Island, just off the southern tip of Timor Island, consists of rolling hills, terraced plantations, acacia palm, savannah and some forests. The Rotinese depend on the lontar palm for basic survival, but also supplement their income with fishing and jewellery making. The society of Rote is divided up into two clans which used to be kingdoms before Indonesia's independence. These clans are named "Sunrise" and "Sunset" respectively. The clans are ruled by two Lords (one male and one female) and several advisers. Each clan performs its own rituals during the annual HUS celebration, a traditional New Year festival. At the HUS, the Rotinese men make offerings to the ancestors of the clan, wearing traditional clothing, and the women perform dances accompanied by the sasando, the Rotinese guitar. Agriculture is the main form of employment and fishing is also important, especially in the eastern village of Papela. Christianity is the major religion on Rote.


Anugerah Surf Camp accommodation consists of simple yet comfortable wooden huts with traditional lontar palm roofs.  All rooms are a separate building ensuring privacy and are fan cooled with mosquito nets.  The beds are extremely comfortable, especially after a hard day's surfing.  Each room has a large verandah with seats to relax and watch the ocean whilst catching the off shore breezes ensuring you don't over heat.

Fan-cooled Bungalows:  These delightful bungalows are a mix of traditional Indonesian and European style, with two beds, two mosquito nets and an en-suite bathroom featuring a shower and flushing toilet. They open out onto the pool and offer sea views as well. These are highly popular and it pays to book ahead.

Air-conditioned Rooms:  This new option opened in 2015 and features air conditioning, hot running water and flushing toilet. It is ideal for families or couples who want greater privacy and that little bit of extra comfort.

What to bring:

DVD (movies) to watch in the camp as there is currently a limited amount to choose from, FIRST AID KIT, Fishing Gear (if you would like to go fishing), Snorkelling Equipment (there are a number of accessible reef areas that are great to explore just a short walk from the camp). Surf Equipment (wax, spare leg rope and fins).  During the months of July, August and September, World Surfaris suggest you pack a spring suit or 1mm titanium rash guard as the trade winds can make things a bit chilly. Books or an IPOD, adapter plugs, as all plugs are Indonesian 2 prong.


The local Indonesia SIMPATI SIM card is the best bet. There is a strong signal 24hours a day. Guests can purchase a SIM card in Bali or at Rote.  Or guests can use the mobile phone at the camp for a small charge.

Hus Festival:

This is the biggest festival in Rote with horse races, dances and more it is on only once a year in the village of Boni during July. Don’t forget to pick up a Tiilangga -traditional Rote hat.



The food menu varies daily, with a standard breakfast of fruit salad followed by eggs, toast and a pancake, or nasi goreng for those that prefer a more traditional Indonesian breakfast. Lunch is usually a chicken or fish dish with rice and vegetables and a salad. Dinner is usually a similar style of meal with a different meat dish, followed by a simple desert. Vegetarians can be catered for with a personal menu by arrangement. Servings are generous and customers never complain of going hungry. Meal times are fairly relaxed to accommodate surfing at odd hours. A rolling breakfast starts from 7.00-9.00am(ish), lunch is from midday, and dinner from 6.30pm.  Every day 1 large bottle of drinking water, 1 large bottle of Bintang Beer, plus tea and coffee is provided to each guest.  Other snack foods like milkshakes, ice creams, soft drinks, crisps and chocolate are available from the restaurant at reasonable rates.  



T-LAND:  (or Besiaulu which is its local name) is one of the longest waves in the world when it works and it can also be quite friendly, providing a number of sections that suit a variety of skill levels. 

We provide boat transfer access to T-Land surf point to all World Surfaris guests twice a day.  Just let our staff know and they will be happy to escort you (except when taking surf trips to Boa and to Sukunamon). You can walk out to the T-land on low tide (it is around a 500m walk).  Also we provide 2 x surf trips to either Boa, Sakunamon (sucky mamas) or Oselli surf point by either car or boat depending on the location you choose.

BO’A:  this is a right hand rocky reef (smooth) bottom. Around  100 metre long rides. Better on the in coming tide.  1-3 foot wall sucky sections 4 + starts to really barrel (pits galore).

SAKUNAMON:  this is north of T-land and it need a big swell.  It is a right hander, around a 60 metre long ride.  

OESELI:  another left hander this is East of Nembrala and it needs a big swell (if T-land is over 6 foot) then this place is starting to crank. A 60 metre ride which has a nice tube section. Best on incoming tide. 

There are more surf points around if you are prepared to explore. Our staff will give you the goods on NDOA Island and DO’O.

Optimum surf conditions:

Swell:  SSW
Winds: Rote Island thrives with the trade winds coming from the East.  

Note: Tradewinds are strongest July-August however the waves are still off-shore with good surf in the mornings before the winds pick up.  This is the Kite Surf Season July/August.


A stay at Rote Island will unfold something like this.

DAY 1:
- Guests will be picked up from Kuta hotel and transferred to the domestic airport for their flight to Kupang.
- Flight is 1.5 hour in total (please note there is a surfboard tax of around USD $2 per kilogram; there is no restriction on surfboard size, only a surfboard tax) also departure tax of Rp30, 000 payable inside the airport.
- On arrival in Kupang guests will be met by a representative from Anugerah Surf Camp and transferred to their hotel in Kupang. The hotel faces the ocean and rooms are air-conditioned with breakfast included.
DAY 2:
- Guests will be picked up from the hotel at 7.30am and transferred to the harbor (30 minute drive) to catch the ferry (you will receive a return fast Ferry ticket, VIP class).
- Ferry departs at 9am. Surfboards are extra charge of around USD$1 payable upon boarding.  Ferry trip is 2hrs in total. In VIP class you are located in an air-conditioned seating area with wide screen KARAOKE stereo/television to watch or if you have a DVD movie you can ask the staff to put it on. You will receive a snack and water on the trip. Please note luggage is stored in front of the cabin. It is an idea to collect your bags just before arriving in Baa to make your departure quicker.  
-On departure of the ferry collect your surfboards and make your way to the parking area. There will be a number of people trying to offer you transportation, please remember the camp's representative will be holding a sign with your name on it.  Fast ferry arrives at BAA at 11.00am
-Our representative will load the guest’s luggage and then take you to Nembrala which is an hour drive through lush and primitive villages. You will arrive at Anugerah surf camp just in time for lunch.
The following days will see you relaxing, surfing to your heart’s content, exploring the Island and meeting the friendly locals.
- After breakfast around 9am Anugerah Surf Camp will transfer guests back to Baa harbor where the fast ferry will take guests back to Kupang.
- Ferry leaves at 11.30am and arrives in Kupang at 2pm. Staff will meet guests as they get off the ferry in Kupang and transfer them to the airport for their flight back to Bali. It takes around 40 minutes from Harbor to Airport.
- Once at the airport guests will have to pay a departure tax of Rp20, 000 and then wait for their flight to board. On arrival in Bali we will meet guests and transfer them to Kuta hotel.

One of the key issues involved in travelling to Rote Island is the frustratingly random nature of the two ferry services, especially in the windy months of July and August, with frequent delays and cancellations due to weather conditions. Knowing when either ferry will sail or be cancelled is impossible and those on tight schedules or trying to connect with international flights home can at times find themselves in an extremely frustrating dilemma. Anugerah Surf Camp will do everything possible to make this as easy as possible but ultimately they have no control over sailings.

The fast ferry arrives at Ba’a and takes about two hours.  The Bemo trip from Ba’a to Nemberala takes about an hour. If you want a bit of space, you can charter a whole Bemo.  

The slow ferry leaves from a different port a few km east of the fast ferry, and arrives at Pantai Baru, taking from three to four hours. Conditions below deck can be fairly claustrophobic when full, though the upper deck is a great way to see the islands float by, and not popular with the Indonesians. Lugging boards up the narrow stairwells can be challenging, but worth it in our opinion. From there it is two hours in a shared local bemo. Alternatively, we can arrange pick up by the Surf Camp, as for the fast ferry. 

All Bemo drivers generally carry rope and are happy to strap boards to the roof, though carrying your own long rack straps can be a useful insurance in the extremely slim chance that they don’t have rope.


Reviews for Anugerah Surf Camp - Nemberala

Michael Hill

Date of Stay: 
Surf Stoke: 
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I have just got back from West Timor. Me and Uchil headed down there for a change of scenery. IT WAS PRISTINE, friendly fun people, white sandy beaches, tranquil waters and great surf points... This is the place you can just forget about the real world... Still very primitive and this is

Brendan Farley

Date of Stay: 
Surf Stoke: 
Quality Of Food: 

My first impression of the surf camp was very good.  The meals were also very good but the bread needs to be changed.  I had a surf every day.  Slight cross winds, 2 to 7 feet.   Read more...

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