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Jeffreys Bay, known affectionately worldwide as JBay, needs no introduction and is on the bucket list of most surfers.

SuperTubes and so much more!

The fabulous reputation that JBay enjoys means that some of the true delights of this area are often over-shadowed by the fascination with the SuperTubes surf break and consequently, are rarely mentioned. But just a short drive north or south of JBay will deliver you to some of the most spectacular waves and sights you could ever wish to see. There is the little town of Port Alfred to the north (a quaint and attractive small town with a nice sand bottom wave) and then St Francis, home to the fabled Bruce’s Beauties from the movie "Endless Summer" and Seal Point, to the south.

From your accommodation, a short 20-metre walk (yes, that is correct - just 20m) across the grass, will deliver you to the boardwalk over looking SuperTubes. Coffee in hand, you will be able to assess conditions and enjoy the most spectacular sunrise - believe us, they never get boring.  Alternatively, you can step out of your room and onto the beach at the less crowded point and beach break of Cape St Francis.

Most mornings, you should be able to enjoy a surf out front, followed by a leisurely breakfast. Your guide will discuss the day’s options from a waves point of view and if you are already surfed out, he will have a bunch of different non-surf activities for you to enjoy.

South African Game Reserve / Sleeping with Elephants

This piece of coast is an absolute gem. With your local guide delivering you to local treasures you might not have found otherwise, you may well fall in love with this part of the world. But for good measure and to really turn up the stoke dial, we recommend a night at one of the most famous South African game parks - Shamwari Game Reserve. And if that is not enough, we also suggest another night, "sleeping with the elephants" in the Kynsna Elephant Park.

The attentive 24/7 care your guide will give you makes this a great option for small groups of friends, families and couples. Local knowledge is key and will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, stress-free trip to the JBay area.



Our suggested itinerary for your JBay South African Surfaris includes:

9 nights accommodation and breakfast in Jeffreys Bay or Cape St Francis
1 night in Shamwari Game Reserve (includes all meals and game drive)
1 night in Knysna Elephant Park (sleeping with the elephants)


May to September – are the ideal months to score on this stretch of coast.  Great fun-epic waves suitable for all standard of surfers


The long fabled point of JBAY starts up the top at Bone-Yards, winding through Super-Tubes into Impossibles through Tubes, Salad Bowls, all the way down to the point and on to Albatross. It’s not called the best right hand point break in the world for nothing and if the elements line up, you stand a chance of getting the waves of your life.

St Francis - Bruce’s Beauties - Seal Point

If you managed to watch Bruce Brown’s “Endless Summer” surf movie, you would have seen the legendary ‘Bruce’s Beauties”. On it’s day, this point is truly incredible. There are also numerous beach break options in the area. Seal Point has a super user-friendly point break and then an epic beach break set up that offers sand bottom barrels, with left and right peaks.

The local guide has a few other options that he may dial you into, should the weather conditions allow but we’ll leave that as a surprise.



Surf Guides

The major key to the stoke level of these African Surfaris is our expert local surf guiding. Our guides are long time local surfers who know where and when the best waves will be each day. You will NOT waste precious holiday time trying to find your own waves and dodging crowds. You can simply sit back, relax and get excited at the prospect of which break you will get introduced to each day. Your guide will become your mate, as they will surf with you each day and give you all the tips on where to sit, which waves to catch at the spot and most importantly give you fore warning on any hazards. This ensures you get to enjoy everyday of your trip and not have it get cut short. They will also introduce you to friendly, welcoming locals, if there are any at the spots you will get to surf.



Non Surf Activities

There are a host of really cool things to do on this stretch of coast, from cultural experiences to amazing sights, bungee jumping, wildlife parks and sanctuaries. Local experience and knowledge will have you eating the yummiest of local foods, cruising the very best local hangouts and giving you a truly unique experience of local life in this incredible part of the world.


The moment you walk through the arrivals door, your surf guide will be there to great you and ease you into the below schedule, with the core focus on hunting the best waves and enjoying all the adventures along the way.

Remember we have your best interests in mind 24/7 so the below might shuffle around a little to make the best of local weather conditions to ensure you score!

Proposed trip outline:

Day 1:      Airport collection and settle in at accommodation, surf if time allows
Day 2-4:  Fall into a rhythm of early coffee and surf check on the Super Tubes broad-walk or Cape St Francis beach.  Surf, relax, surf, explore, take in the sights enjoy the friendly local culture and have the surf trip of a lifetime.
Day 5:      Shamwari Game Reserve
Day 6-8:  Fall into a rhythm of early coffee and surf check on the Super Tubes broad-walk or Cape St Francis beach.  Surf, relax, surf, explore, take in the sights enjoy the friendly local culture and have the surf trip of a lifetime.
Day 9:      Night at the Knysna Elephant Park
Day 11:   Get that last surf in
Day 12:   Depart for flight out Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg

REMEMBER It’s all about the waves and giving you the African experience of a lifetime.


Reviews for Africa - JBay South African Surfaris

Jean Escandor

Date of Stay 
9-15 Jul 2017
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

Hi Steve (World Surfaris),  
Hope you are well and thanks for helping us out with J-Bay. It was AMAZING!!  Just wanted to mention two things:
1. Jaybay house was great. Lovely hosts, delicious breakfasts, awesome views, and well maintained B&B!!
2. Eteinne was a great surf

James Davies

Date of Stay 
11 Aug - 2 Sep 2016
Surf Stoke 
Quality Of Food 

Expectations were high going to the bench mark against which all other waves on the planet are measured. Not denying that swell and conditions are out of the control of us mere mortals, but the advice and the help from the people on the ground were first class. And I scored waves as well!!  All Read more...

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