Africa – Durban / Mozambique Surfaris

This magnificent piece of South African East Coast coastline stretches from Port Edward in the south, 600km north to Kosi Bay and the Mozambique border in the north. Once on the Mozambique side of the border, a million sand tracks lead to Ponta do Ouro, home to the fabled “Point of Gold”!

This incredibly wave rich, magically un-crowded, sub-tropical wonderland will blow your mind.

Stretched out over this entire region are beaches and point breaks to match the very best on the planet. The set ups are endless and you can be sure of super fun, user friendly surf all along the coastline. Across the border is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – southern Mozambique. The magical town and crystal clear Indian Ocean waters of Ponta do Ouro will have you smiling from ear to ear, just like the locals, who call this place “the land of smiles”.

With the expert skills and knowledge of our local guides, acquired during years of travel and exploration in this area (a 4WD vehicle is mandatory in this part of the world), you can kick back, relax and know you will be placed in the best possible surf location for your surfing pleasure. Acquired knowledge of intricate and subtle weather conditions will have you in the zone during the duration of your stay.

Spot the BIG 5 along way

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that you will have a solid chance at spotting most of the BIG 5 along the way!? In the north-east part of South Africa and just before the border with Mozambique, there is a cluster of some of the best game parks in Africa.  Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard (the BIG 5) are incredible to see – possibly while just cruising with your guide to the next surf spot (giraffes are the most probable game likely to be spotted during the day) or more likely, on one of the ranger-guided game park drives that you can enjoy as part of your trip.

Our personalised surf tours offer the best hand-picked accommodation in both 3 and 5 star categories for each of the home bases in the Durban area, Ponta do Ouro and the game parks.  The attentive 24/7 care your surf guide will provide makes this a great option for small groups of friends, families and couples. Local knowledge is key and will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, stress-free Surfari.

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South Africa / Mozambique
March to August
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Accommodation on your Durban / Mozambique Surfari includes a choice of either:

5 Star Accommodation – Luxury Guest House or similar
3 Star Accommodation – Comfortable digs close to the surf

Surf Africa – Durban / Mozambique Surfaris

March to September – are the ideal months to score on this stretch of coast.

From great fun waves to epic barrells, there are breaks suitable for all surfing levels.


The city itself is filled with a variety of beach break options, from the protected southern beaches (great for fun, relaxed surfs) to between the piers for long running, barrelling waves, with bowl wave options on the higher tides. The northern beaches are wide open and offer un-crowded beachies or left and right running peaks.

North and South Coasts from Durban

These 2 options offer a seemingly endless mix of un-crowded point breaks, beach breaks and barrelling punchy sand/rock reef set ups – too numerous to mention individually. Lots of options to suit the skill level of all surfers!

Surf Guides

The major key to the stoke level of these African Surfaris is our expert local surf guiding. Our guides are long time local surfers who know where and when the best waves will be each day. You will NOT waste precious holiday time trying to find your own waves and dodging crowds. You can simply sit back, relax and get excited at the prospect of which break you will get introduced to each day. Your guide will become your mate, as they will surf with you each day and give you all the tips on where to sit, which waves to catch at the spot and most importantly give you fore warning on any hazards. This ensures you get to enjoy everyday of your trip and not have it get cut short. They will also introduce you to friendly, welcoming locals, if there are any at the spots you will get to surf.

Ryan Ribbink – Lead Surf Guide & Travel Advisor

Ryan cut his teeth the hard way, figuring everything out himself… doing trip after trip to work out tides, winds and the unique weather patterns that affect the surf on the beautiful stretch of coast from Durban into Mozambique.  He got it so dialled, he started a little swell chasing program for friends.  Needless to say, he became their best friends after some of the waves he put them into.  The man has bush craft, fish craft and surf craft – indeed, he is a salty old seadog with accumulated knowledge way beyond his years.  He knows all the locals intimately, which ensures not only an epic trip but a rich cultural experience as well.  Oh, we forgot to mention he is the biggest grommet ever when it comes to surfing, ensuring you will be on it when you need to be!  Hates to have a good time and a few laughs.

Non-Surf Activities

There are a host of really cool things to do on this stretch of coast, from cultural experiences to amazing sights, fishing and other outdoor activities. The local experience and knowledge of our surf guides will have you eating the yummiest of local foods, cruising the very best local hangouts and providing you with a truly unique experience of local life in this incredible part of the world. And of course, the game parks – with the chance to see the BIG 5 – are an experience in a league all of their own.



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