The Survival of Paradise

By Geraldine Royal | 01st Jun 2020

It's like we have gone back in time.

Charter boats are docked, surf resorts are closed and no one can enter, let alone leave their home countries.

The Indian Ocean in particular is getting a nice break. Natives are surfing by themselves maybe for the first time ever and we are seeing wildlife return to lands and waters they once ruled.

Did Paradise need Covid-19 to survive?

Film & Edit by Iñigo Grasset

Film & Edit by Iñigo Grasset / Mentawai Surf Retreat

Surf tourism has been booming for more than a decade. Demand from overseas surfers wanting their annual slice of heaven and perfect waves has led to a growing impact on the very places we call paradise.

With demand, comes a healthy need for supply. Cheap land with long term lease options means cashed up Westerners can simply swoop in and acquire their slice of paradise for the same cost as a Toyota Hilux and build multi-villa resorts with immediate access to some of the best waves on earth.

Sure, these resorts and to an extent charter boats help to keep up with demand BUT the major concern up until this point has been the overcrowding of popular surf breaks and the degeneration of once pristine rainforests and marine eco-systems that make these places the 'paradise' we have all taken for granted.


As Corona Virus delays our annual surf adventures to places like the Mentawais, Maldives or the Pacific. We must be selfless in these times and look at the positives. 

There are more birds, fish, turtles, snakes and lizards than ever before. Rainforests are growing without barriers and coral reef systems are regenerating in places that have become speed boat highways in recent times.

Sure, empty waves continue to roll through un-surfed day after day and are as perfect as ever. But, this will all end soon and we can get back to what we love doing soon.


A new energy is coming and I can't wait to be part of it.



Photography & Videography courtesy of Mentawai Surf Retreat. Check them out and enquire now!

Mentawai Surf Retreat
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Mentawai Surf Retreat is the perfect choice for your next surf trip destination. This boutique resort is located right in front of the su...



Since the early 1990's surfers from around the globe have been visiting the Mentawai Islands to experience the worlds most surf infested region. Dozens of worldclass reefbreaks exist over a large island chain spanning from the Playgrounds region in the North, to the Pagi region in the South. The abundance of mechanical perfection and variety of surf on offer will make any surfers head spin with excitement.  The Mentawais should be on any good surfers bucket list due to it's classic waves, crystal clear warm water and tropical climate... what more could any keen surfer want?  

Our good friend the South Indian Ocean produces the swells that have the islands pumping from March through to October at 4-12ft, and the cyclone swells keep the surf rolling in throughout the remainder of the year.  Traditionally winds are quite calming to ensure that the swells that do arrive are always of a high standard.

Some of the top Mentawai breaks (to name a few) from North to South include:  No Kandui, Rifles, Telescopes, Lance's Left and Lance's Right, Macaronis, Greenbush, Thunders, Rags & The Hole.  All standard of surfers will be stoked with the variety and the consistency.  "This is the real Surfers Paradise." 

Flexible itineraries are devised to maximise surf time and to combat the ‘crowd factor’. On the recommendation of the skipper / surf guide who analyses the prevailing surf conditions in the region, you will be given expert advice on where the best conditions and swell will be located.  The boat option gives you a greater chance to score a bigger variety of waves, however if you prefer staying on land then your expert hosts with their speedboats will get you to the best on offer in their region.  

The Mentawais is truly one of the world's natural surfing wonders!

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Swell: Sth or SW
Wind: Any type of East 

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