Indian Ocean Surfing - Your Favourite Surf Puddle is Back!

By | 17th May 2022

As borders open, restrictions ease and global travel is once again introduced as a mainstay there’s an immense amount of joy among the surfing fraternity - the Indian Ocean, the surfer's true Disneyland, is back on the list. 

Over the last two years, there was a sting caused by seeing social posts from ex-pat friends that shared near-empty peelers from lineups all over the world. Images of perfect corduroy waves breaking in the background as the warm tropical sun sets over the places we knew and longed to surf again. Palm-fringed, white sandy beaches and a blessed lack of crowd surfing waves that you couldn’t get to no matter how much you wanted to. 

Meanwhile, lives at home faced turmoil. Rules and mandates dominated headlines, social and cultural fracture lines appeared and the angst of lockdowns, lock-outs and lock-ins haunted our lives like a toxic miasma. 

Now, five months after a shaky New Year haunted by the creed ‘Let it rip’ we arrive in more familiar waters, a ‘normal-looking' world with the opportunity to travel and surf stretching ahead of us and into the horizon. 2022 brought back the possibility of the surf trip and then made it a reality. The Indian Ocean season is calling you and so far it’s a ‘helluva’ season. 

So, where’s good?

Our operators have been sending us reports and the long and short of it is that the Mentawais and the Maldives are ‘firing’. 

Mentawais: Nomad charters recently sent this report through “Mentawais Waves are Back”; the trip was two years in the making and for the boys who scored, it heralded the return of the international surf trip. For everyone else on familiar shores, it served to boost confidence. For our resorts and operators in the region, there have been similar reports - great swells, lower crowds and well lots of fun.

Like this recent post from Kingfisher Resort Mentawais


Or this Kandui post of Rifles posted May 2nd, “Yesterday was the best day at Rifles since June, 2021, there's more on the way.”

The Mentawais are back and you’re invited. 

How about the Maldives?


The Maldives has been welcoming surfers for a bit longer now, nevertheless April, as always, signifies the awakening of the Indian Ocean and Maldivian swells have been in keeping with the season launch. Hudhuranfushi Resort sent some great images through from April, Ryan Thoyyib, Surf manager has this to say.


“March and mostly April have had some good swell where it has gone up to around 4-5ft. We also had a lot of days where it was so glassy, you actually could not identify the peak.”

“The “peanut gallery” was going off with a lot of excitement watching surfers getting a few barrels and nice turns during the sunset sessions. Of course, the beer flow never stopped!”

Our other operators throughout the Maldives have been echoing similar stories. Like this post from the Central Atolls. “Uncrowded waves in the Central atolls, Dhaalu today!”

So there you have it. The Indian Ocean is working and the waves are breaking. Any avid surfer who has looked hungrily at their social feeds, coveting the barrels and peaks across Maldives and Indonesia, you can finally go! 

How about it? If you’re anything like us you're long overdue, overworked and over-ready to simply pack up and go. Make 2022 the year you head back over and score the waves you need.

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