Here's why your next trip should be on a surf charter

By Bodhi Safa | 29th Oct 2018

When it comes to planning a trip away, there's little better than getting a group of mates together, chartering a boat to exotic locales and spending as much time in the water as humanly possible. How about jumping on board with an expert team of surf guides, those who know sheltered spots when the wind kicks up, or when the swell direction isn't too perfect.

You might also want to make sure the boat you choose for your trip is up to date with the latest in safety measures, you are going to a remote part of the world so it is important to consider the risks. So, for some, booking a boat in a place they've never been before can seem a little confusing. With that in mind, right here, we run through reasons why your next trip should be a surf charter featuring World Surfaris – who just so happen to have a whole range of deals on, for any surfing ability.

It's actually cheaper than you think

Ever fancied a shred across the Maldives? Male and the Northern Atolls? But life, mortgage, plans always seem to get in the way eh?

Maybe you'd be up for a return to everyone's favourite archipelago Indo? Sure, it's not the cheapest surf holiday you could do, but when you take into account that's everything paid for, except flights, it'll start averaging out. Plus, you can surf a plethora of different spots in the same day, kick back on the deck and let the crew get you to and from. No hassle.

Maldives and Indonesia are so wave rich, there's something for everyone

But if you aren’t fussed on the ‘big names’ and want a more mellow vibe then there are plenty of amazing waves in the Mentawais and further North of Sumatra like the Banyaks or the Telo Islands, showing you just how diverse Indonesia really is with surf trip choices.

One thing is for sure, surf charters in a range like World Surfaris are experienced and packed with encyclopaedic knowledge to get you the best waves on the best days throughout the Indian Ocean.

The beer is cheap – especially Bintang

There's nothing better than rounding out a day in the water than with a few ice cool chillers. Average price for a brew in the Maldives is between $4-5 for something like a Tiger beer, Lion or Heineken. Over in Indo, $1.50-$3 for the staple, Bintang.

There's more to do than surf (if you want to)

Are you a solo surfer in a relationship? Got some non-surfer buddies who want to commit but are worried about things to do while you're out getting tubed? How about free use of SUPs, snorkelling, fishing, getting a massage. The waters are teeming with wildlife so there's always something to do once you're on board.

Got a big group? No problem

There are actually some significant bonuses for booking as a group. For example, groups take first priority on sailing dates for a start. The more on board, the cheaper the trip will be (but don't worry, World Surfaris cap their trips at 10-12 surfers depending on the size of the boat. This means you have to choose your top 10 mates - it's harder than you think!) Most operators also prefer to guarantee sailings with groups and will give a discounted price to achieve this. You can actually save around $1,000 in some instances.

You also get to set the timescale – a group of your friends plotting the next destination over a few Bintangs is always an enviable experience. You can also share luggage allowances travelling through airports – so feel free to pack an eclectic quiver.

Why booking with World Surfaris is different than anyone else

This is a team with more than 20-years experience in surf travel, the team know their stuff. And some trips are discounted right now too. View HERE and HERE. If you don’t want the hassle of handling your useless mates, World Surfaris would love to. Yes, everything from collecting deposits to answering questions about mobile phone reception, what boards to take and how much luggage the airline allows you and so on.

World Surfaris also pride themselves on doing the hard work for you and finding only the best operations on the market. They only work with surf charters with a proven track record which doesn’t just include finding you amazing waves. They make sure their operators have experienced guides and crew who can perform CPR and surf rescues, they have emergency procedures in place and at the end of the day make sure their guests are kept safe. In other words, they not only want you to get shacked, they also want you to feel safe doing it.

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